One big happy family

50 – 35 – 20 Wall Ball Shots
50 – 35 – 20 KBS
20 – 15 – 10 Ring Dips
End with a 400m SPRINT

I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.
–  Walt Disney

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    18:55. It was humbling seeing so many people passing me by. You people are amazing! Very tired and probably should have taken rest day but I like starting my day this way too much!
    Wall Balls
    Round 1 – 20-15-15. Next time 25-15-10 so I can go to KBs quicker.
    2 – 10-10-15. Next time 10-15-10 using similar logic as above.
    3 – 10-10

    1 – I forget but I think I need to do this in 3. So let’s say 20-15-15.
    2 – I definitely did this in 3 sets. I must do this in 2 to improve. So 20-15.
    3 – 10-10 with quick rest.

    Ring Dips – I just fail here so quickly so I need to just concentrate on short rests.

  2. Brooke

    Do you like pork, beef, and chicken?

    Then join us for late lunch/early dinner (lunner?) at Dinosaur BBQ on Sunday, August 26th fro 3-5 p.m.

    Cost will be less than $30 per person.

    Please RSVP to me at [email protected] by August 22nd for a final headcount.

    Newbies….don’t be afraid, come to an event!!!!

  3. Nico

    Great 7:00am session as usual. I am having a blast working out with everyone!


    Wall Balls and KBS
    1 – 20-10-10-10
    2 – 10-10-10
    3 – 10-10

    Ring dips
    1 – One Muscle up then 20 ring dips w/o rest
    2 – One Muscle up then 13 ring dips w/o rest then finished my last 2 ring dips on normal rings
    3 – One Muscle up then 10 ring dips w/o rest

    Bad form on the muscle ups due to fatigue – need to make sure I keep a good form next time

  4. Joe

    last day of vacation from work/resting shoulder and hamstring…so i decided to see what 9am on a wednesday looked like. Well it looked like Kelly and Ej kicking my ass in the wod. 🙂

    I actually really enjoyed working out with Kelly and EJ because when you rest and look around…your the only one resting and looking around!!!! That and Brendan pushing you makes for a good day.

    50-35-20 – [email protected]
    50-35-20 – [email protected]
    20-15-10 – Ring [email protected]
    400m run

    22:12 – side note my last set of both wall balls and kb swings were both 25 reps because i am dumb and thought it was 25. Since i am sure i would have been no repped a few times if i was competing, i’ll call it a wash. Glad to be back metropofriends!

    Canks on 3!

  5. BAston

    Been waiting all morning for the F’ing Time Warner guy to come install my Internet….. So missed the morning sessions. Yanks game tonight, so can’t wod today.

    100 sit ups
    100 push ups
    100 air squats

  6. SoCalAndrew

    19:46 for today. 20 lbs on the ball, 32 kg for the KBS, ran 400m barefoot 😛

    Looking forward to going to sleep as early as possible tonight. Work schedule permitting, I will be repping the 7am crew at 6am. Bring your A game 6am-ers!

  7. EJ

    21:09 rxd

    oops – did the same thing as Joe, did 25 reps for the last round of WB/KBs

    super surprised that my shoulder now is 100%, which means back to doing ring dips since that where I was stuck.

    50/35 KBs unbroken

  8. Vikram

    Froning and Annie T are going to be at the Reebok Crossfit store opening tomorrow from 3-7 PM (420 5th Ave, 37th & 5th).

    Thorisdottir on 3!

  9. lauren

    I was the jerk running in Central Park this morning with a cadence monitor beeping away 🙂
    400m sprints.
    Felt good to get back out there.

  10. DT

    Sub pushups for ring dips.. 20.56

    After 3 weeks of not shit and more celebration than what is reasonable, i was hurting today. But thats why we crossfit

  11. mcohen

    6:20 a.m. Hot Yoga Rx’d
    5:30 p.m. 20:13 Rx’d.

    What the hell happened to the 5:30 class. I was all alone. Turned out to be an amazing experience. Brendan stepped up and did the WOD with me. I always knew he was a beast, today he showed it. I gave it all I had and he could have lapped me.

    And, I saw Fronning & Annie today. I was star struck.

  12. phillipc

    28.18 I think @ 16kg Kb. Dips are one of my many nemisi (is that the right plural form?)

    That’s what happens when you eat and sleep like crap, miss sessions. Must do better.

  13. MikeM


    KBs and Ring Dips rx’d, wall balls switched from 20 to 14 at rep 18 in round 2. Wasted so much time before that as the 20 kept slipping through my hands on the way down. F.

  14. Brooke


    thoughts on the day:
    1. This was basically exactly EJ’s time but she did it RX (and 5 extra in the last round)! ha!
    2. Did round of 50 and 20 KB’s unbroken, only broke round of 35 once.
    3. Can’t do dips, hurts soooo bad.
    4. Rain does not make you melt…unless you are a witch!

  15. AllisonV

    Buy-In: 1.5 mile run to gym in the rain (my favorite!)

    WOD: 28:54
    8# WB, 12# KBS, Dips with legs on grey box

    Cash-Out: Walk home and lots of foam rolling.

  16. cstar

    WOD: 12:19 s&m
    WB 8lbs / KB lil blue /RD on red box
    R1: 25/25/12
    R2: 25/25/8
    R3: 10/10/4
    400m sprint

    Thank you 8:30!

  17. Michael.Halsey

    28.59. As a newbie I have so much work ahead of me; workouts like today’s make this painfully obvious, but I’m excited by the challenge 🙂 Thanks to Brendan for the coaching tonight.

  18. ledbelly

    20:35 rx’d

    rested too much on the KB swings – that was the most annoying part, I get bored

    didn’t think this was bad at all

  19. Lara F

    late to the party but here it is….


    8# wall balls
    12kg kbs
    ring dips
    400 meter sprint

    need to get lower on my wall ball squat and ring dips def need practice!