Strength WOD:
Overhead Squat
10 – 10 – 10
**  Refer to the link for the last OH Squat workout: **

Conditioning WOD:
Complete as Many Ascending Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes:
3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 18…
Toes to Bar
Back Extensions
GHD Sit-Ups

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”
–  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. brandy.pearson

    Good news: found my uggs at the gym after looking for them for 3 months….just in time for summer.
    Better news: headed to TX for the week and plan on knocking out tons of mobility work. See y’all next Thursday!

  2. Jared

    Name Game: rocked it rx’d in Skinny V style.

    OHS: 115(10)-125(10)-135(5)
    Lost my concentration at 135. I felt really good and then I lost it.

    MetCon: Got into the round of 12.

  3. PJ

    (1) 95-105-105; getting deeper.
    (2) Into round 12

    Was seriously considering hitting snooze today but very, very glad I didn’t. That plus B-Boy quoting Emerson… shoot. Awesome class, great to see Levi, Val & the rest of you maniacs.

  4. Tommy

    OHS: 105-95-95. Tried to really focus on form, slow and controlled reps

    WOD: 3 T2B into the round of 15


  5. mcohen

    OHS: 65-65-65. Honestly, I am happy with that. Finally seeing some results of all the mobility work.

    WOD: Got into the round of 15. 15 T2B and 10 GHD’s.

  6. Amylynne


    Took a while to find my groove this morning

    Finished the round of 15 and called it a day on core work

  7. Valbona

    Great to be back with the old and new 6am crew!!

    42-52-57 felt strong throughout except the wrists

    got to the 12s a couple of actually T2B thanks to Amylynne pushing me. The rest knees up

  8. EJ


    It’s going to be a hot box. Be sure you hydrate and bring a towel today. This AM was pretty balmy already.

    – 60 DAY GOAL CHALLENGE: 10 days left! get back on the track and see if you can meet them.

    -Doctor Referrals
    Need a yoga studio/doctor/PT/massage therapist. Check out our referral list. Feel free to add more

    -House of Love
    Show a little love to the gym. Be sure to put away and wipe up your equipment after you’ve used it since we’re all sweaty messes on days like today 🙂

    *** EVENTS


    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    TIME:5pm – 8pm (officially)
    LOCATION: Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come! CASH ONLY

    2) WOD-NIC – SATURDAY, JULY 7th @ 10am
    Instead of KHour, we’ll be hitting a WOD in Central Park followed by a picnic. Bring your sunscreen, snacks, and drinks.

    LOCATION: Central Park Pinetum
    TIME: 10AM

  9. EJ

    85-95-115(7) (then 3 @ 95 to get a full set)

    Got through T2B in 12

    *pretty excited to be able to do overhead work without issue.

  10. nicola

    In the spirit of recovery and staying injury free, I just added a new entry to the referral list (info here for those too lazy to click through).
    Massage therapist: Body Healing Massage NYC
    239 East 73rd Street

    They do a mix of trigger point, myofascial release, deep tissue, etc.
    After just one session, my crunchy shoulder ain’t so crunchy anymore!

  11. DT

    225x3x10 deadlifts. round of 12

    ICON Capital- We’re launching a fund with Apollo (not the thearter) but are still raising capital with obituaries… “Yes, Mrs. Smith, so sorry to call you on your berievement, but now that your husband’s passed do you have a stable financial plan for your future?”

    By the way, thats a joke?

  12. Xan

    Taking one more day off legit WODing to make sure the shoulder’s good.

    35 min. endurance swim.
    Alternating w/ and w/o fins every 1000m

    3 mile run in BDUs

  13. Adam Van Auken

    OHS – 85-95-105 (all 10). Depth was not as great as I wanted on 105. We did this on April 19th and I did 65-75-85 so big improvement.

    I never understood how to do back extensions until today. Thanks, E.

  14. vicnord

    OH – 52(10) 52(10) 52(10)

    completed round 12 – T2B very difficult w/o kip

    I seriously need to get more good quality food in me and more frequently. I also need to get more sleep. As ever.

  15. sassypants

    Active rest day due to knee tightness: practiced a handful of HSPU and did the metcon through the round of 12
    Strict T2B are no joke.

  16. dlede

    Getting closer to the london olympics / our oly lift cycle, I thought this was a cool quote from Holley Mangold, talking about her lifts:

    “It’s like peace, there’s no struggle.”

    “That’s what we’re all searching for, that feeling of weightlessness.”

  17. Brooke

    I saw a piece on Holly Mangold on TV and she talked about the weightlessness. I laughed out loud and said to Neil “That’s what Eric tells us all the time.”

    She can snatch 300 lbs. That’s seriously legit. And amazing.

  18. Brent

    Remedial work on the OHS. Not afraid to admit I used the PVC pipe to work on proper form in my work sets.

    78 reps (9 GHDs, 21 with AB Mats)

    Special thanks to EJ for the individual attention on the overhead squats and the warning about GHDs!

  19. ERIC S.

    OHS-115(10) 125(10) 135(10)

    Felt good to get this one in with the 630 crew. See all of you tomorrow night.

  20. OHS – 35, 45, 55 (PR)
    Metcon – Round 12

    EJ you’re awesome! Pushed me to go up weight. Officially in love with OHS’s!

    Let’s go Thunder, 9pm!

  21. Brett

    ohs 35-45-55 – Still not really stable with these. Hard to keep bar pulled back when I push my butt back. Thanks for helping EJ.

    Yankeecon – 2 t2b at 15

  22. Joe

    85x10x3 front squats

    Metcon – subbed weighted situps with 45# plate for t2b. 11 situps short of finishing the round of 15.

  23. kpo17


    Since my warmup was also my starting workout weight, my workout went more like


    This is down in weight since the last time I did OHS but, I believe, a considerable improvement in ROM.

    Metcon: I finished the 15th round but took an extra minute to do so. Was a bit of a clusterf*ck.

    Ej is such an incredible coach and the 6:30 class felt awesome. Today was a perfect warmup for the good vibe cocktail that is served ice cold on Vneck Fridays.

  24. Xan

    @Elove – been going to Asphalt Green. Occasionally join DT and Med Schoolboy at NYAC during the week.

  25. phillipc

    OHS with the great Kpo. I went light, took a while to get into the groove

    65-70-75 + round of 15

  26. alexsnape


    Got through round 12 on the metcon.

    Thanks Nicola for lending me your wrist things – really makes a difference. I also let the heat really psyche me out today so my performance suffered. Not sure what I was afraid was going to happen :/ But I did drink plenty of water and remember to bring my towel.

    And thanks to kevin for saying that my overhead squats are “beautiful”

  27. sam

    65 on the OHS.

    Metcon: round 12 +10 attempts at T2B.

    Thanks EJ for pushing me to do T2B instead K2B. Great 6:30 group!

  28. B-boy -Yea! It was awesome!

    I started with a baby bar and added some weights, then threw it off after I talked to EJ and used the big bar. Felt awesome.

  29. nicola

    52-57-62 (6)
    My elbow just buckled out of nowhere on the last set. No pain, but I’m icing…would like to stay off the the DL. Weird.

    Metcon: finished round of 12. T2B except on the last round.

    Yay to partnering with Jen!

    @Alex – you’re welcome!