Sunday, November 13th


Sunday, November 13th

Oly Session

20 minute EMOM

CrossFit WOD

Skill Work

10 minutes of practice
Toes to Bar / Front Lever

“It’s not called a toes almost to bar.” – Dan L.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 sumo deadlift high pulls, 135/95
10 push presses, 135/95

Post rounds completed to comments.

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  1. Melissa TruHero

    So I was going to wait until the next payday to donate for the masochistic assault bike but looks like we reached the goal already! Thanks to all you early birds/masochists….I think!

    PS. Bummed I’m missing today’s wods, looks fun! Hiking day upstate!

  2. Joe

    Bench triples:
    135-145-150-155-160(pr for 3)


    Death by hspu
    Directly into death by strict pull-up

    5+1 & 8+5

    All performed at “crossfit my parents very cold garage”

  3. sallys

    1.5 mile run with the Ollie Monster
    Quick globo gym workout before I leave for Nashville:
    5×5 strict pull-ups. Focusing on being stiff as a board a la that stupid game.
    3×5 squats…I don’t believe the Nysc bar is 45# so I’m going to say 120.
    3×5 strict static dips
    Donating all my extra monies to planned parenthood ATM but will def donate to the bike next paycheck.

    See y’all Thursday!

  4. Rekas

    Oly snatches – got up to 70#
    Need to work on dropping faster/smoother transition. I felt better/more comfortable the more reps we did (except at the end when I almost dropped the bar on me head heh).

    Push-ups and pull-ups thingy with Ed

    Toes to bah with the sponge effect – thanks eroc!

    Metcon – 5 +0 @65#
    Kanye came in at just the right time

  5. JoJo

    45min of straightup cardio. SoulCycle Tayetime she is no joke. Needed a good sweat.

    FPP at park with Fenway
    Go Steelers

  6. Sunday OLY. Alt power snatch and split snatch (which feels crazy) up to 108#

    Split is a good alternative when one cannot squat.

    METCON: chasing 3yearolds around Roosevelt island

  7. J Cash

    5×5 lunges @145

    Snatch grip deadlift and muscle snatches 5’s
    95, 105, 115, 125, 135(failed muscle snatch), the 3×5 snatch grip deadlift at 195#

    5 rounds for time
    20 strict press @75
    20 T2B

  8. OG

    BAREFOOT sidestep drills on 100th
    BAREFOOT walking drills 25 m (toes, heels, outstrep, in step)

    Suitcase carry weight step ups 3 x 8 24″
    Super set w ankle dorsidlexion eccentric exercises

    Strict pull-ups w chains emom that felt awful

    Thank god j$ turned the lights out