Sunday, July 7, 2013

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  1. EJ

    **** SOCIAL EVENTS ****

    **DTUT – FRIDAY, 7/19 at 8PM
    Come join us for a community social at this new spot on the UES. Located on 1744 2nd Avenue (btw 89 & 90)


    Hey everyone – we are planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo on 8/3 to play with JCash and his animals. If interested, please sign up here:

    We are capping this event at 30 people.

    The plan is to meet up with Jason at 2pm. Plan on the visit with the animals to take up the rest of the afternoon. Therefore, if you want to check out the zoo beforehand, come earlier. We will figure out a meeting spot closer to the event.

  2. Rachel

    10 x 80M sprints, rest until end of each minute

    0:14:04 (kid ran out in front of us)

    Thanks Lauren!

  3. jmiz

    CrossFit Hamptons

    25 minute AMRAP
    4 inverted burpees (reverse somersault into locked out handstand)
    Spider-Man crawl with kiss the ground push-ups across the gym
    12 toes to bar
    Run 400m
    5 tire flips (no idea what the weight of the tire was but it seemed large to me)

    4 rounds plus 1 rep

    Very cool workout. Thought I was going to puke.

  4. Carmen

    Jumping pull-ups from a stack of 3 plates (45#, 35# and 15#)/1 ring hold + 5 jumps
    16kg KBS
    Legit DUs – longest strings in a WOD ever (20ish!)

  5. Paige

    Globo WOD

    4 rounds for time of:
    Quarter mile sprint
    30 Kbs @ 16kg
    25 sit ups
    20 push ups

    Approx 20 min

  6. Alicia

    1st EWOD today! 10x80m – didn’t keep track of time. Was just trying to go as fast as possible while maintaining form and not passing out. Thanks Lauren, Rachel and Pork Bag for the support 🙂

    Open gym: 1 RM DL
    Warmup: 135(10)195(6)225(3)260(1)285(1)
    295-300-305-310Fx2. Matched previous 1RM

    WOD 2 for Socks Comp in August:
    10 min AMRAP
    10 pull-ups
    20 burpees
    30 DUs
    40 wall ball @ 14#
    50 KB’s swings @ 16kg
    Max C&J @ 95# with remaining time

    Got 3 C&Js with only 30 seconds left. I have my work cut out for me

  7. Alicia

    Also there’s a good article in Box Life magazine about failure. I’m glad I read it before my deads – made me feel less bad about not PRing

  8. Darcy

    Jumping pulls ups/ 1 ring hold + 5 jumps
    16kg KB swings
    10 DU practice/50 power jump singles

  9. Abby


    16kg KB
    6 jumping pull-ups / 6 jumping ring dips
    double unders

    Felt good to finish under the cap. Almost vommed.

  10. phillipc

    Open gym

    backsq. 135(5),165(5),185(5), 215(3), 225(3), 230(3PR), 237.5(3PR)

    dl 225(3), 255(3), 275(3), 295(2), 315(1), 330(1), 345(1)

  11. B-boy

    What a beautiful Marriage, What pretty girls, What a stunning picture!! I am so happy for you two! Congratulations a million times over for you lovely women. You two are perfect for each other and this shot of you both makes me excited, inspired, and just all together happy and full of butterflies.

    Life can be so amazing sometimes!

    Love you both so much