Suck at Double Unders? We’ve got a Clinic for That!


Suck at Double Unders? We’ve got a Clinic for That!

Oh my Gosh!  I am in love with
this picture Allison took
My little Boo
is the best cheering section EVER and he was representing for the Red Team!

Exposing kids to this stuff may be one of the greatest gifts ever.  They’ll grow up thinking working out and eating right is just a normal part of life and even cooler than that, they’ll think it’s FUN!
I’m so blessed that my little guy is part of such a cool gym and community!  You are all great influences!

If you’ve got kids, have them try out our CFK program on Thursdays with Ash!

AMRAP in 15 Minutes of:
7 Hang Power Cleans  95/135
10 TRUE Perfect Push-Ups
10 Jump Touches  24″

Double Under Clinic:
Sunday, October 14th, 11:30-12pm (During Open Gym)
EJ & Eric will be hosting a Double Under Clinic!  Come get some practice and pointers and hopefully leave a little less frustrated!
No more whipping yourself!

I’m not quite that difficult, even though maybe I’m a little bit bossy. But you know, in order to get things done, you do have to be a little bit bossy sometimes or tell people what you really want. Otherwise, things just don’t get done, do they?
–  Heidi Klum

That’s Right, Heidi!!  ;D

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  1. Jared

    6 rounds + 6 jumps (not quite 24 inch jump)

    Dale killed it, awesome job.

    Allison has a message about my jumps…

  2. Adam Van Auken

    6 + 4 jumps @ 135#.
    HPC – Very happy that I did 6 rounds unbroken until I saw Dale’s score. On the seventh, Jared and I picked up the bar at the same time. I did 4. I rested quickly. I did two and did not drop the bar. I saw that he dropped it. This was my chance at victory! If I could only do one more. The bar was slipping. I rested it on my knees. I went for it and . . . fail. This cost me the w.
    Push-ups – on parallettes. Unbroken until last round.
    Jumps – I was happy to see this because I am a terrible jumper and need a lot of work on these. I could have done these faster but they would not have been close to 24″ so I just took my time and jumped as high as I could.

  3. amy edelman

    6 rounds + 3 pushups. Stuck with pushups on the ground bc they still need work.
    Not quite 24 inches. 18-19 maybe?

    Much needed rest day for me tomorrow!

  4. Vikram

    Awesome job, gang. I get that itch to come in on rest days by reading your posts. But I got some badly needed sleep…

  5. EJ

    REMINDER – SATURDAY MOVIE NIGHT- Murph, the Protector

    A few of us are going to watch this documentary on Murph. If you’ve ever done this Hero WOD, this will open your eyes a bit to the man whom it’s named after. This also falls in line with the commissioning of the USS Murph.

    Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College
    695 Park Avenue (and 69th)

    BUY TICKETS HERE: (tickets must be bought in advance)

    email me with questions ([email protected])

  6. Ron

    125# 6+6PUs Pretty close to 24 inches. Great workout. Dale untouchable.

    V, get the sleep while you can. Time is running out…

  7. cat

    fun crew at 10am.

    4 rds plus 7 jumps

    push ups- toes down, knees up
    somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd line…15 inches? 18 inches? 24 was def over the 3rd line. this was as high as i could jump!!

  8. ERIC S.

    10 rounds for time
    3 strict hspu
    6 deadlifts 225#
    12 pullups
    24 doubleunders

    17:52 rx’d as compared to 11/25 when I did it in 18:48
    Hands are torn up from the pullups

  9. Brett

    5 rounds + 4 HPC at 95 lbs. Worked on form and think next time I can go heavier.

    And for anybody thinking about buying Cat’s Adidas OLY shoes, I have great news. Allison conducted a group smell test and Cat’s shoes passed with flying colors.

  10. Amylynne

    5+2 hpc at 95#

    So many terrible things about this wod do where to begin? Cleans were ugly after first rd. jumps were pathetic (though I promise I did try). Only good thing was my pushups.


  11. kpo17


    Was hoping Abbott was counting and Abbott hoped I was counting. 135 lbs.

    Programming Question: Where are the push presses?

  12. Joe

    6 rounds +4 @115#

    felt like after round 1 i was way out on my toes most of the time. i didn’t like the way they felt. I guess not lifting anything upper body for so long makes you rusty. 🙂

    Great 6:30 group!

  13. Alicia

    5+12 @ 95#, knee pushups
    Jumps were max effort – for a white girl who can’t jump, I really notice the difference in my volleyball game with the jump training, cardio and lifting. White girl can’t jump, but white girl can stuff block 🙂

    Paleo wod: 5 min amrap double unders. Every break do 3 burpees. 117 total DUs…stupid rope broke

  14. jen

    6 rounds + 7 reps
    paralette pushups
    Jumps as high as i could go. Not even close to 2 feet.

    Finally after 2 years felt fast elbows consistently throughout the WOD- prob 90% of reps. Round 4 was unbroken and elbows felt fast on all. Random.

    Glad to see you back LB. 6:30 missed you and your spirit!

  15. sallys

    5 rds + 6

    HPC @ 90# (first 2 rounds unbroken)
    reg. push ups
    jump touches – a foot if I’m lucky

    Paleo WOD (scaled): 100 jump rope singles + 50 burpees

  16. Katie

    HPC @ 73# – need to work on these, felt really sloppy
    knee push ups
    jumped as high as i could but didn’t hit 2ft once

  17. marilina

    Yellow girl can’t jump nor remember. For the umpteenth time, I forgot I stagger started and still had time left on the Amrap!

    6, 3 jumps

  18. dlede

    7 rds + 5 jumps rx’ed

    white boys can jump too (witnesses)

    paralette pushups

    nice job tonight

    agree with LB.. magical reunion

  19. Charles

    6 rounds even

    HPC – 125#
    Pushups on paralette
    Jump touches always about 2 inches short of the 2 foot mark