Two of my favorite guys ever, Jason & JoeΒ  – so nice, friendly, smiley and fit!
Get It, Guys!!

10 Rounds
Row 200m, Rest 30 Seconds

Cash Out:
3 Rounds NFT (12 Minute Cap):
8 – 10 Bent over DB RowsΒ  (Each Side)
10 Ring Dips

The gym will be Closed on Monday for the holiday.Β  I will put out an equipment free workout that you guys can do at home.
We’ll have a reduced class schedule on Saturday & Sunday.. details will be out tomorrow.

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  1. Ambrose

    38/45.3 fast/slow 88.3 total. Who is this bizzaro Joe in the picture? I propose a battle of the Joes loser has to go by Joey.

  2. Lara F

    10 rounds of 200m rows, can’t tell u my time, but can tell I what pace I was going! Totally looking at the wrong #! Duh!
    Oh well, stil got a great workout in!

    Cash out:
    3 rounds
    5 ring dips, feet on box (so hard)!
    10 DB rows each arm 16kgs

    Missed u today Skinny!!

  3. sassypants

    6am wod crossed off my bucket list…never to return again…

    *i stood up after the 3rd interval, and was torn between throwing up all over Mel or going back home to bed. then i sat down and finished off the wod with the other ding dongs.

  4. Vikram

    Lol…so jealous of the fun you guys had. Would have been nice to see Sassy too.

    Badly needed rest day. Already looking forward to my Coach LoLo V-neck Fry-day…

    Gorgeous day! Enjoy!

  5. amy edelman

    Another sweat fest @ CFM…loved it

    @Lara F – you made the morning! Too funny

    Lowest 44.4 / highest 47.1. total 91.5

  6. ledbelly

    86.5 – I just showed up to make sure Sassy kept her word. I gave her shit for being 9 minutes late, but she didn’t know I was 5 minutes late πŸ™‚

  7. sassypants

    I’m not sure I like this new nickname. Dale has already called me grandma this week. I’m sensing a theme.

    Jared, before today 7am was the earliest I had ever worked out. This was definitely a one-time-only performance. You morning wodders are all too chipper for that hour of the day–it makes me very uncomfortable. So for that reason only, I’m glad Skinny V wasn’t there. Skinny, come visit us in the pm some time!

  8. Melanie

    46+50.9 = 97.9 – Lost it in one of the middle rounds.

    Sass, I appreciate you not throwing up on me.. But had you left and went home I probably would have followed.

  9. SoCalAndrew

    40.0 + 46.4 = 86.4

    3 sets of 15 KB rows: 32 kg

    3 sets of 10 ring dips: 1 body weight, 1 with 30 lbs vest, 1 with 40 lbs vest

    I think I’m done with straight body weight ring dips πŸ˜›

  10. Jared

    Skinny is very lethargic at night. He is his strongest at 6am. I am excited to be back tomorrow, taking time off really sucks.

  11. Paige


    Sass-If you decided to leave and I could have mustered up the strength to grab onto your shirt, I would have had you pull me out of there too

  12. Vikram

    There’s something to be said about shocking your body first thing in the morning with an ideal mix of pain, tears, sweat and 6 AM love…all while the sun is rising in the background.

  13. dcasey

    Couldn’t string together 2 minutes straight of handstand holds but probably did ~2:30 out of 3:00

    37.4 + 46.3 = 83.7

  14. BAston

    40.5 / 46.9

    Rowing is not meant for short people. Also uncomfy the whole way with the bike ride ass soreness from yesterday. Good workout though.

  15. Adam Van Auken

    Fastest 200m row: 39.7
    Slowest 200m row: 44

    Next time I will game this and go for 42 on all rounds except for round 2. Round 2 I will go for 38.

  16. Sam B

    36.9/49.3 = 86.2 total

    Bent over rows:
    2 sets at 16 kgs
    1 set at 24 kgs

    I’d have to be up by ~ 5:30 to make the 6 am class. Guess I couldn’t stay up until 1 am. Nah, but keep up the great work!

  17. Jared

    It seems like 6am was dragging without Skinny, AVA and me. Don’t worry, we will all be back tomorrow to help pep up the 6am crew. Sorry that Big Mike couldn’t keep things upbeat this morning (he hates rowing).

  18. mcohen

    I looked at today as an active recovery day. A little rowing. Not so bad.

    Shows what I know, because that was some rough stuff.

    38.8-39.7-42.3-43.7-44.6-45.0-45.9-44.6-44.2. Combo time was 84.7

    Most happy about two things. First, that I was able to get some negative splits at the end. And second, that I was able to represent the 6 a.m. crew with our esteemed visitor, the one and only sassy pants, in the house.

  19. EJ

    @ambrose – Lauren(Gym Belle) is going with a team of CFM people if you’re interested in the CMC Combine event. email her

  20. PJ

    FS: 95×5, 115x5x4. Best my knee has felt in a while, though wouldn’t call it good.

    Press ‘n k2e’s: 65x8x8, 75, then 80. Left wrist did not like this one bit.

    500m row intervals: 1:44.8, 1:48.4, 1:49.9. 60 seconds rest, this was 30, 28 and 29 strokes. C2 machine not in good shape but hell I’m not either.

  21. Alicia

    48.0+52.2 = 100.2
    compare to 7/29: 43+56 = 99

    The difference today was that I kept a steady pace and was able to get faster. Last time I did this I blew it all out on the first and got progressively slower each round

  22. dlede

    Make up WOD: nasty girls. 10:06 Rx. 1 min or but muscle ups felt awful after vaca. Cleans actually easy.

    Row: 85.6. Slowest was a fluke where I f-Ed my start and got caught

    Good to be back!