Sunday Surprise KHour, March 20th


Sunday Surprise KHour, March 20th



For time:
1 round of:
30 hang power cleans, 115/75
15 ring dips
15-ft. rope climb, 3 ascents
Then, 2 rounds of:
20 hang power cleans, 115/75
10 ring dips
15-ft. rope climb, 2 ascents
Then, 3 rounds of:
10 hang power cleans, 115/75
5 ring dips
15-ft. rope climb, 1 ascent

Jumping to initiate the rope climbs is not allowed.

Post time, feelings to Comments.

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  1. dtm

    I’m definitely running tomorrow if anyone wants to join. Plan to be at the gym for 10:30, I might save Lisa’s favorite workout for better weather but I promise this will still be tons of fun.

    Melanie – Crush the NYC half tomorrow, 13.1 ain’t no thing!!

  2. dtm

    1 Hang Power Clean – 1 Hang Squat Clean – 1 Split Jerk

    Full complex up to 165#, then a few hang squat clean and jerks at 175 and 185

    5 Rounds
    2 Full ‘Trop Hill Sprints
    20 Deficit Push-ups

  3. johanna

    16.4: 172 Rx, 11:47 tiebreak.
    Being no repped by your husband on your 55th wall ball is the worst. That row sucked.

    1. johanna

      i said to stop talking. you were counting every. single. calorie. haha, in hindsight, i needed more pushing at the end, but by then you guys were too afraid to say anything to me. oh well. =P

  4. Kim

    Oly- every 90 seconds for 20 mins
    High hang power clean + hang squat clean + jerk
    Started at 83# worked up to 118# with a fail at 113

    Let’s go ‘Nova!! ✌????️✌????

  5. J Cash

    Today’s wod with some modifications
    Hang muscle cleans
    Leg less rope climbs
    Bench and bi’s