The Captain of the ship rockin’ jeans and a perfect overhead.
Who else can pull off denim during a workout?!

Strength WOD:
Overhead Squat

** Pause in the very bottom, stay steady, then drive up.
Don’t go up in weight if the depth isn’t what you’re capable of in warm-ups.

Conditioning WOD:
Tabata AbMat Sit-Ups
Tabata Push-Ups

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.
–  Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. Jared

    115-135-145-155-165 (pr)
    162 lbs bodyweight as of 5:25 this morning, so this makes me feel good!

    Situps: 12
    Pushups: 6 – 18 in first round took a bit out of me.

  2. dlede

    Crossfit relentless in CT

    1 mile
    50 bw back squats (155#)
    1 mile
    20 minutes

    1k row to cool down (trying to row more)

    yea I went at 6am…

  3. mcohen

    Great morning at the Gym. This heat is so good for me.

    OHS: 70-75-80-85-95.

    Tabata Situps: 10
    Tabata Pushups: 6

  4. Brooke


    1. 2nd Summer WODNIC
    Saturday, July 7
    10 a.m. WOD, 11 a.m. picnic
    Meet at the Pinetum
    Bring lunch for yourself or to share

    2. NYC Triathlon
    Sunday, July 8
    We have a couple members participating…EROC (who has guaranteed a win in his division), John Tisa (who has guaranteed a win in the “I didn’t train” division”), and Melanie.
    Come out to Central park to cheer them on or meet at Molly’s Pitcher around 2:30 p.m. (2nd Ave and 85th St.) to celebrate their finish!

    3. CFM Sendoff for PlugPilot Happy Hour
    Friday, July 13th at 8:30 p.m. (after the WODs).
    Brad Russell is leaving us for his real family. Come say goodbye and tell him how awesome he is.
    Location TBA.

    4. CFM Movie night (see EJ’s) post above.

    All these things can be found on the calendar on the News/Events page here:

    Stay thirsty and drink lots of agua!!!!

  5. jhenry

    85-95-105-115-135. First time doing OH squats. Should of started heavier but now I know.

    Tabata Situps: CRAMP!
    Tabata Pushups: 8.

  6. miss those jeans..basically disintegrated on me. a denim free barbell kinda mood this AM:

    OHS 185(3), 195(3), 205(3), 215(2), 215(3)
    Front Squat 225(3) x 5
    Press 8×3 on minute, 135

    Happy 5th!

  7. AllisonV

    Cash In = 1.4 mile run to gym

    Warm-Up Sets = 15# (10), 20# (5), 20# (3)

    WOD: 20-25-30-35-40(2)
    Lost focus on point straight ahead on last rep and lost my balance, but still happy with the weight I put up. I had to bail out on 1 rep of 30# on 5/29, so this is progress for me!

    Tabata situps = 5 (abs still super sore from Tuesday)
    Tabata pushups = 4

    Cash Out = foam roller

  8. bfarrel

    Q: Who else can pull off denim in a workout?
    A: Not bfarrel, as he stares in complete awe of what is transpiring in front of him hoping that he too can get to that level one day.


  9. AllisonNYC

    WOW! Check out Jasen in the news! Perfect rep for the gym. He looks like a total badass.

    The Caveman workout looks cool… NOT! You’d have to pay me billions of dollars to touch grass with my feet or swing from a bug covered tree branch. Gross! I don’t pay high rent to live in the city to touch nature. PASS

    But that stroller workout seems like just the excuse I needed to have a baby B-Boy… ohhh Brendaaan 😉

    Side Note… Eric, looks like the Google Info has to get updated. That guy didn’t mention that the gym has moved on up… or down from over the Body Shop :O

  10. vicnord

    OH 53(3) 58(3) 63(3) 68(3) 73(3)

    felt 100% solid about these OH squats – love the 33# Bars!!!

    @AllisonNYC a baby Brendan/Allison will have the gene pool to crush the future Crossfit Games!

  11. plugpilot

    OHS: After a few weeks off to get my back fixed, and reading the “check your ego at the door” sign, I dropped down in weight, concentrated on form and getting low.

    75(3), 80(3), 85(3), 90(3), 95(3)

    Tabata: Situps – 15, Pushups – 10

    It’s good to be back at CFM, even if it’s only for a few more days. I’m gonna miss this place!

  12. BAston

    Had my first ever paleo dinner last night, thanks again Z!

    Got up to 115# at nysc (again, thx Eroc!). We gotta get AC at the box, I’m a sweaty disaster.

  13. ledbelly

    Hamptons House – mixed a little old with a little new

    1 Mile Run


    Incline Bench – 175
    Lat Pull downs
    Seated Rows

    4×8 Bench press – 185


    KB Swings and BJ’s

    Gonna try to check out Crossfit Hamptons tomorrow

  14. ashleigh

    73×3, 78×3, 83×3, 88×3, 93×2

    125 total reps for sit ups and pushups(down on toes, up on knees)

  15. Katie


    Need to put my knees out before I can move up in weight.

    142 total reps – knee push ups

  16. jen

    Felt the best they have in almost 2 years of CF. Thanks Allison. OHS are my new fave!!

    Tabata: 148 total reps
    situps: 96 reps
    pushups: 52 reps. Very excited to have done 50+ pushups in 4 minutes. Felt strong!

  17. Laura

    I hate this lift! But felt some success today.
    OHS 63-68-73-75-78(failed on 3rd)

    Tabata: 138 total
    96 sit ups
    42 push ups

  18. Joe

    OHS 27-32-37-42-52

    pain free woohoo!! More weight next time Brendan…i promise!!

    Tabata situps = 84 (min 10)
    Tabata pushups = 53 (min 5)

  19. sam

    OHS: 70, 75, 80, 80, 85. Started to lose form on the last set.

    Metcon: 127
    Sit ups: 81
    Push ups: 46

  20. EJ

    Buy in:
    3 rounds of Cindy

    *called it a day at 123. Shoulder felt a little wonky

    Metcon = 162
    Sit ups 111?
    Pushups 51

    Snatch Practice
    3x(63-73)- 2x(78-83-88)

    GHD Situps/HipExt

    As always, great class Alli!

  21. LB

    65, 70, 75, 80, 85
    Great class with Allison, listen to what she says

    Situps- 80
    Pushups – 48 (knees)

  22. cat

    20, 25, 25, 30, 30

    First time doing overhead squats in months. Stayed light to see how it feels tomorrow!

    80 situps
    38 pushups (on knees)