Now I know what guys must feel like when they see a nice rack… Because LB’s Amazing Rack is Drivin’ Me CRAZY!!  Perfection!  😛

30 Hang Cleans  255
50 Pistols (Total, Alternating Legs)
Row 2K

Party Dues are due by Friday!  This party is going to be off the hook!

Bartendaz ..
For those of you who didn’t know what that was about yesterday.  These guys make all this stuff look so easy, and after yesterdays windshield wipers, I think it gives us all a little perspective.. it’s HARD!!! 🙂

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  1. amy edelman

    Hang cleans @ 55#
    Pistols alternating legs with hand support
    2K row time: 8:18

    Walking will tough later & forget about stairs! Ouch! 🙂

  2. mcohen

    Hang cleans @ 95 lbs.
    Roll ups to a stand for 25 reps and stripper pole pistols for 25 reps
    2K row 8:14

    That is an amazing job on the row by Amy Edelman-Thorisdauter.

  3. BAston

    Rest day for me and time to cut down on wod’s until the marathon is over…. Or else Dr. ALF may beat the shit out of me.

  4. EJ

    Tick tick tock

    2 more days till money is due!

    16 more days left until Metropolis’s 3 year anniversary!!

    *MONEY FOR THE PARTY is due this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19. If you’ve RSVPD’d be sure to bring your cash to the gym and give it to any of the coaches.

  5. sassypants

    Hey you all, Ariel “Smash” Sepulveda was told to post on the blog but as I suspected he is too modest or shy or just anti-blog posting….so here it is:

    Ariel will be fighting in BELLATOR 77 this Friday night at 8pm!
    Watch it on or on MTV2


  6. Ariel

    Thank you sandy to post the info.
    Thanks all you guys for pushing me
    And believing in me. Hope all you guy
    Watch the fight tomorrow. 1.2.3… Metropolis!!!

  7. Ron

    Great class at 6. Good to be back.

    95# hang cleans, should have gone slightly heavier.

    Pistols sucked.

    8:43 row. Wasnt aggressive enough.

  8. Lightbody

    7:43 for row.

    Went with 95# for cleans bc form started to suffer at higher weights. Think i could have lowered the row time a little bit. Paced the first half to much

  9. Rolf

    95# cleans. Felt like the first time my form was spot on.

    Pistols?…train wreck. For this WOD I will refer to it as a pink plastic water gun… That’s how lame they were

    7:11 on the row. Sub 7 next time…

    51 double unders in a rowt oday.the goal set was 50. Mission accomplished.

  10. BrookeHCooper

    38 lbs for cleans. Went light to work on form which has a long way to go. My very very tight shoulders make it hard to do this.

    Pidtols had lots of support.

    8:33 row. Was hoping to set a new PR sub 8:15 but had nothing in the tank today. Still gave this everything (and had a great cheering section push me at the end!) so feel good about that but I’m dead now!

  11. Rachel

    Front Squats @ 53lbs instead of Hang Cleans b/c right shoulder is hurting today. Too light, so did a few extra reps.
    Pistols. Rough. Need lots of work. Used pole for all reps.

    9:05 Row.

  12. marilina

    Hang cleans 58#, worked on form (and should have gone heavier, but I can lift at most 60 some odd #s off the ground at this point, so whatevah)

    Pistols: finally, something I can legitimately do as Rx’d these days.

    row: I suck, and José is nice enough to tell me I row well – ha! 9:17

    cashed out with some hip flexor work with Francesco in italiano!

  13. BAston

    Yoga for Runners at Jack Rabbit with Dlede.

    First time it’s ever been pointed out to me that I have mobility issues.

    Great experience, learned a lot, and will def go again a time or two before the big race. Also got the sweetest running shoes ever! Dave will back me up on that.

  14. Rolf

    Awesome link. And to think I thought pistols were hard…

    From now on Amy and I will only answer to the names Dr. Good Body and honey bee.

    Bartendaz the drink… Sign me up.

    Shout to all my boys on d block. Dr G out.

  15. dlede


    definitely feeling more flexible but saturday’s run is the bigger test

    and yes, I would call brian’s shoes…. eccentric

  16. EJ

    did this before class with Brendan
    I actually did the total time and the craptastic row

    20:24 #135
    Row: 9:13

    This is today’s Mainsite WOD and if you check out the Regionals WODs from 2012, you’ll see this is a slightly modified version, but same movements. The best can finish this in 11-12 minutes

  17. nicola

    HPC 63# – really liked being able to take the time and work on form here
    Pistols w a plate
    Row: 9:11

    Row after pistols, my gluteus are on fire!!

    Nice rack LB!!

  18. zompetti

    hang cleans at 55#
    pistols using the pole
    row finished in 10:40. took about 800 meters to get into a rhythm, but once that hit it felt good.