Sunday Schedule


Sunday Schedule

Four One Minute Rounds (Rotate Stations Every Minute):
Kettlebell Swings –  16/24
Burpee Tuck Jumps
Double Unders
Thrusters 65/95

Immediately go right out the door for a timed 800m Weighted Run – 25/45 pound plates

**You’ll have 2 Scores**
Total Reps in the Workout & an 800m Run Time


10am-11am: WOD
11am-Noon: Free Trial Session
12pm-1pm: Open Gym For Members

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  1. Katie

    Didn’t write down all the numbers before they were erased. Finished -1 rep for for the last three rounds compared to the first.

    Great class with Jay, Jason, Frank & Jameson. Great coaching today Brendan! Loved every second of this one!

  2. Vikram

    A little bit of everything. Great seeing Val. Thanks to Joe, Amy & Jay. Nearly there on the DUs.

    Hats off to the runners and DT this weekend!

  3. kpo17

    Did some bench press work to find 3 RM and 5 RM. My 3 RM is 175, or my body weight, which is pretty cool. I have no idea what a good bench press “level” should be, anyone care to chime in? Does anyone want to start benching on the reg with me?

    Then some DU work. Previous PR for consecutive DUs was 30. Today I did 65, 64 and 59. The skill is coming along, now it’s about fighting fatigue and maintaining focus. I’m not sure what day it is on EJ’s 60 day goal challenge (because I’m doing a horrible job at it) but I hope to have 100 DUs locked up soon.

    Stay thirsty CFM. Let the strength cycle continue!