Sunday, June 16th, 2013


Sunday, June 16th, 2013


Benchmark WOD:
For Time:
Double Under
Ab-Mat Sit-Up

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  1. jmiz

    Friday: Jerry
    Saturday afternoon: Heavy squat cleans
    Sunday 8am: I dropped into CrossFit Hamptons. What is the ONE workout I did not want to see:

    Run 2 miles
    Rest 2 minutes
    20 squat cleans @ 135#
    20 box jumps @ 24″
    20 overhead plate lunges @ 45#
    20 box jumps
    20 squat cleans
    Rest 2 minutes
    Run 2 miles

    Felt my Achilles tweak on first run so knew I wasn’t going to be able to make the second one. Shit. 42:59 for the rest of the wod, as Rx’ed. Beautiful thing about CF is that you are prepared for anything. Happy Father’s Day y’all!

  2. Rachel

    7 x 300M at Thomas Jefferson Track
    Lap 1: 1:07
    Lap 2: 1:11
    Lap 3: 1:12
    Lap 4: 1:13
    Lap 5: 1:14
    Lap 6: 1:12
    Lap 7: 1:17

    Couldn’t sustain the pace from the first lap, but happy that the rest were pretty consistent.

    Thanks Lauren!

  3. johanna

    EWOD 300m sprints with exactly 1 min rest in between. We were supposed to do 9 sprints or stop when we start to fall off drastically…


    So I’m dumb and I can’t do math, and thought that I dropped off by 20 seconds…so I stopped. Oh well, I think I was done anyway. Thanks for coaching, Lauren!

    Rollerbladed to the track and back. The last hill to my apartment was brutal…

  4. TC

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads!

    At parents house and decided to do Nancy.

    5 rds for time:
    400 m run
    15 OHS @95lbs
    Time: 16:30

    OHS done in the driveway, measured 400m loop in the neighborhood with Nike+ app. All OHS unbroken, running sucked.

  5. Carmen

    10:29 – got about 20 DUs unbroken in round of 40. It is freaky how mental this is. After I get the first string, I can’t seem to get more than 3-4 in a row in any given round. Annoying.

    Last time was 11:43 so that’s nice to improve. Ran the long way home at max effort. I gotta get back to running more. DFL-city, USA.

    Had a terrible dream last night that I lost the ability to kick up into a handstand (something I’ve consistently been able to do since I was 5) so did a few handstand holds when I got home just to be sure…all good there.

  6. Alicia

    11:53 rxd, over 3 mins off my PR from a couple weeks ago. First day back after vacation…too much out of control eating, drinking and other bad habits the past week and a half. Ugh

  7. cat

    In Virginia beach this weekend.

    Annie at the hotel

    Not a pr. I had issues for the first 2 rounds of dus.

  8. johanna

    Open Gym:
    Cleans: 63(3)- 63(3)- 68(3)- 68(3)- 73(3)- 78(3)- 83(3)- 88(1)- 93(1)- 98(1)PR!!- 103(FFF)

    Then did the Tri-State Games WOD#1 simulation (because I hate myself)
    5 Front Squats @63# from the ground(the comp will be @55#)
    30 DUs (comp will have 30 weighted singles)
    400m sprint (comp will be on track)
    10 FS
    30 DUs
    400m sprint
    15 FS
    30 DUs
    400m sprint
    Time: 11:38

  9. Benjammin

    Annie 9:38
    First time doing it. I guess I need to work on sit ups and DUs. Everything else I did awesome.

  10. BAston

    Open gym with my buddy Jay.

    Snatch work. Only worked up to 105# today. Was not finishing the pull enough and was way out in front on each lift. Only had a handful where they felt nice and effortless.

    Power Cleans: Worked up to 165#. Attempted a few at 175# but was not being fast enough.

    Grace: 3:49 rx’d
    2:10 PR from 10/29/2011 @ 115#. That’s a fucking boom.

    Happy Fathers Day everyone.

  11. Julesnextdoor

    Open gym work on squat form.

    35 goblet squats with 12kg kettlebell on “box”– two 45# plates

    20 squats with 15# plate on same box

    Front squats on box:
    33# (10)
    53# (8)
    63# (6, 6, 6)
    73# (5, 5, 3)

  12. Johnna

    Annie – 13:50
    First time really trying to do double unders – got to work on those!
    5 mile run after class.

  13. phillipc

    Squats – 135(10), 165(5), 185(5), 200(3), 215(3), 230(1), 240(1), 245(1), 250(1), 255(1PR)

    Squat cleans – 75(3), 95(3), 125(2), 145(1), 165(1), 180(1), 190(1), 205 (f,f*)

    * Cleaned it, missed front squat

  14. Jason Castro

    Ewod 7x300M sprints w/ 1 min rest
    58 secs
    Open gym
    Tri state wod 5 front Squats @155, 30 DU’s 400M run, 10 front Squats 30 DU’s 400M run, 15 front Squats 30 DU’s 400M run