Sunday’s Girl

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  1. jen

    I need emails for the following people please for the Paleo Challenge:

    Alexey Chentsov
    Ed Gevinsky
    Roy Ferguson
    Sally Slater

    Just shoot me a quick email so i can enter you into my contacts [email protected]

    Tomorrow’s the day!

  2. BAston

    ERoc wod at Yankee Stadium:

    400m sprints: 1:24, 1:26

    Team wod with Rachel and Alex: 139 burpees

    Thruster work at 95#, no more of this 85# BS

  3. Xan

    8:44 rx – had Amylynne on right on my tail the whole time for motivation


    3 rounds w/ a 25lb pack:
    20 push ups
    20 GHDs
    10 Ring Dips

  4. Jason Castro

    Team Endurance WOD at the park with KPO and Maggy. 159 Burpees
    400M sprints 1:18 and 1:24
    Handstand practice
    Then Open Gym finally got Muscle Ups, Thanks EROC
    and worked on pull ups and handstand push ups.

  5. sallys

    Couldn’t get myself out of bed in time for 10:00 am, but did go to open gym. Did some push ups, deads, cleans and jerks (not split).

    Nothing of note other than I’m still stalled at 110 for my cleans, and my jerk is stuck at 100. :/ Neither weight feels difficult, so I’m sure my form is to blame.

  6. mcohen

    Love the shirts and love Kevin for making them.

    Sign up for something. Compete. It makes us all better.

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all my Jewish Crossfit Friends.

    See you Tuesday

  7. EJ

    Strict HSPUs

    21 Thrusters #65
    21 Pull-ups
    15 Cleans #95
    15 Dips
    9 Deads #135 – UH can’t do math, should have been 165
    9 HSPUs

    7:41 – thrusters/pullups unbroken (2:22); makes me wonder about my Fran time.

    Took some time adding the weights on – Xan thanks for helping me load the bar. As always, ring dips are a sticking point for me.

  8. Alicia

    Pump Games – Scaled, Day 2
    WOD1: 50 KB swings to chest, 1.5 pood
    40 20″ box jumps/step ups
    30 DLs @ 115#
    20 Shoulder to OH @ 65#


    WOD2: 5 DB snatch R&L @ 35#
    5 burpees
    20m farmers walk with 35#
    5 DB snatch
    10 burpees
    20m farmers walk
    5 DB snatch
    15 burpees
    20m famers walk
    5 DB snatch
    20 burpees
    60m walk


    AMAZING weekend! 🙂 🙂

  9. dlede

    17.27 mile run
    2:28, including an annoying pee break 🙂
    8:34 pace.. gotta keep that up for 8.75 miles!!!!!!

    this marathon is starting to get real!

    go GMEN