Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Congrats again to everyone who competed yesterday!  We’re so proud of all of you and can’t wait to hear all about it!  From the looks of this picture, you guys had fun!
And a special shout out to Coach Eroc who’s in 2nd after Day 1.  Let’s Go, E!!

15 Minute Ladder:
1-2-3-4…. Strict HSPUs
1 Rope Climb
25 Double Unders

Annie Sakamoto Rope Climb Variations & Demo
Jolie’s Rope Climbing Tips
Carl Paoli Rope Climb Progressions:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8


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The Rock’s ‘Hercules’ Diet – You’re Not Eating Enough! 😉
Six Truths About Olympic Weightlifting Technique by Greg Everett
From the Couch to CrossFit: 5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining a Box

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  1. EJ

    Holiday schedule

    Thursday, July 4th – 10am WOD in the park
    Friday, July 5th – 9AM and 3:30PM
    Saturday, July 6th – 10AM CF for Hope; Open Gym 3:30 – 5:00
    Sunday, July 7th – normal

  2. Kat

    Got through round 5, modified. For my last round, Brendan coached me through holding a handstand against the wall (my first one). Really great workout.

  3. jen

    Yesterday was a fun day, for sure! Was too tired to post yesterday, so:
    First competition Rx. Had some trouble with the 95# front squats but I knew that would be the hardest part going in, given that my 1rm is 105. Even though I didn’t finish the wod, I ended up with 20 reps total so I was happy with that.
    Kb/sprint WOD was awesome, and i did fairly well on burpee/ball slam/box jump wod as well.
    All in all, very happy I challenged myself with Rx.
    ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’. Words to live by, especially since it us tattooed on me forever 🙂
    And- special thank you to coach Ej- everyone could not say enough how much it meant to us to have you supporting, cheering, abd helping us as always

  4. Rachel

    6 Rounds even

    Round 1-4 – Piked from Red Box
    Round 5-6 – 1 Min Handstand Holds

    Rope climbs with Legs

    DU’s without the rope (ie. just jumps)

    1 Central Park Loop on the Bike after the WOD – 22:19 – Park was too crowded to actually maintain speed

  5. BAston

    6 rounds + 4 HSPU’s
    Some rope climbs were legless but not all. Al DU’s unbroken except the round where I grabbed DT’s rope by accident. HSPU’s disappeared pretty fast.

    Open gym: Back Squats
    5×3 @ 155, 3×2 @ 165, 2×2 @ 175, 2 reps at 185 (previous 1 rep max), 1 rep @ 195(f). Thanks to Jay and Cohen for the tips. I was way out in front on that last one.

    Strict toes to bar: 4 sets of 10, all unbroken.

  6. DT

    Great advice from bboy today- Don’t climb that rope like a runner, climb it like a strong man!

    Round of 7 knees on box

  7. zompetti

    Rowathon for Boston
    5275 meters. That was a long, rough workout for sure.
    But money was raised for a great cause. Go Boston!

  8. Steve

    Open gym: work up to 5RM back squat – 205-215-220-225-230-235 (15# PR from 2/18/13)
    DU practice
    Cash out: 3 rounds NFT 10 back extensions, 20 GHD sit ups

  9. seanm

    Too tired to post yesterday, but I want to recognize what an amazing group we have at CFM, and how much fun I had at the Tri-State games yesterday. Every single person on the CFM crew contributes: to EJ and her support and advice (and representing our phenomenal CFM coaching staff), Johanna and her skillful driving, Chad and his photos, Jess and her cupcakes for Cat’s b-day, Alicia and her tequila (though I didn’t get any), and on and on and on. And most important, to everyone for their cheers and encouragement, it makes all the difference.

    CFM crew on display again this morning at the Rowathon. Lots of great people in the crossfit community, but I’ll take our team any day of the week. You guys are awesome.