Strict HSPU
Strict Ring Dip
Strict Pull-Up

Cash Out:
Tabata AbMat Sit-Ups

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  1. TC

    “jt-ish” – 21:09
    HSPU – started on the wall then switched to box
    Dips – strict form with turn out at top
    Pull ups – L-Sit

  2. BAston

    Was prepared to join the 6am group this morning, then saw the wod….. So I decided to rest my shoulder.

    Loop in Central Park: 51 minutes. Hills felt great this morning.

    Tonight…. Go Bears!!

  3. Adam Van Auken

    jt-ish – 21:08 rx’d. HSPUs were hard from the get-go so hopefully this will be easier next time.
    Tabata sit-ups – 10. I decided on this number round 1 but this was a mistake as it was too easy. 11 next time.

  4. Paige


    HSPU on box
    ring dips- with thin band
    p/u some regular some jumping.

    Tabata= 12 lowest

    @EJ, thanks for coming on such short notice!

    @Mike, thanks for the ride! Remember smaller baby seat next time- that will be my paleo challenge!

  5. ledbelly

    19:15 rx’d – this was basically me versus strict pull ups

    Tabata – No games, went all out – 11

    Sleep count this week, 14 hours, wknd soon? please!!

  6. sara

    26:11 Wasn’t feeling it this morning.

    HSPU on red box
    Ring holds to slow negatives
    Jumping pull-ups to slow negatives

    Tabata: 11. Tried to keep pace with Jasen!

  7. EJ

    UPCOMING EVENT – next Saturday , 9/22

    Do a WOD and support this great cause.

    Steveโ€™s Club provide a national network of programs through which at-risk or under served youth of any socioeconomic background can join in the CrossFit Community at a reduced, low or no cost structure.

    If you’re interested, you can go out to CF Virtuosity to do this team WOD and help raise money! If you can’t make it, you can also make a donation:

    The Workout: It’s a Partner WOD (M/M, F/F, M/F, Youth/M, Youth/F, Youth/Youth)

    2 PERSON TEAMS, AMRAP 10MIN (as many round as possible)

    40 KB Swings (1.5pd, 54#/1 pd, 36#)
    30 Burpees
    20 Pullups (Competitive: Chest to Bar Pullups, Social: Jumping pullups)
    10 Squats (Competitive: Front Squats 135#/95#, Social: Air Squats)
    One person working at a time. Score is total number of reps in 10 min.

    If any of you would like to participate, please rsvp here:

    email me with any questions ([email protected])

  8. Charles

    DNF in 25 mins woot! FIrst set of everything was strict, but for HSPU, I was forced to start kipping by the second set.

    Tabata – 11 situps

  9. kpo17

    Crossfit Cornell


    125×5 (keeping chest up)
    145×6 (chest came down)

    5 x 200m Row, 1m rest/5 dips (with straight bar machine)

    6am I see you.

  10. marilina

    21-9-6 HSPU w Ashleigh’s aid, then negatives
    Pull ups off of wrists

    13 on all sit up rounds of tabata.

    Thanks Ash for making me do the HSPUs.

  11. Brooke


    Scaled everything to approximate the movements. Thanks for being kind Ash!

    tabata: 10

    Sign up for the Paleo Challenge even if you are even 1% interested!

  12. Joe

    Shoulder still getting rest and work by Dr. Mike so came in to do a 21-15-9 Back squat with 30 double unders in between each set.

    About 3 reps into the set of 15 my hamstring twinged… I stopped. The conversation that followed with Frank was the best part…

    Frank – what’s wrong bud
    Me – Oh my shoulder still and now i just got a hamstring twinge
    Frank – How old are you?
    Me – 38
    Frank – I think your almost hitting your warranty.

    Awesomeness from Team Old Balls …and so true! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. George

    First blog post! Workout #3.

    Lots of scaling with boxes and jumping but was pretty happy with surviving the entire 30 mins! Finished 21’s, 15’s, and 9 box modified HSPUs. Tabata: 5.
    Lookin forward to posting a time soon!
    Thanks, Dave, Eric, and 7:30!

  14. Frank

    23:20 with negatives on HSPUs ans dips. Pull ups rx’d

    Great to see friends at the box tonight.

    Joe, I only know because I’m already past my warranty.

  15. Sarah P.

    Made it through 2 rounds plus 5 HSPUs with knees on the red box, ring dips with the box, and rings for pull-ups.

    Tabata = 4

  16. alexsnape

    Did everything rx all the way through, but did not finish ๐Ÿ™ Got through the 2nd round of ring dips at the cut off. Here’s to hoping my patience with strict HSPUs pays off!

    Tabata situps: 6

  17. dlede

    JT-ish: 30:07 rx’ed
    Tabata situps: 9

    pumped to get into strict hspu mode and not fail an attempt, better knowledge of my limits and practice is helping.. last time I did JT I got 43 min so this is a major improvement

    nice work PM crews

  18. Alicia

    19:54 HSPU with red box, ring dips with red box, jumping pullups
    tabata: 9 (had 10 for 8 rounds straight!)

    3 games vball rx’d

    rest day tomorrow, Pump Games this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