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Strength WOD:
20 Rep Max Deadlift

Look at what you did last time and come in with a game plan.. Warm-Up Sets & your working weight!!!

Conditioning WOD:
2K Row

You can never achieve great success without great exertion.

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  1. kpo17

    DT-F just holding a town hall meeting on why V necks are the most appropriate workout apparel for any overhead movement. Questions?

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Back from a few days hiking in Colorado. I’m not sure if it was the days off or dropping 14,000 feet but I felt great today.

    DL = 270(PR) up from 265. Definitely could have done more so 275 next time. It’s always interesting to me how much heavier the weight feels in warmup before the adrenaline kicks in during the WOD.

    2K Row – 7:36 (PR). I sandbagged this on 9/30/2011 (7:59). I set a pace of 1:55/500m and then kicked it up a notch the last 300m or so. This was a good pace but maybe I can go harder a little earlier next time. Allison’s advice on driving with the heals really helped.

  3. Vikram

    145 DL – light, but getting better both on weight and form.

    Metcon: Subbed some sit-ups and new exercise Coach Allison taught us (barbell pulls?). Trying to strengthen the upper back/shoulder blades.

    Great seeing AVA. Big Mike has me convinced on the yoga (join us next Wedz!).

  4. mcohen

    Deadlift: 275 lbs. Once again the hands are the rate limiting factor on this lift. Completely agree with AVA, on the warmup v. wod comparison. If life had a 3-2-1 go, I would probably be more successful.

    2K Row- 7:57, down from a personal best of 7:37. I knew going it that it would be a rough one. I have been nursing a chest cold all week, so not such a bad result.

    And, there is really nothing better than seeing Alison getting out of a super stretch limo to open up the gym and teach this morning’s class. Love her intesity, passion, knowledge and commitment to each of us. Great addition to Metropolis.

  5. Jared

    DL: 265 w/ pauses at the bottom. I really felt this after 18 and the last two were a struggle. Up from 245 last time.

    2K row: 7:57

  6. Jared

    I am having trouble searching for our last 2k row. I am pretty sure it was a secret portion of the wod that day. When was this?

  7. EJ


    Tonight Janitor is coaching his last CFM class! If you haven’t taken class with Janitor, don’t miss out.

    *BENCHMARKING Spreadsheet

    Easily eep track of your WODs and PRs by copying this spreadsheet.

    *WOD-nic – SATURDAY, JULY 8
    Join us for a WOD in Central Park (the Pinetum at the north part of the great lawn) at 10 a.m. and then a picnic. Bring lunch for yourself or things to share.

  8. Ambrose

    285 went up like butter (305-315 next time?) 8min flat on the row.

    I have a dirty little secret about the grip factor, these helped me rebuild my hands after some bad broken bones.

    I have a full set on my desk at work and run through them up to 2.5 every day. There is a number 4. Cool fact: more people have walked on the Moon than closed the number 4. I recomend skipping the first gripper called the guide (only 60lbs).

  9. Brett

    Giving my elbow a few days rest before checking it out with doctor next week.

    Did some hill sprints followed by 1:00, .45. .30, .15 of hollow rocks/planks (don’t bother the elbow)

    Then 3 rounds of 20 walking lunges, 10 weighted situps (45), 20 air squats. 20 superman. Finished in 11:32.

  10. Brett

    Sorry for 2 posts in a row but forgot something. I have 2 extra tickets to tonights NBA Draft the the Prudential Cener in Newark. There is a pre-daft party with food/drinks and probably some retired/current players starting at 5:30 and then I believe the draft starts at 7:30.

    So basically the first 2 people to respond will get the privilege of spending numerous hours with me in a social setting gorging on food and drinking in excess.

    If interested text me at 973-698-5621. The tix are free. We will meet around 5 at penn station, and it is a 20 minute ride to Newark from there and costs $10 round trip.

  11. DT

    Yo! Brendan & Allison, thank you so much for the blog love. Really appreciate it, and really appreciate the support of this incredible community. We are all straight up homies. Love it!

    225 deads, lighter than I can do but my #1 goal for the next month is stay healty…

    Worst 2k of my life. A little sick. Hope it’s just that.

  12. lauren

    WODNIC, woot!

    130lbs. Felt really good. Think I have more in me.

    Row: 10:14.7 Someday I will concur this thing. Not today, though.

    Katie- way to crush that row!
    Alli – thx for the squat advice!

  13. vicnord

    DL 105 with room in the tank

    9:11 row

    Felt really good about the row today – excellent form tips from Allison & rowing next to ERIC S allowed me to reinforce that – certainly helped me keep my pace!!

    Love the post WOD stretch work!

  14. AllisonNYC

    Everyone did a great job this morning.

    Super blown away with Katie’s 2k time. What a strong girl!

    Eric, you shush! lol 😛

  15. mikey.bialos

    family-style wodding with wifey and my little bro jeff, who has been training hard at crossfit OGRE in seattle-

    wod #1: 3 mile run..
    wod #2: at madaboutcrossfit in madison, CT:
    handstand holds
    50-40-30-20-10 russian swings (kind of) and DUs
    plank holds

    good times!

  16. Tommy

    Deadlift: 225 lbs. Felt strong and kept good form. 

    2k Row: 7:37. Dead after this.

    @Adam, you beat me by 1 second! Your 2 and 0 against me! Till we meet again…lol

  17. Kim

    Nursing a calf injury so #1 goal was work on form and avoid aggravating the calf.

    Deads: 115lb. Felt light. I can definitely can go up next time.
    2K Row: 9:01. Felt good but I still had a lot left in the tank. Can’t wait to try this healthy.

  18. nicola

    DL: 105#
    2K: 8:52 (up from 8:44 back in Nov)
    Tried to just keep a steady pace throughout. That didn’t work. Last time did 10 hard pulls every 500m or so then coasted.

  19. AllisonV

    WUs: 65# (10), 85# (5), 95# (5), 105# (3)

    DLs @ 105# (PR)
    +20# from 4/26/12
    Still think I could have added more weight but got nervous adding so much more since last time.

    2K row: 9:26 (-0:01 from 6/25/12)

  20. alexsnape

    Deadlifts at 205#. Did 185 last time so this was a big improvement – feel like I could do even more weight.

    2k row was 8:15.

  21. dlede

    275#, up from 265.. felt really good but no way I could have done 21 or 22 of those

    rested on row to get ready to coach

    nice work 730/830, that was fun

  22. sam

    125lbs on DL, probably could have gone heavier but was really concentrating on keeping my back straight. Feel like my form is getting better.

    7:57 on the 2k row. 8 seconds faster than my previous so happy with that. Thanks for the push dlede. Great coaching tonight.

  23. Mike T

    210 for the DL’s. (Up from 195 the last time). Felt good. I want to try 220 or maybe even 225 next time. Gotta work on keeping those legs straight on the way back down.

    9:10 on the row. First time doing this distance. My form on this is so inefficient. Can’t seem to find the right groove.

  24. Brooke

    Neil and I got home from the hospital around 6 p.m. and I was in the gym by 7:30 p.m. to let off a little (a lot?) of steam.

    Thanks Dlede for putting up with me!

    DL: 145 lbs (up 5 lbs from last time so PR)
    2K row: 8:49 (this may or may not be a PR, I think i’ve only done it one other time and I remember being in the 8:50’s)