One of these three guys has Hands Down one of the top 5 best squats in the gym!…  Hint.. Team Blue Balls got lucky with this guy.. JOSE!!
We all love Jose because he’s so sweet and he gives an extra jolt of positivity to whatever class he’s in!
He also happens to be a great example of age being a state of mind and not an excuse to slow down!  He’s amazing and we love him!

Eroc & AVA are awesome, awesome, too! <3

“Glen” with a twist
For Time:
Run 1 Mile
10 Rope Climbs
Run 1 Mile
100 Burpees

**  Rope Climbs are supposed to be 15ft.  To get an RX, you’ll have to do them strict..
Rx or not, Don’t JUMP up.  That cuts half of the climb off.. Start from a strict pull, then from there,  use your legs only if you need them.

**  If you can’t climb the rope.. YET :).. do 15 Modified rope climbs in place of the 10 climbs.  Be sure to keep a planked out body position, reach with a straight arm, pull, then reach with the next straight arm & pull…


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  1. mcohen

    Crossfit Central London

    Back squat 3 x 3. Superset with chin up max set
    90 kilos. (198 lbs). 15-11-8 on the chimps.

    Partner wod. 20 minutes.
    One person plank. Team of 100 double unders, 100 burpee box jump, 100 toe to bar, 100 back extension.

    We got through 45 back extensions at cutoff.

    Crazy story. Guy I did the wo with was an original CFM member. Named Doc. He knew elove, kiley & higg. Small world.

    Miss you guys already.

  2. Jared

    mike, glad to see you aren’t falling behind on vacation.

    30 minute cut off, but did 4 burpees for fun.

    rope climbs with legs. Rough

  3. Adam Van Auken

    35:48 rx’d.
    HSPU (strict) – A man’s got to know his limitations. The plan was to do 3 every 30 seconds. I did this for 4 minutes and then was down to doubles so it took me 5:30ish. I was happy with this.
    Runs – My poor sense of direction was the only problem.
    Rope climbs (no legs). I did singles, grabbing the rope whenever it was free. This worked fine.
    Burpees – I think I had about 35 done at the 30-min cutoff but they made me finish! I did sets of 10 with two sets of 15 for the last 30. Vikram’s encouragement helped me finish!

    6 AM – weights will be reported in kilos in honor of Big Mike until his return.

  4. amy edelman


    HSPUs on the tall box
    Rope climbs with feet & some from the ground. I did 15-20, I lost count so I just added a bunch.

    I wish I went faster on the rum but didn’t know what to expect & didn’t want to burn out on the ropes & burpees.

    Vikram, thanks for cheering me on during the burpees at the end!

  5. EJ


    *Did you lose something? Check the lost and found. Items will be thrown out if not claimed by Sunday.


    Don’t forget to blog your WODs! It’s crazy how many people attend classes, but maybe half actually post.

    Your challenge, I’d like to challenge you guys to blog your WODs EVERY DAY until the end of the year. Out of the 50 people that came in yesterday, about 30+ blogged. Get on there 🙂

    Here’s a benchmarking sheet you can print out

    I’m looking to place another order for these. if you’re interested, please email me by TODAY at noon so I know how much to get.

    *Saturday, October 27 – Trick or Treat Throwdown at CrossFit Virtuosity @ 1pm

    Teams of three athletes (two men and one woman) will compete in three brutal events. Prizes will be given for top finishing team and best team costume!


    **SAVE THE DATE!! Metropolis is turning 3/Marathon party

    Crazy how time flies!

    Party like a rockstar at the gym! If you’re planning on attending, we’re asking for a $20 donation for catering.

    Please bring in your donation BY OCTOBER 19th.

  6. Paige

    30 minute cutoff. Managed to get 40 burpees in.

    HSPU on box
    Some rope climbs using legs some from the ground. Total of 15

  7. jen

    ***Paleo Challenge People***

    Don’t forget to get your max pullups WOD done and scores entered by tomorrow night at 11:59pm.

  8. lauren

    TGIF, indeed, Allison!

    ***Trick or Treat Throwdown @ Virtuosity***

    We’ve got at least 2 teams going so far. If you are interested but do not have a complete team, email me and I will try to play matchmaker. Just let me know if you are thinking scaled or rx’d or if you’re flexible. We’ll need to bring some judges, too, so let me know if you’re interested in coming along but not competing.

    -Gym Belle-

  9. Brooke

    @gymbelle – I’m available to be a judge for a team at the throwdown. Just let me know what you want me to do!!!

