Beautiful, Strong Legs.. Lookin’ Good, Val!

Buy In:
Test Day:
MAX Set of Double Unders

Dynamic Strength WOD:
On the Minute for 12 Minutes:
3 Heavy Thrusters

Conditioning WOD:
3 Rounds:
90 Seconds Double Unders
90 Seconds KBS  16/24

** Score is TOTAL Reps **

“Do not pray for an easy life.  Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
–  Bruce Lee

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  1. Jared

    Skinny – see you tomorrow morning!

    DUs: 25 in a row, sloppy. I have done WODs with 30 DUs in a row and finished most of those unbroken.

    PP: 145: no almost failures like the last time we did this. Possibly 150 next time.

    Had to leave for the final burner. I hope it went well.

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Dubs – 37. I realized that I need to speed them up which helped.

    Thrusters – 125. Pretty beat up from Angie so this was a good weight. I agree with Tommy that they started feeling better at the end. 130 next time as I would like to slowly progress at this.

    WOD – 234? Why do I lose track so easily in these?

    EJ – I really enjoyed the mobility work today and yesterday. I felt like a piano wire coming in today and after the warmup I felt great. Thanks!

  3. EJ

    DU – 148 (PR +22)
    Thrusters #103
    Conditioning: 334

    Adam – glad you enjoyed the mobility 🙂

    Thrusters were at the right weight. Feeling pretty beat right now. Whew* these last two days combined are potent.

  4. Melanie

    DU: 7 – really just need to practice these on my own!

    Thrusters: 65lbs – will try 70lbs next time

    Metcon: lost count after 2nd round but 95% of my reps were probably KBS

  5. mcohen

    Double Unders: 81 new Pr. Previous was in the 50’s. When the lungs go you feel like your jumping out of the mud. So it’s a cross between conditioning and positioning in the future.

    Thrusters @ 105 lbs. I heard that little voice ( aka Brendan) telling me I was not low enough until I got warm in rounds 5 or 6. So I guess the weight was good for me.

  6. Vikram

    To anyone who may be interested – especially skinny newbies:

    I’ve just concluded a two month experiment with protein shakes and decided they’re not for me. At the peak, I gained 5-7 lbs, but felt paunchy and too bulky. I actually lost substantial time on some metcons.

    Back to eating natural, whole foods (and plenty of good fats).

    Bottom line – Skinny is going to stay skinny…or just get strong the old-fashioned way.

  7. i concur w experience w protein shakes; i feel more pudgy and slower than normal. sleep well, eat clean food, train hard.

  8. Jared

    I drink Modern BCAA after I work out. I definitely notice that it helps my recovery time. This stuff is nothing but the bcaas, so it helps with the recovery. I drink it immediately after the workout.

  9. brandy.pearson

    One RX so far today: taking a shower without crying after 100 abmat situps yesterday. Next time I’m sharing the big mat with Jameson.

  10. Jared

    Brandy – the worst part about those showers is the anxiety I feel right as the water hits my head. I know the burn is coming in a second!

  11. Vikram

    I tried a couple of types of protein from whey…down through the natural/organic ones.

    The last month, I used a pretty good egg protein (Vitamin Shoppe, 100% Egg Protein). It’s all natural, had little to no additives and egg whites have great absorption.

    I’m not knocking it. It might be right for some people. But I was bloated and a little slow. Since dropping it, I have upped my red meat intake and drink plenty of whole milk…seems to be working well for me. The proof is in the Skinny.

  12. PJ

    I recommend SFH pure whey. Its high quality from grass fed beef & no BS other than a little stevia. You can mix it fine w/ water or coconut water so there is no reason to get pudgy. I used it during nutrition challenge to top off my blocks & it was gnarly. Great right before sleep.

    Maybe more important, I think AVA likes it too which is ’nuff said!

  13. Vikram

    Every single day (except during my one day off), immediately post-workout during “Sunshine on 3!”

  14. jen

    66 double unders (pr)

    65lb thrusters. Started at 70 for 2 rounds but form not good.

    266 reps.

    Between last night and tonight, Shoulders: toast!

  15. Amylynne

    “Barbara-ish”-ish (did this in apartment because i could not make it in today)

    10 HSPUs (first 15 strict, rest kipping…tired from angie!)
    15 pushups
    20 ab mat situps
    25 air squats

    15:18 RX’d
    (last time i did this i did all strict HSPUs and did it in 16:48…a wash?)

  16. dlede

    Du: 135 (got excited and messed up) no pr, tied with EJ at 148
    Thrusters: 145. Felt great. Good energy
    Metcon: 265 but first round of du non existent due to calf cramps. Not happy!

  17. AllisonV

    Thrusters = 53# through round 6, then stripped weight to 43# for remaining 6

    Metcon = 64, including 7 DUs. Watched Alex while catching my breath and realized my hands were way too low! Small adjustment, but made a big difference! Excited to try practicing these when I’m not exhausted.

  18. cat

    DU’s: 🙁

    Thrusters: 48 lbs

    Metcon: 162. Was finally able to string together some DU’s in round 2. Stayed with 12kg bc of shoulder.

    Shoulder felt tight and tired tonight. Gotta mobilize more.

  19. Mike T

    Thrusters @ 115lbs for the first 8 sets, then dropped down to 105lbs for the last 4 sets. Dropped because I felt like I didn’t have the bar under control. I question whether or not dropping was the right decision. Oh well.

    Metcon: 78 (Got about 5 DU’s for all three rounds. Pathetic. I’m a spaz with the jump rope

    Sometimes you have good days, and sometimes you have bad ones. This was def a bad one for me, but I’m still happy I went and put in some work.

  20. Sam B

    Test: 65 DUs

    Thrusters: 105 lb. — this weight felt heavy,
    used OLY shoes, and did this WOD at Globo Gym

    MetCon – 2 rounds – did not count reps (used 24 kg KB)

  21. Nico

    Test: 3 DUs (first time trying DUs -> need to work on these)

    Thrusters: 85 lbs (first 6 sets) and 75 lbs (last 6 sets)

    Need to focus on staying on my heels during the squat and keep my elbows up at the bottom of the squats. Will increase the speed when the form is right.

    -> never thought i’d say that but being down in a front squat position finally felt comfortable

    MetCon – 3 rounds (did single under to keep my heart rate up as I need to practice DUs first); used 16 lbs (could do more reps if better cardio)