Sunday, July 17th


Sunday, July 17th


As many rounds as possible in 17 minutes:
30 double unders
20 sit-ups
10 power snatch, 95/65

Post rounds completed to Comments.

Oly Class

Power Clean and Push Jerk
10 Min EMOM

Power Clean
10 Min EMOM

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  1. dtm

    EWOD 9am from the gym, don’t bring anything you don’t won’t to run with.

    8 Rounds every 3 minutes:
    Sprint 400M

    1. dtm

      First four rounds Rx, last four rounds every 3:30

      My legs were toast after front-squats on Friday and yesterday’s disaster. Who comes up with these EWODs?!?

      Good running Andy!!!

      Abs on Abs Cash-out with EEC
      3 Rounds
      30 sec hollow rock
      60 sec plank
      60 sec rest

    1. JLee

      Random stuff I’d like to be stronger at

      10 min strict pull up EMOM – I think 26 total
      3 x 10 Glute hammy raises
      Random grip and core stability stuff

      1 round of Thursday’s WOD b/c it sounded fun

  2. johanna

    wendler’s deadlift week 3
    148×5, 168×3, 188×10

    power clean + push jerk
    power clean
    125-125-125-130-130-135(squat clean)-135-140(f)

    6+32 Rx

  3. elizabeth

    OLY first class ever.
    Worked up to 73lbs on Power clean and 63 on the push jerks.
    Four rounds and 11 DU
    Only did 20 DUs but not consecutive. Started with 3 jumps and then a DU as I got tired it was 6 jumps and then a DU. 42lbs on power snatch.

  4. ERIC S.

    From the other day
    13min amrap
    10 front squats 135#
    20 ghd sit ups
    50 dubs
    4+10 FS+ 20 ghd+ 3 dubs

    Feeling those 100 ghd sit ups