  10. AllisonNYC

    One of the crapier workouts I’ve had in a few weeks. But some days you’ve got it and some.. not so much

    Snatched up to 138. Failed on 143 twice.

    When I started warming up, I had to pee but was too lazy to walk across the gym to go.. so every time the bar hit my tummy it screwed me up and I went forward. I finally went, but by that point my groove was off and I was forward on almost all lifts.

    Plus, I can’t focus with lame LMFAO on the radio.. doesn’t do it for me!

    Finished with some power cleans up to 148

  11. ledbelly

    Def have to do this one day, perhaps I will stay in on Saturday night, not drink, and come in on Sunday – ha ha, who are we fuckin kidding

    Happy Friday Bitches – Get Lucky!!

    “Everybody knows it’s a national past time to get lucky, come 5 o’clock everyone I know hits the bar with hopes of getting lucky………”

    T – 7 hours until Happy Hour!!

    Everybody’s working for the wknd……

  12. The_Pete

    WOO!! Yeah way, Jose! I’m super hungover so this one should be fun. Luckily burpees and running are the only thing I can do quasi-proficiently…

  13. Amylynne

    32:44 with karin
    would have the RX except i had to use my feet on the last 4.5 rope climbs. holy crap! all hspus strict. i waited for karin on the first run, she for me on the second. go team 9am.

  14. GusFerg

    37:28 – Longest WOD of my short CFM career, but a goodie for a Friday.

    15 Strict HSPU then negatives for the rest.

    Ropes – 4 Strict and Rest Legs.

    Run was chilly with a v neck…

    Thanks to Amy and AVA for the last 40 burpee motivation – seriously needed it. Some good colors in the V Neck department this am. Have a good weekend guys, 18 miles Saturday and 6 Sunday for the 4th of November so no CFM.

  15. GusFerg

    Sorry, last post of the day – i’d be keen to join up with two others for the Virtuosity Throwdown if anyone is keen – cant promise an Rx but am keen to do it…

  16. lauren

    Brooke – woohoo! Thank you! I will email you.

    Gus – I’m confident we can find you a team 🙂 The competition is Saturday, Oct. 27th. Too close to the marathon?

    Allison – feel free to change the tunes, anytime! I’m easy… and probably can’t claim to have the best taste in music lol.

  17. sallys

    @Gus, I could be convinced to do the throwdown if you can find another guy who’s willing.

    Rest day for me.

  18. dlede

    Oly work
    felt fantastic today

    EMOM 10 minutes
    power snatch
    high hang snatch

    rest 5 min

    EMOM 10 minutes
    power clean
    high hang clean

    rest 5 minutes

    2 minute row, damper 10
    100 DU

    really dialed in my oly lifts and extremely happy with them today, not quite allison weights 😉 but happy and got good video to critique and get better

  19. AllisonNYC

    Dave, I’d be happy to check out the vids and help you make it even better! Video is the best for this stuff.

    In other news, EJs hair looks AWESOME.. wait til you guys see her.
    Amylynne said she looks like a dominatrix.. I had to agree but in a very pretty, sweet way. 😉

  20. Katie

    45:00 Pathetic but glad I finished, thanks to Nico pushing me through every one of the last 25 burpees and my partner Melissa. Box HSPUs

  21. Lightbody

    33:48 with red box HSPU.

    I havent ran 2 miles in over a year. Def took some energy out of me. Although i suck at and hate burpees for some reason they werent as bad as last time i did a hundy.

  22. kpo17

    Home WOD

    Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5

    Grace RX’d: 6:11 First time trying Grace. Loved this workout. Started to dial in the movement towards the last 8 reps. I can’t wait to try again.

    5 min Cashout: Plank hold.

    Paleo WOD: My hand is still torn up from last saturday. So I did 1 pullup and called it.

  23. Jason Castro

    Did 30 strict hspu no problem, only 5 rope climbs without legs, 2 rope climbs with legs, 7 total and 100 burpees and 2 mile run.
    Paleo wod: max pull ups- 64.

  24. MacIntyre

    This was fun!
    Pre-wod handstand walk fun w. eroc.
    box hspu
    assisted rope climbs (first time- super difficult but can’t wait to be able to do them well and fast!)
    oh hey burpees

  25. Jon


    This was my first time doing rope climbs. Definitely a work in progress. Had more problems with the HSPUs than I usually do; I’m guessing it was the product of a long week.

    I never would have gotten through the 100 burpees without EJ’s encouragement. Thanks EJ!