is a badass.. No doubt about it.  Come out to support him and watch him kick some ass..
He’s fighting in Atlantic City at the Tropicana on FRIDAY 9/14
We have tickets for sale at the gym.
Brendan and I will be there.. let’s show him some love!!!!!

5 Rounds for Time:
5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climbs
Handstand Walk
400m Run

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  1. Paige

    Crossfit Sag Harbor

    3 rounds one minute each with one minute rest between each set
    DB thrusters @25# DBs
    Chin ups
    Double unders (or singles)

    Practiced handstands and toes to bar

  2. ERIC S.

    Outdoor WOD @ the Track

    25 KB swings
    400m run
    25 Situps
    10 KB Clean & Press on each arm
    10 Burpees

    KB #24KG
    Great outdoor group today!

  3. Adam Van Auken

    24:40. I was thinking about doing handstand walks but then I fell practicing and chickened out. I need to work on falling. Instead, I did static handstand holds against the wall trying to kick up gently (as if there was no wall) and not touch my feet to the wall. I did about 3 attempts and then ran. I had a couple good holds in there but I definitely need a lot of work on this.

    Rope climbs feel like they’re improving!

  4. phillipc

    29.44 with ‘tufur’ 1 wall-climbs. Damn, those suck. Ropes are easy(ish) when you have monkey arms like me.

    See y’all at Dinosaur.

    p.s. BAston, it’s about time you became a Sheffield Wednesday fan – we score for fun.

  5. Amylynne


    5-4-3-2-1 Rope climbs
    Wall climbs
    400m run

    Then FS 4×2 at 105 focusing on bottoming out- felt good (date I say easy?) so will go up next time!

    Awesome job with rope climbs 10am!

  6. Jason Castro

    27:04. Rope climbs felt pretty good. Tried walking handstands but kept on falling on my ass. I think I fell over like 10 times. need to work on those.

  7. BAston

    ERoc outdoor wod: 26:00. Shoulder felt like crap.

    Amy crushed it!

    @Philip, Arsenal not scoring is the new cool! I also requested a Sheffield Wed shirt and you did not come through! I will gladly support them.

  8. jmiz

    Exactly two months post shoulder surgery

    Five dead hang pull-ups

    Deadlifts worked up to 225×4 (lost grip on fifth)

    3 rounds
    15 Hang cleans with 90# stupid globo gym bar thing
    30 situps


  9. Rolf

    Track w/ Eroc. 24:25. Dropped the kb’s off ay NYSC and did a 1-2-3 “metropolis” right in the middle of the gym. Def woke up the guy reading the paper and doing what i think were sit ups. Beautiful day out there, great workout. Thanks Eric.

  10. ERIC S.

    Amy had a fast time today due to those high speed low drag Lulu shorts, and because of the music. (It makes all the difference having beats during a WOD)

    See you guys at Dinosaur BBQ -3 plates for me!

  11. lauren

    WOD at Yankee stadium – 32:00 12 kg. Didn’t have any hustle in me this morning, but it was a good workout!

  12. kpo17

    Strength WOD

    10 reps 45 lbs
    11 reps 65 lbs
    5 reps 85 lbs

    5 reps 90 lbs
    5 reps 100 lbs
    8 reps 115 lbs

    2 hours basketball RX’d.