Sunday, July 9th


Sunday, July 9th

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Heaving Snatch Balance


For time:

Bench Press (135/95lbs) & Strict Pull-Ups
10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 reps each

Row 1K

Bench Press (135/95lbs) & Strict Pull-Ups
2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 reps each

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29 Responses

  1. dtm

    “Gumby Legs”
    4 Rounds FT
    100M walking lunges
    400M run

    *574 total lunges, 50M would have been sufficient.

  2. JLee

    Made it to the last round of 10 and then started improvising to get work in under the 20 min cap

    59 total bench reps
    53 total pull ups
    1000m row check

    Rx bench and body weight

  3. Rekas


    Snatch singles: 65,75,85,85,95
    Heaving Snatches: 65,65,75,85,90

    10th round at 20′ time cap @ 85# and strict pull-ups (woo!!)
    subbed 800m run for the row

  4. Joe

    Went to 20 mins rx and got thru the second round of 8 but totally died. Did the last 10’s at 115

  5. Wes

    155, 165
    15 reps short of finishing the metcon under the cap, but accidentally did a set of 9 of both movements on the way down. Used 155lb for bench and 20lb chain for pull-ups

  6. Ashley Moduno

    Snatch:100- 90-95-97-100 Dropped to 90 after Matt pointed out my silly form. Worked my way up without ripping the bar off the floor. Felt much better!

    Heaving Snatch Balance: 65-75-85-95-105

    WOD: finished right at the time cap. RX weight. Pull ups got a little squiggly at the end. Unbroken bench presses.

    Thank for changing weights and spotting me, Roberts!

  7. Matt

    135lb Bench and Pull-Up WOD
    10:28 without the row

    Decent snatch day, great snatch balance day!
    Snatch Balance

  8. PlayGurlPattyG

    Oly 68 – 68

    WOD Bench 55 banded pull ups OOOPS I forgot my time something like 19:00 and some change

  9. Roberts

    Got 7 bench in the last round of 10
    Rx bench
    2 bands for pull ups

    All bench unbroken until the last round when my arms just gave out. Still jello

  10. johanna

    1070 reps Rx at the 20:00 timecap. Would have taken me another 10 mins to finish, at least. Pull-ups wrecked me but got in a good workout.

  11. cloudon

    Oly – worked up to 155 on both

    WOD – 16:24 but did wrong reps to start – 10-9-8-4-2 on first set. 135# bench and some slight kipping. Dead hang strict kills my shoulders.

  12. D-Nice

    Snatch: 90-90-90-92(PoPR)-95(PoPR)
    ***Shout out to Ashley for deciding that I would make post-op PRs today!
    Heaving snatch balance: 65-76-85-95-100F

    WOD: 18:05
    75# bench press (unbroken)
    leg assisted pull ups

    1. JoJo

      Accessory work:
      Muscle-up progression box dips
      5×3 2 second gold at bottom of dip
      Beat swing 2×10

  13. OG

    Bench Press:
    5×185, 5×195, 5×205, 1 rep at 229 (yes, 2 x 1lbs plates on each side)

    Yesterday’s WOD:

    Row: 24, 20 , 20 , 17, 17 = 98
    PC Rx: 12, 10, 10, 10, 9 = 51
    Burps: 14, 12, 10, 10, 12 = 58


  14. Alice

    Snatch singles:

    Heaving snatch balance singles:

    3 bench into round of 10 at 20min. cap and 800m run (85# / started rx pu, then added thin band)

    Strict ring dips: