YAY, Eric!  You make 8:30pm so much fun!

30 Deadlifts
Sprint to 3rd Ave & Back
30 Burpee Tuck Jumps
… Rest 3 Minutes
20 Deadlifts
Sprint to 3rd Ave & Back
20 Burpee Tuck Jumps
… Rest 2 Minutes …
10 Deadlifts
Sprint to 3rd Ave & Back
10 Burpee Tuck Jumps

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”

–  Walter Elliott

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  1. marilina


    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    Saturday, June 23
    5pm – 8pm (officially)

    Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come!

  2. Vikram


    16:02 – nice, but only @ 105 lbs because I still have DL flexibility issues. Having said that, I’m feeling the progress.

    Great AM crowd as always. Thanks to Elove for the DL advice. I swear – I’ll get there. Ben, thanks for staying after and coaching me on my handstands. Enthusiasm and lack of trying isn’t my problem – flexibility is.

    By the way – Skinny V’s playlist is the best ever. Just sayin’…

  3. Adam Van Auken

    15:18 @ 225#. I had a game plan to break up DL reps in round 1 and 2 with a very short rest. I think I did 20 + 10 and 11 + 9. I might have been able to do these unbroken but I think I would have lost any time saved on the BTJs. Speaking of, my range or motion on these was similar to Mike Ness’ vocal range. And that is the story of my life: That’s for you B-boy.

  4. Ben

    First 6 AM Workout (But no Jared– does he even come anymore?)

    19:30 @ 175#

    Great energy and playlist– never knew Jay Z was Indian.

    Cash out: Jog back home with V.

  5. Jared

    Ben, I’m on a NJ Devils rest schedule. If the devils play, then I take the next day off. I’ll be in tomorrow and Saturday for sure. Looking forward to v neck Friday.

    Kevin, mike won’t be in, so use whatever playlist you want.

  6. Melanie

    18:15 @ 100lbs.. Had to take it easy on the sprints – calves are not feeling too hot..

    V – thanks for the “international” playlist this AM!

  7. Amylynne

    17:01 at 120lbs

    deads are just not my thing. the first round felt horrible (10-badly broken 20) and i went to strip but eric wouldn’t let me. round 2 and 3 i found my groove and was able to do (10-5-5, and 10).

  8. Brett

    23:34 put me firmly in last place as usual. DL’s at 155 lbs.

    Hangovers and burpees are never a good combination. Alcohol laced sweat seeped from my pores from the get go. Fortunately there is a 7 hour span before the next class so hopefully the distillery scent will have time to dissipate.

  9. sassypants

    “I went to strip but Eric wouldn’t let me.”

    Eric, bad decision. Who doesn’t want ALF to take off her clothes???

  10. jmiz

    I may be late to this party, but have you guys seen the new Crossfit on 86th and York? It’s called Crossfit EVF or something like that.

  11. marilina

    did good mornings instead. Eric did not believe I was not flexible enough to bend any more until he tried pushing me.

    I like burpee tuck jumps.

  12. mikey.bialos

    another crossfit is popping up right next to us? one thing they don’t have in the house: Brendan.
    anyway gonna skip again to boulder at mphc. yeah i know.. weak.

  13. jmiz

    The gym looks like it’s in a pretty small space. Assuming that’s why he’s limiting his Crossfit membership.

    Agreed Brooke. That is super douchey. Though Crossfit Love isn’t a terrible name…

  14. sassypants

    Perhaps we shouldn’t talk shit on a public blog…It’s the Crossfit Community. One LOVE. Right?

    On another note, 2 needles in the knee. Possible meniscus tear. Scheduling an MRI. Thus, a rest day for me. Oh boo, I have to miss burpee tuck jumps.

  15. Joe

    Joining Sass with getting a needle today I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder. 2 more weeks of no overhead with EJ and then we’ll see what’s up!!! Cortisone is where it’s at though…bye bye pain.

    Thanks for the modifcations for the last few weeks coaches…I know it’s annoying.

  16. jmiz

    I got your back Brett.

    24:29 @ 185#

    Oh snap, this thing is public? DT, you and I need sensitivity training.

  17. EJ

    Day off – advice for all.

    Mobility, rest, stretch, and perform movement with 110% INTEGRITY!

    Those ingredients combined will lead to a healthy CrossFit career. Remember, if it hurts, STOP! 🙂

    Went to see Dr. Mike for ART today and my shoulder is feeling way better with painless ROM. I’ll be as good as new in another week or so. If you’re nagging injuries are muscle related, GO SEE HIM. Email me for more info.

  18. Jimmy Page

    Best of luck to any new small business owner in these trying times


    Crossfit EVF needs more instagrammed pictures if they ever want to compete with Metropolis

    and more cowbell

  19. Frank

    16:53 with 135 deeds. Light for me normally but I’m still trying to rehab my hips and back. Also did box jumps instead of burpees.

    Great to see Brett push through the pain this morning. Well done my friend.

  20. Tommy

    15:45 w/ 205 lbs. Could of gone heavier, had a hard time gauging the weight in warm ups. Broke up the first 30 deadlifts in 23 and 7, the following sets of 20 and 10 were unbroken.

  21. dlede

    17:44 at 255#

    deads were a bit heavier than I wanted and scared to run fast (yes whimsy) since it was wet outside and I have been scarred from falling that one day last summer

    on the flip side, felt great on burpee tucks.. gotta jump up high people!

  22. adam.schwartz

    20:00 on the dot with 105#

    loving the positive energy at 7:30, everyone pushing each other….

  23. Alicia

    18:10 subbed everything
    55# shoulder to OH
    250m row
    2:1 double unders

    Originally started with strict press but moved to push press half way through. Kept it light knowing that I’d be PP’ing and should not be

    Rest day tomorrow to see Dr. Mike

  24. patrick

    18:16 @240lbs.
    The weight was probably a bit light for me, but the burpees evened it

  25. cat

    85 lbs dl
    box jumps


    deads were light for me, but i wanted to make sure my shoulder was ok with the weight.

  26. AllisonV

    22:50 with 105#

    Apparently a stressful work life, eating a less than stellar diet, and relying on coffee for hydration are not conducive to CrossFit. See Mark’s concern that I was injured while wheezing after the first round. Thanks for all the encouragement Mark/7:30 people! T-11 days until work/life return to normal levels of chaos.

  27. DT

    19.30 at 225. Kpo whooped me on burpees. Mental fortitude.

    Jeff, my middle name is sensitivity.

    See you all in a couple hours for VNECKSSSSSSSSS

  28. kpo17


    18:24 at 185 lbs. great energy tonight 730!

    For those who don’t know, every WOD on Friday is a potluck of energy and good feelings.. Bring a good attitude and your best effor to share with everyone. Positivity buffet baby! Need help fighting for every last rep? Wear a VNECK. See you there.

  29. Xan

    15 minutes of HIIT running: 100 m full sprint 200 m jog, got about 2 miles

    100 4-count flutter kicks w/ fins on

    WOD @ 215: 16:19
    In retrospect should have gone a bit heavier on this. 225 would have been perfect.

  30. Kevin

    Taking this week off to rest up. Been stretching and doing some very minor bodyweight workouts in the gym.. back monday!

  31. Mike T

    19:06 @ 185lbs.

    Could’ve went a bit heavier. Was worried about the high volume of DL’s, so went a lil conservative with the weight.