This girl owns one of the best squats in the gym!
Stephanie.. aka.. a Green Weinerย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Front Squat 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10
Strict Ring Dip 10- 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Our 3 Year Anniversary Party is Around the Corner!
Sunday, November 4th at the Gym
If you’re planning on celebrating with us, please make sure to bring in your $20.. you can give it to any of the trainers and to Brooke.ย  It will be a catered event and all of the money will go towards food and drinks!
It’s going to be a great event!

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  1. TC


    FS – 165lbs

    Taking the bar off the ground made things a lot harder. Did all my front squats unbroken with the exception of the last set of 10 (broke it up 5+5). Had to rest a little more then I wanted to because my legs were cooked. Ring dips were no problem.

    @AVA, thanks for the push young man

  2. Vikram

    Tommy is right on – the cleaning is a limiting factor. Probably could have gone heavier otherwise.

    14:33 @ 105#

    Coach Allison, thanks so much for the encouragement. Working so hard…will get there.

    Big Mike & Jared – 6 AM misses you. AVA is leading us through these dark days.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    13:42* at 155# from ground.
    FS – Exactly like Tommy. This weight was perfect for me. There was no way I was doing the 10 unbroken and I barely got the last rep of set two. I think I’ll do a little more weight next time but I’ll need to warm up cleans a lot more. I had planned on squat cleaning the first rep but apparently I completely forgot how to do this.

    Ring Dips – This was like taking a nap compared to the squats.

    @Tommy – You are a beast!
    @Vikram – I’m following your lead, brother!

    *Not official since I finished front squats at 13:37, celebrated, and forgot to do the last ring dip

  4. AllisonNYC

    I feel bad that I was so tired this morning. But I can always count on 6am to bring the energy and get things done.

    Nice work on the warm-up AND squats, V. They really are improving big time.

    Nap time.

  5. Paige

    12:54 @63#

    The weight was on the lighter side- got to 10 unbroken easily. Could have gone heavier by at least 10# but we live and we learn….next ime front squats…next time.

    Ring dips are improoving but still a struggle for me.

    @Tommy- you killed it!

  6. Jared

    wow, looks like a good one. The clean makes it a whole different workout.

    I will be in tomorrow. I went to the Yankees game last night and it was a very exciting night, so I slept in to 7 this morning.

    Hope to see you all at 6am tomorrow.

  7. dcasey

    Great work this morning Vik!

    17:54 subbed deadlift (225#) for fs – should have gone a little heavier. Dips were definitely my limiting factor.

    TC and AVA crushed it.

  8. EJ


    Don’t forget to blog your WODs! It’s crazy how many people attend classes, but maybe half actually post.

    Here’s your challenge, I’d like to challenge you guys to blog your WODs EVERY DAY until the end of the year. It’s a great way to see how you’ve progressed and helps you know where to start when the same WOD pops up.

    Here’s a benchmarking sheet you can print out

    I’m looking to place another order for these. if you’re interested, please email me by tomorrow at noon so I know how much to get.

  9. Rachel

    Awesome workout with Crossfit Anaheim West today! Great Coach! Great athletes!

    Warm Up:
    5×5 Deadlifts increasing weight each set. Max’ed at 105 lbs (PR!)
    With Box Jumps in between sets: 2, 1, 2, 1 reps (24″ plus 10 lb plate)

    WOD: 13 Rounds for Time
    10 Deadlifts – 95 lbs
    15 Pushups (on Box)
    30 DU’s – First time getting my DU rhythm!

  10. Xan

    EJ’s post made me feel guilty so I’ll post.
    Been hitting up Crossfit Wall Street the past few days since its 500ft from my office and I can go during the work day.

    Week so far:

    Monday: Swim – technical drills and 250y warm up, 10 X 50 side stroke sprints every 65 seconds, 100 cool down

    Tuesday: 5 x 2 Strict Press: got up to 135 with solid technique. Then did Karen: 150 wall balls for time (#20): 11:29. I suck at these, big time.

