Schedule Announcements:
Sunday:   Normal
–  Gym Closed
–  Workout in Central Park – 11am
–  Picnic afterward

4 Rounds, 1 Minute at Each Station
Score is Max Reps or Best Effort:
Handstand Push-Up
Double Under
AbMat Sit-Up

** Max Handstand Push-Ups or Max Time in a Handstand Hold
** Max Accumulated Time in L-Sit:  on Parallettes, Hanging from Pull-Up Bar in an L or N or Holding Support on Rings

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do no pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks.”
–  Phillips Brooks

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  1. nprofita


    Run 100yds after each set

    Happy Memo Day

    Dlede – I expect you to do this in under 10

  2. Alicia

    Handstand holds for seconds
    N hanging holds for seconds
    Everything else for reps

    Fun times this morning.

    Happy Memorial Day! Thank a soldier today

  3. marilina

    Don’t forget Saturday 7:30 – midnight: Metropolis Summer Kick-off Bash. Bring food or drink and friends and fam. It’ll be a blast.

    Rooftop of 215/217 E 96th on 3rd.

  4. Ben

    Handstand holds for seconds
    L-sit hang for first 3 rounds, then N
    Rest for reps

    Out of nowhere, finally started getting DUs without throwing my heels back. Not sure why, but not going to start questioning now.

  5. jmiz

    Wod Shop Wod with Xan and Znooki:

    800 run
    3 rounds of this triplet:
    15 Front Squat 135#
    20 Burpee Box Jump 24″
    25 KB Swings 2 pood
    800 run

    54:58. Yes, that is almost an hour. Had nothing in tank after first front squat round…but since I’m not Hero Wod’ing tomorrow, I figured let’s struggle through this one in honor of Memorial Day. Z and X, you guys crushed it.

  6. Frank

    Lake WOD – Helen
    12:45 – with 1 pood. PR by 2 minutes but the old pr was RXd. I’m still trying to save my back and 1 pood was a good weight.

  7. Sunday Funday!!
    Gym Cleaning and some squat action.

    Back squat – 235(5)x5, 245(1),255(1), 265(1)

    3 cheers for Jaymo for the cubbies and setting up the bathroom! As Ed would say “that is so corporate”

    Its summer. Its hot. Come hydrated to WODs. Bring a gym towel to wipe yourself off. Stay Hydrated!!

  8. lauren

    front squats: 65×5, 70×5, 75×5, 80×5, 85×5, 90×3, 95×3

    Thanks to Eric for the muscle up assistance!

  9. Also, Adam was quoted as saying he’s buying drinks for the gym when he gets his first hand if you see him struggling, get his ass up! HandStand Happy Hour coming soon!

  10. ERIC S.

    5 mile run through the hills of Riverdale, then Sunday funday cleaning with L-star and Elove.
    Then basketball vs E-roc Junior. 1-1 split.
    Have a Happy Memorial Day.
    Sempre Fidelis