Sunday, September 11th


Sunday, September 11th


Yankee Stadium Endurance WOD

Joseph Yancey Track And Field

We’ll be leaving from 96th and Lexington at 10:30am or you can meet us at the track at 11am.

See Facebook for More Details

The gym at 100th St is closed for today. Today, your workout takes place outdoors, in nature’s gym.

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  1. ERIC S.

    Wod tomorrow at Metropolis if you can’t make it to EWOD
    Time: 10am
    What: Olympic lifting (hang snatch) then a Metcon!
    Then a core cash out !

  2. dtm

    Additional Details for the EWOD:

    First off, don’t be late to 96th and Lex (SW Corner), we’re leaving at 10:30, you can also meet us at the track at 11am. If you have a watch bring it and a bottle of water, a clean shirt would also be a good idea if you’re coming to the game. I bought a bunch of tickets already and if any stragglers show up we can purchase more at the stadium.


    Workout 1 Sprint Intervals:
    4 Rounds
    Every two minutes sprint 200 meters


    Workout 2 Partner Relay:
    Partner A 400M run then Partner B 400M run
    Partner A 800M run then Partner B 800M run
    Partner A 400M run then Partner B 400M run
    Partner A 800M run then Partner B 800M run
    Partner A 400M run then Partner B 400M run

  3. Jason

    High hang/ low hang snatch complex x 7: 125#s plus some fails

    10-9-8-…-1 Squat cleans and lateral over the bar burpees @135#s: 19:45

    1. sassypants

      Thanks Sally!…Since I’m an old lady it took me a moment to figure out that acronym….I thought it was the sounds I making with each sq clean. :p

  4. johanna

    part 1: around 45 secs each sprint
    part 2: total 25mins with chad (i was partner B)

    not sure how the total is going to go tomorrow… but #goals…

  5. amandajnz

    cash in: citibike ride to CFM w Paige

    Oly Snatch up to 55#

    Squat Clean/burpee Ladder #80 15:54

    cash out: 8 min emom stuff

    citibike ride home w Katie

    great class, thanks eric!

  6. dtm

    EWOD Commentary:

    The 200M intervals were SPICY, my hamstrings were screaming afterwards. The 400/800 waves were mentally tough because you went into each round with a varied rest but that was point.

    Ab Cash-out:
    8min EMOM
    Even 30 second hollow hold
    Odd 30 second plank