6AM better Watch Out…. 8:30PM is STEPPIN’ UP!!

4 Rounds
4 Minutes ON, 1 Minute Off
8 Hang Power Cleans  95/135
10 Toes to Bar
12 KBS  24/32

Pick up where you left off at the beginning of each round for one total score!!

Bring your best GRIP game.. this one will leave you with Popeye Arms!

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    5 + 3 KBs rx’d. My weak grip hurt me on this one.

    I’m glad Nick bailed on this one as his revenge would have been sweet.

  2. ledbelly

    6 rounds + 5HPC rx’d+ (155HPC)

    T2B strict because I cannot kip anything.

    Never do T2B next to DLede, it is disheartening and disconcerting, a lot of dissing!

  3. Paige

    5 + 5 KBs (aka 5 rounds + 23 reps)

    Fantastic morning. Fantastic coaching from Allison.

    I copied and pasted Skinny’s post….just saying…we were in sync today

    Cleans at 78#
    Kbs @ 24kg

    @Dale…what was your guess?

  4. dlede

    still hobbling around! damn it makes transitions really slow…

    no jumping so did 225# deadlifts instead of HPC and felt like a good modification; rest rx.. thank god for t2b.. made up for slow transitions and happy to swing the big kb with no pain

    7 rounds + 8 DL

  5. Jared

    Allison, is your 8:30 class up for a 6am vs 8:30pm throwdown? Anytime, anywhere!

    Vikram is our team captain. He is the most fired up.

  6. dcasey

    5 + 2 HPC rx

    grip was definitely the limiting factor
    workouts with a rest programmed into them are always the hardest

    DIP DECEMBER! 25 unbroken ring dips by the end of december

  7. EJ

    Green weiners are going to dominate on Saturday. Not sure about all you other teams, but you’ve got a force to reckon with.

    Going for the two-peat!! aka Froning status


  8. ERIC S.

    7 + 1 KBS
    Rx+ (155)
    Besides the normal forearm fatigue I felt like I had FRAN lungs when I was done.
    430pm class is now filling up! Nice coaching tips on the hang cleans EJ

  9. Rolf

    @greenweiners…blue balls may not be the favorite going into Saturday but be prepared to be shocked. This will be bigger than the miracle on ice, Buster Douglas knocking out Tyson or even Rodney Dangerfield leading the Ladybugs back from a 3-0 halftime deficit to win the championship soccer game.
    Cue the victory music and put the champagne on ice.EJ..when u put our names on the throwdown trophy, remember its not blue balls.. It’s Team Blue Balls.

  10. BAston

    @Rolf – Big talk from the one armed bandit!

    Team Green Weiner plans on delivering the high hard one to team blue balls on Saturday.

  11. Brooke

    I was on 86th st. tonight and I happened to look up at the top floor of the NYSC on the corner and at that moment someone was doing the worst clean and jerks i’ve ever seen.

    Eroc, get on that….ASAP!

    Just saying, we are lucky to be coached well and know how to do oly lifts with skill and ease!

  12. brandy.pearson

    Rest day….legs and abs are on fire after all the shoulder subs. BTW–red sex panthers MAY have a ringer on Saturday. Former member whose name rhymes with Shmrafael Shmalvarez. Stay tuned.

  13. phillipc

    5 rounds + 11 @ 115# and 24kg kb. Should have sucked it up and gone Rx with a lower score perhaps.

    Looking forward to my 100th CFM workout this year on Saturday. To celebrate I will be donning an attractive Women’s Petite Large Christmas sweater-vest (purchased for $10 on eBay), replete with embroidered snowmen & a tartan popped collar.

    If I’m not front page next week, I shudder to think who will be…

  14. jmiz

    6 rounds + 8 HPCs + 1 T2B @ 115# & 1.5 pood.

    F’in back still killing me so decided to take a little lighter. I should be smoking this when healed.

  15. Joe

    5 rounds+7HPC’[email protected] 105#

    No hand strength for 2tB but smooth when i was able to hang on

    KB’s @1.5 pood

    Team Blue Balls will have an amazing time and will dominate…we have a bearded secret weapon!!!

  16. zompetti

    subbed back squats for HPC (shoulder didnt want to cooperate)
    12 KB
    7 rounds + 6 KBS

    Team Blue Balls is in it to win it!!

  17. was a toughie today. Appreciate the patience and great guidance on my form from EJ! lots of practice needed.


    kbs at 24kg

    knee ups need work. felt like i was just hanging there after a while.

    4:30p class is where it’s at!!

  18. wingsteroosky

    after a 2 week hiatus due to bad stuff, it felt great to be back!
    thanks ej for the great coaching!

    6 rounds + 1 HPC
    73#, 40#KB I think…?

    jared, sorry i still haven’t made it to the 6am. it will happen at some point.