Joe pushing up our hill.

“Nancy’s Children”
4 Rounds:
AMRAP in 5 Minutes, Rest 1 Minute
Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats  65 / 95

**  Pick Up where you left off at the start of each round.  **

Cash Out:
1 Minute of Max Burpees!

Refer to this link for the last time we did “Nancy” and 1 Minute of Max Burpee Fun

I was pushed by myself because I have my own rule, and that is that every day I run faster, and try harder.
–  Wilson Kipketer

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  1. EJ

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  2. BAston

    4 rounds at 75#, must work on my depth every Sunday.. Considering I’ve done nancy at 95# I’m not happy, but I’m feeling better and ready to get back at it hardcore.

    20 burpees in 1 minute.

    Observation on the walk home: pretty girl in gym clothes with her water bottle…. Smoking a menthol. What’s the point?

  3. Jared

    5 rounds + 4 OHS rx’d – mixed in some full 400M runs with some up and down 100th street two times. I am pretty sure going up and down 100th was harder, but there was no way we could hear when the rounds were done if we were running down 99th.

    24 burpees

    Felt really good and dropped the bar once on my 4th rounds of OHS. Concentration? nah. I wasn’t being tough enough.

  4. ERIC S.

    @Jared you little BEAST I’m going to nominate you team captain of the “Expendables”

    6 rounds + one hill sprint Rx’d

    Cash out:29 Buck Furpees

  5. Adam Van Auken

    5 Rounds rx’d. I seemed to forget everything I learned today about keeping my core tight. I couldn’t do any rounds unbroken and divided them all 9 plus 6. Last two rounds felt the best. Does anyone have any advice on breathing during this? Am I supposed to only breath on the top?

  6. mcohen

    Nasty Nancy: 4 rounds and the run at 75 lbs.

    22 Burpees

    1 minute of pushups with the monsters of 6 a.m.- 47

  7. Adam Van Auken

    @mcohen – Interesting video. As is typical in the field of fitness, there’s a different view:

    Myth # 4. Squat with your toes pointed straight ahead.
    This seems to make sense because we walk with our toes forward, but there are few similarities between walking and squatting. I have seen a small number of individuals that can squat with their toes pointed forward (less than 5 %). Most individuals have to point or flare the toes outward in a five of one o’clock or ten of two o’clock position. The flaring actually helps orient the head of the femur in the pelvis’s socket type joint. A simple experiment to determine the need to flare is to hang from bar and let your feet dangle. Do the toes point straight or out slightly? Another way to test this is to squat with the toes straight ahead. If your hips feel like they are binding as you approach parallel, simply flare the toes out while in that position and you will suddenly get the appropriate depth. This foot positioning has no negative effect on the function of the muscles used in the squat (Boyden,et al, 2000; Signorile, et al, 1995; Escamilla, et al, 2001)


  8. Katie

    5 rounds + run
    OHS 32# I am finally putting my knees out so Allison cleared me to add weight next time:)!

    19 burpees

  9. Brooke

    I’m surprised Jared isn’t talking about the Jared mainsite hero workout today.

    I’m sure you could crush it.

  10. rafael

    5 Rounds + 100m Rxd – Big Brian kept me on check on the rower

    Mike / ERoc thanks for the early smiles. I came in feeling like trash…and more disoriented than usual

    30 burpees

    I had to ask Ed about Jared’s form. I kept hearing he wasn’t going high enough…uhm

  11. mcohen

    Good counterpoint AVA. I just know that I get deeper with my toes out. But I do feel my knees collapse and less strong, just like the point in the mwod video. I think the answer is to keep working on mobility in the hip and keep the toes in.

    Any pearls from our resident firebreathers? Allison?

  12. Jared

    Rafael – I jump after every burpee. I will do the burpees next time with a 6 inch target if you want. I feel that we may need to have a burpee challenge.

    Brooke – That mainsite WOD looks amazing. I hope we do it on Saturday (hint, hint allison)

  13. belbogen

    WOD Mods:
    20lb medicine ball scaled for OHS
    500m row subbed for run

    6 rounds + 300m

    Medicine ball overheads squats are a fun change of pace for anyone interested. Forces you to keep your back vertical because your hands have to stay directly overhead.

    64 double-unders in 1 min
    28 pushups in 1 min

  14. Brett

    @jared – How about we just have a bar 5 feet off the ground, and you need to jump up and touch it for the burpee to count. I’m guessing that would be about a 6 inch jump for you?

  15. sassypants

    Cohen and AVA, I posted about this on Monday after doing a wod at SFCF with Starrett as the coach. Yes, he says not to turn your feet out during the squat in order to avoid extra wear and tear on your knee. He says this is where a lot of meniscus problems come from. AVA, he didn’t mention anything about the pelvis. Main takeaway from the wod (squat cleans) was: focus on pushing the knees out with the feet pointing forward–those were his two priorities for everyone that day.

  16. Adam Van Auken

    Thanks, Sassy. I think cohen summed it up well: you should work on being flexible enough so you don’t need to turn your feet out to get to full squat depth.

    Speaking of starrett, today’s mobility wod ( is compelling. Stop icing. I knew this was true! My favorite part: Dr. Nick DiNubile, Editor in Chief of The Physician And Sports Medicine Journal ( “Seriously, do you honestly believe that your body’s natural inflammatory response is a mistake?”

    I iced my knee religiously for months and yes, it made my knee numb and alleviated pain while I was icing. But that’s it. The body does not need ice to recover.

  17. mcohen

    Thanks Sass. I have to to say, you traveled the world this summer and seems like an amazing time. But, the most envious I have ever been is when you said you went to Crossfit San Francisco.

  18. Vikram

    Wow. So that’s a tad frustrating. Race home from work to my daily icing on the gammy shoulder. Open up the blog and – boom – remove ice pack.

    I had stopped taking aspiring/advil weeks ago because of another article.

    OK. Thanks for the advice. Ice pack has been removed. Love today’s exchange.

  19. Vikram

    Congrats Jmiz! The first guy I ever met at CFM. We miss you in the mornings! Get well and get back in here. -V

  20. Nico

    7 rounds + 400m (used 45 lbs barbell only for OHS – first time working on these since crash course 3 weeks ago so want to make sure the form is right before putting additional weight on the bar)

    Will work technic on jerks and OHS on Sunday -> this is an invite for people who want to join me in this quest

    Cashout: 25 burpees

  21. phillipc

    5 rounds + 200m run at 65#

    16 slurpees

    Weightlifting shoes arrived; here’s hoping for an Oly Friday.

  22. Mike T

    4 rounds @ 65lb OHS.. BUT I was actually 6 seconds over the designated time. If we’re being strict, I was 3 reps away from finishing 4 rnds when time was up.

    OHS actually felt good today. This WOD had two things I absolutely loathe and suck at, OHS (due to lack of shoulder flexibility) and running (b/c I’m a fat bastard and my cardio blows!). So I’m very happy that I made myself go. Going down slow, concentrating, and not rushing the OHS was huge for me. I now realize my dropping too fast was what was causing the instability in the bar overhead. Great tip.

    Burpees: Lost count, but I think it was 17 since I had the number 7 in my head when time ran out.

  23. PJ

    Team Rehab:
    press 65×8, 85×7, 95x5x3
    5x ring dips / 10 hollow rocks
    Joy Burger as RX

    thx EJ for letting me crash the 7:30!