Tank Top Tuesday… While It’s Still Warm Enough!


Tank Top Tuesday… While It’s Still Warm Enough!

My darling, talking with his hands in true Brendan fashion during last weekends Nutrition Workshop.ย  He made Paleo & the Zone easy to digest.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

He also crushed yesterday’s Front Squats & awful Wallball/Push-Up workout.ย  Leading from the front!!!

(Brett, that wasn’t too douchy for you, was it??)

9 – 7 – 5 Rep Rounds
Snatchesย  95/135

On September 23rd –
DR.MIKE will be doing a workshop at CFM.ย  He’ll talk about injury prevention and recovery.ย  Very valuable for everyone who takes their training and well being seriously.
See you all there.

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    9:49 with 75# snatches. I haven’t done full snatches in a WOD in a long time so I went light and slow. I actually felt like I had a couple good ones! I’m still slow and I need to remember to tighten everything up when I get the bar overhead.

    Next time I’ll go 80 or 85#. There’s no hurry on moving up weight on this lift.

    MUs – 9 unbroken round 1 which was a PR by 2 from a long time ago. Yay!

    Jared – you have two mistakes in your post. Wake up, buddy!

  2. belbogen

    11:13 with 65# snatches and pullup/dip subs (all strict).

    First snatches in 4 months, felt great to get back at it (and the form still feels pretty good). Just like riding a bike…

  3. BAston

    15:10 @ 85#, ring pull ups and L sit holds.

    Kind of hard doing this all alone at 7am. Thanks Allison for all the encouragement.

  4. AllisonNYC

    12:52 @ 103 Snatches, RX MUs

    All snatches felt easy. I regret not using 108 like I thought I should have when I was warming up. I thought the MUs might make them too hard but I guess there weren’t enough to have an effect on my shoulders?

    Muscle-Ups were all singles with no failures.. with the exception of the last 2 on the 7 round.. I didn’t exactly fail but I came down before I locked them out all the way. I should have rested an extra second since I know the dip part is tough for me, but I didn’t feel like re-doing them. Whateva!

    I was happily surprised by how easy the MUs felt after not really doing them for so long! Didn’t really gas either or even get winded like the Snatch T2B workout. Pretty much felt normal the whole way through. I guess because I rested more on the MUs than T2B. Thank GOD!

    6am & Brian, you guys did such an awesome job!!! Best snatches I’ve seen yet! I hope you’re all starting to feel more comfortable and confident with getting the bar into the hip and being quick underneath. It looks like you’re all really starting to get the hang of it.. Practice and determination get you a long way!! Next time they’ll be even better!!!! Nothing worth having comes overnight. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. AllisonNYC

    On another note, Today is September 11th. Feeling very thankful for all the men and women out there who risk their lives to protect us. I appreciate the sacrifices they make and that their families make to keep me and my family safe.

  6. dcasey

    ๐Ÿ™‚ + 1 MU

    basically did ~15minutes split between muscle up attempts and 95# snatch practice.

    Both felt good – MUs are so close and ill go up in snatch weight.

    thanks for your help Allison!

  7. Paige

    Snatch practice with training bar + 20#. great coaching by Allison- I finally got them. Will add weight next time!

    subbed M/U for Pull ups and negative ring dips.

    6am needs skinny and Lara back!

  8. EJ

    Metropolis Team Throwdown – it’s coming: September 29

    The gym is split into 4 teams. Rosters will be at the gym today. All athletes will have a chance to contribute to the teams score ๐Ÿ™‚ let the fun begin!

    More details to follow! If you’re name is not on the roster, please e-mail me ([email protected])

  9. Brett

    @ Allison – no this didn’t give me the same douche chills as the early-teen lovesick narrative you posted on Brendan’s birthday.

    You’ve grown a bit as this post seems like it was written by a college sorority sister all goo-goo eyed over her first boyfriend. I picture the caption reading;


    BTW – I just heard the term lavalier for the first time this weekend when I was at a fraternity party at Michigan for the Michigan – Air Force football game. I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous.

    The Frat party was a great time until 2 undergrads started asking me questions about my career, and ended by saying they really enjoy speaking to parents about the world. Parents???? F those 2 little shits!

    My response was simply “Dudes, I’m no parent. I’m single.”. And of course my girlfriend who was immersed in another conversation with her back turned, and has selective hearing suddenly turns around with a sour puss and says “What do you mean your single???”

    That was the perfect cue for me to excuse myself and perform a kegstand. Fortunately, I didn’t have to kick-up on my own!

  10. jmiz

    False grip ring pull ups
    Ring dips

    Forever and a day

    Two things: patience and never take CFM coaching for granted…really nice work Brendan

  11. Jason Castro

    Snatches at 85 lbs and false grip pull ups and dips. Came really close to the muscle ups but my elbows kept on going out.

  12. sassypants

    14:50 @ 58#
    *strict pullups and weiner band dips for rounds of 18, 14
    *kipped last 10 pullups so i didn’t dnf…:-/

  13. TC

    18:06 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Took my time through the snatches (75#). Dropped the bar and reset in between every rep. The majority of the snatches felt good with a few sloppy ones. My grip fell apart on a few reps because of the sweat.

    Muscle ups all were solid with a turn out at the top.

    My HSPU are improving by the day. The few minutes we spend every day really goes a long way. Happy about this.

  14. dlede

    3 mile short run

    3×3 strict hspu (this will be done everyday till I can do 20 strict in less than 3 minutes)

    Amanda at 95#, 15 minutes, made up reps not perfect and took time to set up etc, felt good and cant wait to incorporate snatches a lot more

  15. ERIC S.

    Snatch practice with coach EJ. These are a work in progress. But on a good note I did p.r. on my OHS!

    190×3 So I’m happy with that.