Sunday, July 14th, 2013


Sunday, July 14th, 2013


My Mommy at the top of the rope.  <3

On the Minute for 12 Minutes
3 Clean & Jerks
Immediately After the 12th Round …
Run 1 Mile

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  1. EJ

    *** SOCIAL EVENTS ****

    **DTUT – FRIDAY, 7/19 at 8PM
    Come join us for a community social at this new spot on the UES. Located on 1744 2nd Avenue (btw 89 & 90)


    Hey everyone – we are planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo on 8/3 to play with JCash and his animals. If interested, please sign up here:

    We are capping this event at 30 people.

    The plan is to meet up with Jason at 2pm. Plan on the visit with the animals to take up the rest of the afternoon. Therefore, if you want to check out the zoo beforehand, come earlier. We will figure out a meeting spot closer to the event.

    For those of you interested in doing any of the competitions presented by the NYC Affiliate League, the wods & movements have been posted:

    Pertains to: 5th Ave Ninja Classic, LIC Fall Brawl, Dynamix Duo

    Anyone interested in getting a group together to do one of the WODs next weekend? If so, enter your name below and if you have a specific WOD you want to do, please click on the corresponding column

  2. Rachel

    EWOD at Yankee Stadium Track
    8 x 400M with 2 mins rest b/w each lap

    Lap 1 – 1:39
    Lap 2 – 1:38
    Lap 3 – 1:39
    Lap 4 – 1:41
    Lap 5 – 1:44
    Lap 6 – 1:45
    Lap 7 – 1:47
    Lap 8 – 1:46

  3. johanna

    Overslept, so missed EWOD, came to 10am class.
    First time doing an EMOM C+J workout and I loved it. I can’t wait to do this more often.

    C+J at 65#, felt good because I could power clean all of these. Dropping into squat clean at heavier weight would have really slowed these down

    1 mile in 7:50. WOW, my fastest mile by quite a bit. I google mapped that CFM mile just to double check, and sure enough, it says 1 mile! woohoo!

  4. Alicia

    EWOD at Yankee Stadium 6x400M, rest 2 mins
    1 – 2:02
    2 – 2:02
    3 – 2:07
    4 – 2:13
    5 – 2:09
    6 – 2:01

    Finally finished week 6 of Wendlers strict press:

    Onto stand up paddle boarding lesson! 🙂

  5. Johnna

    First time doing C&Js. Once I got my body to understand it’s 2 different moves they became a whole lot easier.

    32# – first 5 rounds were at #37 but my form was falling apart so went lower.

    9:55 – that run sucked but I got in under 10 min, didn’t think that would happen.

  6. Amylynne

    squat cleans 118 every 30 sec for 5 min (10 total. no failures)


    Barbara: 25:20 RX’d with weight vest (all pull-ups unbroken)

    last time, 5 rounds 22:57 RX’d without vest

    happy. thanks jason for doing this with me even after gulping down a smoothie! ;o)

  7. sallys

    73# on C&J

    Struggled with form on the jerk, but think I could/should have gone heavier. Still, very taxing workout.

    9:43 on the mile. Ughhh. I got a bad stitch about 8 minutes in and had to walk the rest of the way. So annoying.

  8. bfarrel

    EMOMs are my favorite kind of workout. 155 on the C&Js, light enough to touch & go.

    7:20ish on the run in impossible to breathe weather.

    Great Sunday and a great haircut by our patriarch.

  9. Rolf

    10×3 back squats at 185# 60-90 sec rest btwn rds.

    Rough one with DT…
    500m row, 400m run, 30 s/u’s, 200 dubs, 10 burpees. Time 31:25. Brutal… Thanks for the push dt

  10. EJ

    I’ll preface this by saying, “do as I say, not as I do”. Had a rough few days with not enough sleep and not getting in enough food so today was hard & it showed in my performance

    started with 3 sets of 3 then I had to scale down to 2 reps. Normally this is not difficult for me, but I think the lack of rest and food showed. Power cleaned most then ended with a power clean & squat clean – UGH

    Run – 8:22

    Then 10×3 Snatch 95#

    Had one bad miss – eek, but otherwise, the reps felt fair.

  11. Jared

    C&J WOD: 145# and messed up the mile run and did ran to the park instead of running to park. I ended up running 1.35 miles in 9:50.

    Open Gym Snatch: did a lot of reps at 35 lbs then slowly worked up to 135. Finally hit a 135# snatch in full lock out instead of my normal ugly power snatch with a press.

  12. Jason Castro

    Open gym
    Snatch: worked up to 155, I know I can do more, just need to get under faster and be more confident.
    Cleans: worked up to 225, tied pr. Failed at 230.

  13. Carmen

    57# on the C&J. Tried to punch my front foot more forward.

    8:00 on the run (fast for me!) which I mapped and confirmed that taking the near side of Park Ave. (i.e. don’t go through the tunnel) is in fact 0.98 miles, so there.

    Some half-hearted pull-up work during open gym. 5X5 with blue band then copy catted Cat (hah!) with some static holds 2X5-10 sec holds at top, middle and bottom.

    Left my notebook at the gym – please don’t sell it on eBay!

  14. kpo17

    Was out in NJ with my cousins so I dropped into Crossfit 201.

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of
    225 lb DL
    155 lb Bench
    145 lb Clean