CFM is filled with some seriously cool, adventurous people.  Marilina is completely blowing my mind here.  This takes the importance of grip strength a whole new level.

Strength WOD:
Pause Squat  (Overhead)
5 x 3

**  Aim to use one of your middle sets from last time for the whole workout today.  **
**  The weight you choose should allow for a comfortable pause at the bottom, deepest depth physically possible for you, knees out & a flat back.  If any of those things start to fade, you know what to do…  **

Accessory Work:
2 Sets NFT:
20 Back Extensions (with a 2 Second Hold at the Top)
Foam Roll / Lacrosse Ball

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering – an image of death.
–  Buddha

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.
–  Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. AllisonNYC

    The light green things are links.. they’re not showing up underlined for some reason.

    Still tripping out over Marilina’s pictures. I’d be so scared that I would go limp and fall right off that cliff. I’m so impressed that I can barely get my head around it. CRAZY!!

  2. Jared

    135# OHS
    be sure to use chalk, my hands were slipping like crazy. My hands also sweat a lot, so maybe you all don’t have that issue.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    115-115-115-125-135 (all for 3, 3-rep PR is 145). Things started clicking when Abbott told me my heals were leaving the ground. This is pretty bad when you are wearing oly shoes. Once I really focused on staying back on my heals on the way up, it was much easier to keep the bar path vertical.

  4. Vikram

    By far my WORST movement. OHS bring out all that is bad in Skinny.

    Just 38#

    Thanks to Julia, Mel & Amylynne for the advice. I have so far to go with shoulder flexibility. Been mobilizing at night – but will step it up in the days ahead.

    Your desk is your worst enemy.

  5. mcohen

    I am a tad confused. It was a paltry and tepid 90 degrees in the gym this morning. A far cry from the 105 of yesterday’s yoga. Yet I almost passed out during the Burgner warmup. A glass of water and my man AVA setting the standard on the the lift, and I was able to rally.

    95 lbs on the 5 x 3 overhead squat.

    Keep with it Skinny. It was not long ago that I absolutely could not overhead squat a pvc. It comes.

  6. Vikram

    Thanks, Big Mike.

    Thought I was going to pass out on the Burgner’s too. If you noticed, I stopped to collect my breath.

    One day – one day – I will work up the courage to actually remove my shirt. Until such time, it’s a ton more practice and gallons of water for me.


  7. Melanie

    65lbs OHS

    Haven’t done OHS in awhile but I think this was a good weight.. It felt good but will aim to go heavier next time.

    V – your determination is very motivating!

  8. marilina

    slept in and going climbing! Thanks Allison.
    Mikey’s hand is supposed to be belaying me. Not quite sure how much he lets go of the rope to take pictures.

  9. Jared

    Vikram, i saw you take off your shirt at yoga. You were probably too delirious to remember, but you did it!

  10. vicnord

    68# x 3 for 5 sets

    I almost chickened out because this felt really heavy in warmup for 1 rep but really glad I stuck with it. I need to get used to the weights feeling heavy but being able to do the lift anyway – especially with by back squats.

  11. Amylynne

    Could not make it in to gym today so did my own wod at home with LB:

    3/4 mi sprint
    21-15-9 dips/pushups
    3/4 mi sprint
    21-15-9 kb swings (1 pood)/burpees


    Was going to end on another sprint but I’m beat from that!

  12. LB

    Wod with AJF
    1/2 mile sprint
    21-15-9 kb swings(1 pood)/burpees
    1/2 mile sprint
    21-15-9 bench assisted dips/knee pushups
    1/4 mile sprint

  13. jen

    At CrossFit Independence (ohio)

    Skill work
    Sets of 3. Worked up to 60lbs. Felt good and trainers were impressed with my depth and form. Never thought I’d impress anyone with my OHS – progress.

    MetCon- from 2010 games
    7 rounds
    3 power cleans 75 lbs. (rx 135lb)
    4 hspu (rx is on rings!) 1 abmat+ 15lb plate. ( 2 abmats last 2 rounds cause shoulders were toast)- looking back OHS prob not the best skill to have chosen.

  14. Brett

    67 lb for ohs. Went very low and held for about 2 seconds. Probably could have done more weight. However had ct scan on elbow today. Who knows?

  15. phillipc

    95#, weight felt very comfortable (1 wobble, lack of concentration), but taking her easy given residual shoulder pain