Sunday, March 6th


Sunday, March 6th


Great job everybody! Lots of success on Open Workout 16.2! If you haven’t done it yet, come in and do it today during Oly or Open Gym. You have until 8pm Monday to submit.


For time:
Row 2000m

Post time to Comments.

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  1. Tapout

    Ada’s Row (2K)


    Last 500 meters felt amazing.
    Thanks for the push team!

    2 Rounds x 5 53-63-68-68-68
    snatch pull
    snatch hp snatch
    oh snatch

    Full snatch 5×1
    53-63-68-73-78 (Fx3)

    16.2 Rx = 46

  2. cloudon

    Went for 16.2 again during oly. Got to the bar 20 seconds faster in the second round but paid the price. Didn’t have the 13 reps.

    2k row – 6:39.8 4 second pr. Lot of pain.

  3. 7 rounds, Not Fo’ Tyme
    10 press,95 + 20 pushups
    Rest enough to go unbroken

    Tabata squats – 20

    Woke up this way: balding, hairy, skinny/chubby

  4. Jason

    16.2 again
    163 rx. Still didn’t get to 185# barbell, but no way I am doing it again
    Tiebreaker 1:54

  5. johanna

    16.2 Take 2:
    175 Rx tiebreaker 6:08 (3 more reps)
    T2B were faster this time but cleans felt heavier.
    Great job everyone!

  6. BAston

    OG: muscle up work. Warmed up with the red band, got a bunch, then crapped out. Need to keep at it.

  7. 2k row test

    Had a plan, followed it. Boy the finish was ugly. Honestly, when I saw at 1k that my predicted time was 7:16, I gave up a little, maybe a lot, inside. At that point, it was just hold on to failure. Sure a 4 second PR is cool, but it was not my goal.

    Life lessons learned: even if it’s your buddy’s birthday, don’t drink before your 2k test, hydrate and fuel appropriately, you can game plan with other people’s advice but in the end you need to play how you best know how, same goes for your warm up.

    In the end, know thyself. And if you don’t, then learn thyself.