Sunday, May 1st


Sunday, May 1st


Ada is running the NYC Tri on 7/24 to raise money for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes! Please support her!


5 rounds for time:

50 double unders
20 wallballs
5 ring muscle-ups
3 minute rest

Sub chest to bar pull-ups 1:1 for muscle-ups.
Sub bravery for excuses.

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  1. Tapout

    EWOD: In 35 minutes row as far as possible. Every 5 minutes, perform 15 burpees over the rower.


    Thanks for the cheers!

  2. ERIC S.

    Emom 8min 4 strict hspu
    Then Heavy “DT”
    5 rounds of
    12 deads, 9 hang power cleans, 6 push jerks
    16:34 rx

  3. J Cash

    Emom 8min 4 strict hspu
    Then heavy “DT”
    5 rounds of
    12 deadlifts
    9 hang power cleans
    6 push jerks
    22:55 rxd

  4. Melissa TruHero

    Today’s WOD mod – 5 rounds/ 3min rest
    25 double unders
    20 wall balls 14#
    5 chest to bar pull-ups

    Props to Lisa for doing that rowing WOD by herself! ????????
    And happy birthday Steph, I mean Mrs. Saldivar! ????

  5. Joe

    Worked up to 180 in 5 Lb jumps for oly. Now that I know what I can do I’d start heavier next time

  6. Matt

    Today’s Metcon:
    21:21 Rx… woof, those muscle-ups fell apart in the last round. First round: 1:37, last 2:35.

  7. dtm

    Long run recovery stretching and foam rolling.

    5 Rounds NFT
    15 deficit push ups
    8 strict pull ups

    Then taco bell for the first time 8 years. It was disgusting and not worth it, hopefully shake shack or harlem shake later tonight will make up for this mistake.

  8. steph_N

    Oly – 10x 3 power clean, 1 from floor, one knees, one high hang
    Worked up to 93 and stayed there for last four sets, high hang clean felt weird today

  9. Bucky


    WOD – Sub Muscle Up for 10x C2B Pullups