It has to be known that Kelly finished yesterdays chipper workout in about 15 minutes…. RX’d.
Pretty darn impressive.  I think it’s because to be with someone as strong as EJ he really has to BRING IT!  🙂  Power couple!

Also have to give a good job round of applause to Dave & Hass and everyone else who stuck around to finish that workout after the cutoff.  It’s been a tough couple of days and you guys stayed strong.  I was impressed by the quality of movement all evening.. it seems like everyone has really elevated their standards and even during an exhausting workout, is still making an effort towards quality.
Bravo You All!

On another note, we’d really appreciate a little extra attention and effort to maintain the cleanliness of the gym.  Thank you so much to everyone who is diligent about cleaning up after themselves (and others).  It makes a big difference for everyone.
The gym is a shared space, so when chalk is left un-swept, sweat piles or sweat spray left behind, napkins and water bottles not taken away and equipment not put away.. or put away incorrectly, it’s an inconvenience for everyone.
The 8:30 class said “eww” every time the did an inch worm.   Please don’t make people inchworm in your sweat and chalk!  lol

Don’t be That Guy Video Link
(I laughed my butt off at the girl who jumping jacked her way in.. For some strange reason it made me think of Dale <3 )

We’re SO stoked that attendance has been so high because it means everyone is showing up and training hard!
We’re asking that if and when it’s possible, that you all give some of the less crowded classes a shot. It’s a great opportunity to get a little extra attention, too!

500m Row SPRINT! (x4)
21-15-9 Sprawl Ball  (Demo Video)
21-15-9 Backwards Roll to Squat & Stand with KB
One row at the beginning and one after each round.

Cash Out:
Tabata AbMat Sit-Ups

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  1. BAston


    21-15-9 sprawl balls & backwards roll (no KB).

    500m row: atrocious. I am not a sprinter and can’t row.

    25 GHD’s to finish up

  2. mcohen

    Well I intended to treat this as an active recovery stretch sort of day. But then crossfit happens

    8:03 on the WOD.

    Then to make the 500 meter row interesting we did a competition with a 3 burpee penalty for every second you come in after the winner. And, of course with my luck, the monster that is Joe Ambrose was there.

    1:39 on the row, 8 seconds off the lead. That was not bad considering we just did so much core work.

    Thus, my cash out was 24 burpees.

    Okay, tomorrow I am going to do an active recovery.

  3. Ambrose

    Good stuff this am. No idea on the WOD time.

    Keep in mind I was all quite while you made burpee bets. 1:31 on the row.

    I tried taking those 24 burpees to Wells Fargo sadly they are not legal tender.

  4. Vikram

    I had planned a badly needed rest day with Big Mike, but I see that was hoodwinked. Who could blame him?

    Slept in. Kept my end of the bargain. Back at it tomorrow.

  5. sara

    Nico—what’s your e-mail? I can hook you up with my friend in Chicago if you’d like info on neighborhoods, etc.

  6. AllisonNYC

    Noooo!!! It’s supposed to say 4!!

    One at the beginning, and after each of the rounds!

    Crap.. I hope the am classes did it correctly considering I explained the workout to my darling Brenny… with real life demos and all to make sure we were on the same page.

  7. mikey.bialos

    was so bummed to miss yesterdays wod- i made it up best as i could in the gym in my building.. at a weak 75#, and with strict chest to bar instead of MUs( no rings of course). also, had to kip last few HSPU. worked hard to stay on heels with good form for all overhead bar movements.. still took about 25 min! damn.

  8. nicola

    row: 1:56

    Every vertebrae in my back feels bruised. No likey.

    Then catching the ball after Dr. Mike’s forearm scraping – ouchy.

    All in all, just NOT the WOD for me.