    Wednesday: 3×10 Front Squat: 115-135-145, worked on keeping technique solid. Then 5 Rounds: 30 second hand stand hold, 30 second l-sit pull up hold, 30 second bottom of squat, 30 second row sprint, 1 minute rest

    Thursday: 10 rounds: 200m sprint, 15 box jumps (24′), 15 kb swings (24kg), 75 ft bear crawl: 36:25

  11. ERIC S.

    18:12 @ 225lbs
    My goal was under 20min
    I took 80% of my 3 rep max for F.S. which is 280

    From rounds 6 on I had to break up the front squats into 2 sets
    Round 10 broke it up into 3 sets. I was happy not to fail on any of the squat cleans. Ring dips were the best part of this wod.
    Ok this sounds like a Ava blog gotta go to work. Kpo DT & Brad join me in front of the Met next time for a Kettlebell WOD. Lol

  12. EJ

    16:29 #135
    Somehow my ring dips got better and it wasn’t as bad as I thought

    Front squats were good. Set 9 I got through 8 then had and issue cleaning it since I was sweaty. Set of 10 I got through unbroken. Definitely all about powerful drive from the bottom

  13. stephmil

    A bit far from CFM, so didn’t quite make it in today…

    Crossfit, Uganda style:
    4 rounds
    100 double unders
    25 burpees
    AMRAP 6 hours play with kiddos.

    Lotssss of strange looks from the locals while doing burpees ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Ambrose

    155 (cleans are the limit like AVA said.

    I cheated on 6am with 7am (and will most likely be back tomorrow).

    Alison “Joe you know any of these people?”
    Joe “Nope.” Alison “Alright you guys, this is Joe.”

  15. ashleigh

    73lbs probably could have done a little more – got through all rounds unbroken except 10 (6+4).
    1/2 dips with feet on box, 1/2 negatives

  16. Jon

    EJ mentioned in the 4:30 class we should start posting our results, which I suppose is more productive than lurking in the background . . .

    13:07 & 115#. It was my first time doing front squats since I joined, so I was conservative with the weight. The squats seemed pretty easy. The cleans started off ugly, and, well, things got worse from there.

  17. Melanie

    18:33 @ 77lbs
    – I don’t think that I have ever cleaned this weight but I wanted to give it a try.. Most felt ok but there were definitely a few where if anyone was watching me then they probably cringed.
    – Squats felt good until the last few reps of rounds 9 & 10
    – Ring dips- jumping into negatives

  18. Alicia

    17:51 @ 95#, box ring dips

    Was feeling weak today so stuck with 95. Thanks to Dave for pushing me to do squat cleans every time. They felt good minus the half a dozen when I totally lost focus.

    Hopefully I can focus through volleyball

  19. jen

    16:17 @ 63 lbs.

    2 weeks ago I could barely do 2 consecutive ring dips. Today 5 consecutive in warmup, first 5 consecutive in wod, and the very last rep ๐Ÿ™‚ The rest in between were slow negatives.

    Paleo wod: max pullups in 6 attempts in 8 minutes: 53.
    First time getting 10 consecutive.

    Good day.

  20. phillipc

    22.14 @ 125#.

    Dips did me in – only 10th set was unbroken (i.e. 1)

    Squats – Sets 1-8 unbroken. Easy to start, rough at the end.

  21. dlede

    18:58 at 175#
    squat cleans felt good, didnt rush too much but could have gone faster

    actually just really slow on the ring dips.. I felt like my ROM was solid but just take forever

    5×2 shoulder press at 120# for cash out.. could have gone heavier but figured I should be conservative here

  22. alexsnape

    22:51 @ 155#

    a little bit heavy as my cleans got really sloppy towards the end, but the front squats stayed strong.

  23. Nico

    14’32” with 115 lbs FS
    Need to work on my technic with the clean so that I can increase the weight

    Started breaking out FS in two sets once I reached the set with 7FS
    (6+1; 6+2: 6+3 and 5+5)

    WOD for the paleo challenge:
    62 dead hand pull ups in 8 minutes with 6 attempts
    First set: 21
    2nd set: 10
    3rd set: 9
    4th set: 7
    5th set: 6
    6th set: 9