Sunday, February 19th


Sunday, February 19th

Heads up! 6 and 7am classes are cancelled on Monday.

Oly Session

Power clean + clean
5 x (2 + 1)
Push jerk + jerk
5 x (2 + 1)

CrossFit Session


Bench Press
1 rep max


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
20 Overhead Squat, 95/65
20 Burpees over the Bar
20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Post max and time to Comments.

25 Responses

  1. JoJo

    Thanks to all the fans for coming out and cheering.
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It was a long day for you folks that came out, I know that was not easy taking up your entire Saturday.
    Now time to be outside…

    1. Rekas

      AGREED! Thank you for coming to support us, it meant so much to have you there!!! Feelin the love from the Metropolis fam ❤️????????

  2. Ron

    5,5,3,3,5 deadlift at 275 285 305 325 335

    10 min emom
    5 dumbbell thrusters at 30, odd: 2 strict pull ups with 10 push ups in between min of 10 walking lunges wearing 30 lbs vest

  3. Joe

    1rm bench: 190pr (got half way up close)

    Accessory Sunday:
    5 rounds:
    5 perfect position strict pull-ups
    Super set with rotator cuff band work (3 rotational positions for sets of 10)

    Then some pendlay rows

  4. JoJo

    Active recovery day…
    45min of spin to flush out the tightness and get a sweat.
    It’s #tayetime for those who know who she is you know what I’m talking about it.
    50 min Soul cycle.
    In the park with fenway!

  5. johanna

    2 Power Clean + 1 Clean: 110-110-110-115-115
    2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk (from the ground: 105-105-105-105-110

    1rep Max Bench: 135

    Metcon: 2+47 Rx

  6. amandajnz

    PJ- 65. Did 70 a few times but old wrist felt funky so I dropped back to work on form.

    bench – 105
    Metcon- 2 + 45 rx
    that 10 minutes felt like 30!

    Great classes – thanks matt

  7. dtm

    A) 3 Rounds NFT
    15 dead hangs
    15 knees-to-elbow

    B) EWOD Hell
    4×200 every 90 seconds
    Rest 3 min
    2×400 every 3 min
    Rest 3 min
    1×800 (3:08)

    C) 3+ mile run to Williamsburg

  8. PlayGurlPattyG

    Bench 93
    10 AMRAP 1rd + 23 @53 ( grrr squatting is a still a killer for me)

    Its now out, I am going to go for a run in few 🙂

  9. JLee

    Couldn’t let the killer hangover get in the way of a rare bench day

    1RM Bench: 215# PR
    Max reps 135# – 17 left some in the tank

    WOD: 2 rounds @ 75#. My overhead sucks.

    Open gym:
    Hip and shoulder mobility/stability stuff – bands, holds, KBs, parallettes and all that jazz
    Bent over rows

    1. JLee

      Anyone know a good mobility progression to be able to do single DB/KB overhead squats? Too tight in all the wrong places, I literally couldn’t do it with 10lbs

    2. That’s very rare to be able to do that without angling your torso in an extreme/unhealthy angle. I would shoot for getting a good torso position in squatting and OHS squatting before working on that

    3. Having said that, good progression would be “tempo” squatting. Go down VERY slowly with a light dumbbell overhead. As soon as you start to topple, try to pause that that spot for 5 deep breaths through your nose. you want to be very comfortable and stable all the way down.

      I am working on the same technique with overhead squatting and its very challenging.

  10. Rekas

    “Active recovery day”

    300 cal row – 24:26
    (2:20 avg)

    15 ring dips for time – 6ish min? (clock changed on me)

    Some kipping, pull-ups and swinging for fun

  11. Alice

    OG active recovery

    Randall’s Island run in the February springtime sun
    3.32 miles—27:10
    (8:10 pace)

    12 min EMOM:
    2 strict C2B (singles)

    5 rounds, nft:
    20sec hollow hold (scaled)
    20 ghd

  12. HSPU and c2B / Bar Muscle Up lesson w/ Coach Matt. Made a lot of progress!

    Did Yesterday’s WOD: Fran + Trop mile

    14:51 (6:30 ish on Fran and a shade over 8 min on the Trop Mile). really benefitted from having my ideal running weather too.

    thrusters felt great (I’ve never said that before). Pull ups felt ok and had to break them up a lot.

  13. chad

    Bench 95(5)-145(3)-175(2)-185-195-205-215-220(f)
    Thanks for the spot and tips JB
    Power Clean + Squat Clean 5x (2+1) @185
    Tried the overhead work but felt a crunch in my back as the weight went up so decided to call it a day