Sunday, September 4th


Sunday, September 4th



On the minute perform 5 burpees and a max set of 135 lb thrusters.
Keep this pace till you complete 100 total thrusters.

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The gym is closed for Labor Day on Monday. Sunday’s schedule is the same as usual.

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  1. Tapout


    65# thrusters w/3 burpees

    10 thrusters first round then
    5 reps/round except for the round that I did 4 burpees by mistake. Then I did 4 thrusters.

    Rested for 1 round after 76th burpee

  2. ERIC S.

    Crossfit Hamptons with Jmiz and Amanda Jones
    7×3 Front squats 225#

    Then 20 min amrap
    8 rack lunges @95 lbs.
    8 box jumps 24″
    8 KB swings 24kg
    400 m run

    5 rounds plus 200m run

  3. Came at 9:30 for Oly and should have opted out, sticking with just my PT.

    Push press at 85#/50, then 65#/50; 5 burpees.
    Took a round off at 50 to stretch my back.