Sunday, July 21st, 2013

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  1. EJ


    Thanks to everyone who came out to our social at DTUT! If you missed the opportunity to hang out and grab a drink or catch up with your friends, we have another event coming up. Hope to see you there

    Just a friendly reminder to FIGHT WIF (WOD Induced Forgetfulness) 🙂
    Our gym is like your second home – a place of awesome people working together to get fit and become bad asses. Be sure to take care of it as you would your own belongings.

    – Be sure to take care and put away all your equipment.
    – Clean up after yourself post-WOD.
    * Don’t forget to throw out any used tape, waterbottles etc.
    * Spray down your bars, sweat angels, etc.
    * Control dropped barbells – especially if you’re using 10/15lb plates – lower the bar with control – SAVE THE 10s
    * Avoid making be chalk messes. How to Use Chalk . If you do, be sure to spray it down or pick up up any messes.

    Article courtesy of CF Virtuosity


    Did you know Jason Castro handles the animals at the Bronx Zoo? Come join us on a trip to the zoo and get special access behind the scenes and perhaps meet some animals.

    Limited to 30 people.
    RSVP BELOW – only 4 spots left!


    Part of CF is to celebrate your accomplishments and the community. Come join us at Molly’s Pub to celebrate the summer and play catch up or talk about your awesome zoo experience!

    Mollys on 85th and 2nd.


    4 week competition series! Find out who the best of the NYC affiliates is. Registration is open for the first competition on SATURDAY, 8/3


    Registration now open. Last day to register is 8/14

  2. jmiz

    CF Hamptons
    25 Min AMRAP
    400m Run
    12 Kettle Bell Clean and Press (Strict)
    12 Box Jumps
    12 Kettle Bell Hand to Hand Swings (One-Arm)
    12 Sit Ups

    4 rds + Run + 2 KB CnP. Used a 20/44 KB. Boy are my arms tired.

  3. Julesnextdoor

    Rx at 125#– yay! I always (seriously) wanted to be one of those people who takes forever in a WOD because they’re doing it Rx. Changed last minute from 115# to 125# and was glad I did although it was tough. Thanks for cheering me on Allison, EJ, and 11:00 class.

  4. seanm

    Queens 10K. Total time = 46:04, pace = 7:25.

    Meh. First time running this distance. We got there a little late, so got stuck in rear corral, spent first mile or more fighting traffic on narrow course. Never found higher gear, though all negative splits, and felt stronger as race progressed. On a hot summer day, will take that as a positive, something to build on.

    Did not plan to WOD today, but on return from the race I was in the neighborhood so . . .

    12:12 Rx (DL @ 145#)
    Row pace approx 1:50, step ups instead of box jumps
    Look forward to try this again in a few weeks.

  5. 15:25 @ 115 with step ups. I should have gone a bit heavier but at least my form was consistent throughout the rounds. On top of that I intentionally stopped weighing myself when i started crossfit so i genuinely have no idea how much BW is for me. Need to get on that!

  6. cat

    Wod 2 for leave ur sox on comp

    3 clean and jerks
    Got to them at 845. Failed on the 4th jerk- rushed into it bc I only had a few sec left.

    That was rough.

    Assisted Hspu negatives with Jon
    4×6 with 2 ab mats
    1x? With 1ab mat
    May have been more work for Jon lol

  7. lauren

    10x 100m w/ :60 rest – with weight vest


    Snatched up to 73lbs. Felt off.

    Banded muscle ups w/ yellow band.

  8. Jenna

    14:26 @ 113 which is about 12 lbs below RX. Broke up DL’s in 2 sets of 6. Will definitely try RX in a few weeks.