Summer Olympics 2012!!!


Summer Olympics 2012!!!

CFMers at a showing of Strong.

Buy In:
Spend 10 Minutes Working On Muscle-Ups OR Their Progressions

Almost Mainsite WOD:
Attach an object at precisely 12″ above your maximum reach with rope or cord, and complete 4 rounds for time of:
30 Jump and touch
Sprint to 3rd Ave & Back
10 Handstand push-ups

For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth.
–  Mary Lou Retton

I don’t rank competitions – every single one is the Olympics to me.
–  Blanka Vlasic

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  1. belbogen

    Hey all apologies for going awol for awhile. It’s helped me stay sane and gain some perspective to step away for a bit while I’ve been going through physical therapy. I really appreciate the kind words you guys have given over the boards, facebook, and email.

    I had my 3 month post-op checkup with my orthopedist on thursday (ok, I was early by 2 weeks, who says I’m not competitive). Great news, I’ve got the green light to come back and start doing some crossfit wods (albeit EXTREMELY modified). I’m hoping to start hitting a few 6am-ers next week, and hit my PT on the other days. Looking forward to seeing some familar (and new) faces.

    A few lessons learned from my time away:
    1) Exercise is so important. From a mental perspective, its amazing to see how much of a difference that makes in my life. The energy, tenacity, and positive reinforcement of a great exercise program is invaluable.
    2) Don’t take this stuff too seriously. Forcing myself to step away for 3 months was hard. Very hard. But its really helped me better appreciate all of the blessings in my life (among other things, my new wife).
    3) Emphasize longevity. This is generally not a problem, since there’s a really high correlation between working your ass off at the gym and improving long term health. However, I’ve now broken my back, torn my acl, and destroyed my hip. I think its time for me to begin listening a bit more actively to what my body is telling me. If I need to sacrifice a 400lb deadlift and 6x wods per week, then its a tradeoff I’m now willing to make.

    Frank – I have plenty to share from my recent experiences. Fire me an email and well talk offline. Email is belbogen at gmail dot com.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys.

    Big Brian

  2. Vikram

    Mobility private with Coach Brendan early this AM.

    Words can’t describe it. Having Brendan all to yourself preaching the truth and showing you the way…I’m CRAZY inspired and excited.

    Setting myself some one year goals to do this the right way – getting flexible and strong by building on good movements early in the game.

    Just speechless and blessed to have found the CFM family. Truly. Having a cheese moment, BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS.

  3. BAston


    Rom on the HSPU’s went down the toilet in round 3, went to push ups as I was sweating and slippery.

    Nice job 8:30am crew.

  4. mcohen

    The truth by Big Brian and Vikram. That is gospel fellas.

    An amazing session. Working on the front rack position, split jerks from behind the neck and from the front. Getting down as opposed to getting out in front.

    And, I got my first strict, and I mean strict muscle up. Big difference from the kipping ones that we do.

    I am going to enjoy a nice rest day tomorrow and as much olympics as one human being can watch.

    U.S.A on 3-2-1.

  5. Jared

    10:41 rx’d: unbroken HSPU for the first two rounds, then 5 and 5, then 4-2-1-2-1 (I think).

    I also got my first strict MU. It was no joke and I strained my neck pretty bad. Now I have a stiff neck.

    It was also nice to work out with some of my old classmates. Sorry that I talked about 6am so much!

  6. Jared

    for those of you interested in watching some weightlifting, the small women are doing it now. Amazing stuff. Go to to watch.

  7. Joe

    15:25 subbed 15 pushups for the HSPU’s. Worked on strict MU’s and felt my shoulder get a little whacky.
    Long story short, I can’t do a strict MU so i have to curb the kipping MU’s for a while until i can get a strict one.

    Jared, you killed that WOD. The cheering vibe is taking hold and people are performing better. Keep it up, cheer for your fellow crossfitters until the last man/woman is done! Was great to see that today at 9:30!

  8. jen

    Handstand holds+10 pushups/hspu. Held handstand for 30 seconds 1st 3 rounds. 4th round to failure taking feet off wall as much as possible. Thanks for the push on the final pushups 9:30 crew! Flashback to 1.0. I like it!!

    Did pull up and transition on rings and then got stuck. Time to concentrate on those ring dips.

    And, welcome Monica and ‘Neil’. (Niko) Awesome job!

  9. DT

    Vaca WOD
    30 jump to 12 inches
    10 135lb deadlifts
    run to top of street and back (400ish??)
    15 hand release pushups

    4 rounds, 22mins

    Still mangled from the ironman (nbd) last weekend.

  10. alexsnape

    WOD was 18:33. Really helped being next to rafael who absolutely killed it!

    HSPUs were strict unbroken first round, then fell after that – I lost track, but just started doing push ups when I couldn’t get up.

    Also got my first strict muscle up. I haven’t done any sort of muscle up practice since the old gym last December, and there I could barely get up on the ring dips. To get a strict muscle up my first try, after 6 months of no practice, felt amazing. It’s a true testament to how all of this strength work is truly paying off.

  11. mikey.bialos

    first strict MU!
    thanks for slowing it up/breaking it down b-boy.. never thought i’d get one.

    wod: 13:54 rx

    J-Walk… i saw your time.. you didn’t break up one set of HSPU, did you? something to be said for pure strength.

  12. marilina

    Super psyched that I still have muscle ups! It really surprised me since I haven’t done them since last fall. Strict since I never learned to kip it.

    Thanks for the great coaching.

    Pike push ups instead of HSPU.

    Great push Rafael.

  13. Alicia

    Dip practice with Allison in place of MU practice. Have to start pullup & dip homework

    14:04 w 30 sec handstand holds

    Go USA!

  14. Frank

    Great to read big Brian’s post.inwill reach out.

    Today’s exercise : 100 pull ups and two sets of waterskiing. It hurts a little to ski, but I love it so much.

    Now watching the Olympics

  15. rafael

    20:00 Rx’d finished 1 HSPU rep short

    HSPUs are definitely my kryptonite. Need to stay patient and remember to tighten core throughout movement, makes a world of difference.

  16. stephmil

    18:20…brendan-assisted HSPUs the first two rounds, then 3:1 regular pushups the last two rounds