Carducci is definitely one Strong Dude.

21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
135 pound Overhead squat

EVENTS this weekend!:

Support Steve’s Club at CrossFit Virtuosity this Saturday, September 22
–  Steve’s Club’s mission is to provide a national network of programs through which at-risk or under served youth of any socioeconomic background can join in the CrossFit Community at a reduced, low or no cost structure.
–  The event starts at 10am and it will be a Partner WOD, so bring a friend!

Dr.Mike Seminar at Metropolis Fitness this Sunday from 12:30-2
–  Pains and strains have no place in your training!  Learn how to prevent and treat injuries.
–  Open Gym will be canceled this week for this AWESOME seminar.

If you have any questions about either of these great events, e-mail EJ at:
[email protected]

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  1. Jared

    Welcome to the 6am family, Sandy. You were a little too chipper for us this morning, but we hope to see you tomorrow. A true CFM legend.

    This one really took a lot out of me. DLs to OHS is rough. I did rx’d through about 14 OHS and then went down to 115#.


  2. Adam Van Auken

    10:40 @ 95#. Very happy about this. Thank you so much for the strategy, EROC! EROC told me to rest with the bar on my shoulders. I never thought to do that on OHS but it worked great. Observations:
    1. You save tons of energy not bringing it up from the ground.
    2. You rest less because it’s not pleasant having that weight on your back
    3. My deadlifts were dead after doing this. I had to break up the set of 15.

    I believe it took me 3 sets to do OHS round 1 and 2 and the last unbroken with Mike and EROC cheering me on! YOU’VE GOT TO BELIEVE!!!


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    / / /\ | \/ |
    / /_ / \ | \ / |
    | ‘_ \ / /\ \ | |\/| |
    | (_) / ____ \| | | |
    \___/_/ \_\_| |_|

  3. Adam Van Auken

    Drats. WordPress has not love for my ASCII Art. Admins – please give me picture image adding rights. I will abuse them!

  4. EJ



    Open gym is cancelled to accommodate the injury prevention seminar with Dr. Mike (12:30-2:00PM)


    If you purchased one from me or are interested in having your own please e-mail me, [email protected]. Ropes are $15 and are from Rogue Fitness

    3) SUNDAY – Injury Prevention Seminar with Dr. Mike 12:30-2PM

    Come hear Dr. Mike talk about CrossFit, common injuries, and ways to continue to work out safely. Dr. Mike has treated many of our athletes. We will have a sign up for 10 minute consultations after the session. Sign up for the consult will be available that morning, so be sure to get in a little early to get on the list.

    4) CLASSES

    Fall has officially begun and everyone has returned from their awesome vacations! Just a note, our 6AM classes and 630PM sessions are our most popular. Come and check out our other sessions if you haven’t had a chance to yet. The schedule is pretty robust and it would help alleviate any traffic jams on equipment and maybe score you a few more seconds less on your WODs


    There’s a collection of notebooks, shirts/waterbottles and wrist wraps in the lost and found bin. Please check it out before Sunday or the items will be donated or thrown out.

    6) Team Throwdown 9/29

    Team rosters are listed here

    If you cannot make it, please highlight your name in red.

    If I don’t have your email address, send me a message([email protected])

    Each team is responsible for electing a team captain,mascot, team color to wear for the event! Team 3 is wearing green!

    7) 10% Discount @ LexCare Pharmacy (100th and Lex)

    Cheaper than CVS – mention you go to CF Metropolis and receive a discount

  5. mcohen


    DL’s @ 225
    OHS’s @ 45

    It is unreal how heavy the deadlifts got after the first round of OHS. 21 unbroken first round, then I was doing sets of 5.

  6. BAston

    Had the first effects from the nutrition challenge….. I slept like a damn rock for the first time in months.

    Rest day for my shoulder and lower back. May do some hill sprints after work.

  7. sassypants

    Thanks for welcoming me to your family, Jared. I think I’m more like the reluctant stepchild though. Doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, I will never have that amount of energy….For those of you that have never been, it’s worth a visit just to see these crazyheads. AVA’s two posts above pretty much sum up what it feels like to work out next to him.

    155#DL, 75#OHS
    (first time doing 75#OHS in a wod…thanks for making me do them unbroken at the end Eroc)

  8. jen

    Yay to consultations with Dr. Mike. Need to get this back thing under control!
    That said, and given this WOD, rest day for me.

  9. sassypants

    Hey all,
    One of our team members had to drop out of the CMC race for Saturday…Our team name is Chocolate Thunder and the Pink Tacos….so if there are any people who might fit the description, let us know. You can join our awesome team for free (except for the cost of an even more awesome t-shirt). Email me: [email protected].

  10. Paige


    125# DLs
    53# OHS then dropped to 43# for the 15 and the 9

    As per ALLISONNYC, dropped weght so I could squat lower with my big round butt!!!

  11. cat

    that was brutal so early in the morning! I don’t know how you guys do it at 6am everyday.

    125 DLS
    43 OHS

    I had plans to go heavier on OHS, but didnt feel stable enough during warm up to do it. They did end up feeling better as the WOD went on.

  12. Carducci

    Thanks for putting me on the spot Sandy. Now I have to show up. I will do my best not to disappoint.

    Wasted a lot of time trying to Rx the OHS but finally went down to 115#.

  13. Amylynne

    Should have listened to body and take rest day.


    Deads 133
    Ohs 68 (started at 83 but after 12 kept failing…couldn’t find 5s to drop to 73 so grabbed whatever I could find and ended up at 68)

  14. TC


    DL – 225lbs
    OHS – 125lbs

    Mad at myself for not finishing this. I completed 5 reps of OHS into the last round of 9 and had nothing left in the tank to finish. Need to improve on my overhead strength. The deads at 225 were no problem.

    Thank you all 6:30 members for all the encouragement! What an awesome group of people 🙂

  15. Brooke


    150# deads (just couldn’t get those last 5 lbs on)
    35#/25# OHS

    Really trying.

    Great job 5:30! Everyone did super awesome.

  16. Joe

    Dr. Mike said keep it light. So i did:

    135# Deads
    75# front squats. can go heavier but didn’t feel comfortable cleaning more than that – trying to be safe.

    Tommy Gun!! So much inspiration we all thought we were at the 6am class! 🙂

  17. Alicia

    13:50, 155/75

    got to fly solo in the 8:30 with 2 of the best, Davey & EJ. Thanks for the tips and the cheers. 🙂

    Rest day & Dr. Mike tomorrow, CMC Saturday!

  18. MacIntyre


    First time overhead squatting-really difficult, but so worth it.
    Wonderful coaching from Dave and EJ- thank you!!

  19. marilina

    Subbed real deads for light ones plus back extension with 15# plate. First time doing deads, if you can call it that, in three seasons.
    10 something.

    AVA, you are a true nerd.

    6am cult: I tried to join one morning, but I had wrongly picked yoga Wednesday. There were maybe two other people there. Don’t know if I can ever pull that off again after that disappointment.

  20. dlede

    115# OHS

    was annoyed my oh squats were not feeling great at the beginning and was doing sets of 5 but realized my hands were so sweaty and slipping on the bar each rep making it 10x worse.. chalked up and I felt strong and they were easy…. I am ready for the winter in the gym, this is definitely 2 minutes slower than it should have taken with better chalked up hands!