A couple that CrossFits together, stays together… And wears the same kicks!  😀
Mike, you look a pro, but Allison looks like she should be on the cover of a magazine.. a stretching magazine!

Competition Style:
9 – 6 – 3  Deadlift  205 / 315
3 – 2 – 1  Resistance Run
12 – 9 – 6 Pull-Ups

All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.
–  Pope Paul VI


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  1. Vikram

    SO GOOD TO BE BACK AMONG FAMILY! Two days off for a bug, but back in the saddle now. 6 AM inspirational as always.

    A bit light on the DLs due to form issues (hams super tight). Thanks to my amazing partner Ben for accommodating my 165 lbs, though he could have gone heavier.

    13:18 combined; 4:55 individual

    Feel better, Ben! Paige, Amy, Todd – thanks for the “ride home.”

  2. Jared

    15:56 w/ Andrew, 7:56 individual rx’d

    I am getting better at being efficient with chest to bar pullups. I probably rested a bit too much, but this was a really tough workout. Those DLs are rough when you are completely out of breath.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    I think 7:45 rx’d. Pull-ups and DLs were much harder than expected. 315 was definitely the right weight as the round of 6 was rough. I need to make sure I fully open my hips at the top of DL.

    I really enjoyed the resistance runs and hope we do that more.

  4. jen


    Hey everyone! It’s time for another nutrition challenge here at Metropolis. This time we are doing things a little bit differently. Lurongliving is having a Paleo Challenge and we are going to participate. It is open to ALL CrossFit affilitates, so you are competing against CrossFitters from all over the country – and we all know how this group loves a little competition!! The challenge runs from 9/17-11/18.
    Buy in is $50

    ***SAVE THE DATE: Nutrition Seminar from Brendan, as well as a brief informational meeting, will be on Sunday 9/9. Time TBD.

    “This is the first Nationwide Paleo Challenge that gives people of all experience levels a chance to win. The comprehensive scoring is based on 3 major components: WOD performance, diet and improvements. Compete both as an individual and for your Affiliate Team.”

    Check out the website for more information and SIGN UP under CF Metropolis!!! Once we have 20 people, we qualify for a grand prize!!

    Stay tuned….More details to come…….If you have any questions so far, email me at [email protected]

  5. Brooke

    Speaking of Nutrition Challenge…

    Last chance to eat food before you only eat almonds chicken and broccoli.

    Dinosaur BBQ
    Sunday, August 26th
    3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
    ~$30 per person
    3 meats, 3 sides, yum…

    Email me if you want to join (tomorrow I’m giving final headcount so plan fast!)
    [email protected]


  6. Ambrose

    One of the hardest WODs I’ve done. Thanks to Dale for pushing me. Trying to hold back Dale on the resistance bands was laughable. He was basically just dragging me around the room. We had a combined time of 17min. and change. Still working on getting the pull-ups up to snuff.

  7. ledbelly

    17:11 with Joe

    I couldn’t do C2B the entire WOD today, just didn’t have the energy, deads crush me!

  8. lauren

    @sass – I dragged weiner around… NOT easy!

    7:52 @ 145 deads and weiner for the resistance runs.

    Could’ve gone heavier on the deads. Weiner was more than enough.

    Good times, 7am.

  9. jen

    Just one more quick note about the Paleo Challenge:
    It’s not about winning (that’s just an added perk)…please do NOT let that deter you from joining…it is very similar to the previous nutrition challenges, however they provide the structure and tracking methods for us… We will still be here to help with nutrition advice and guidance, just as with the previous challenges. So, Please sign up! It looks great!!

  10. SoCalAndrew

    15:56 w/ Jared, 7:37 individual rx’d. Nice work, Jared.

    I’m resting Friday, but will be back over the weekend. Looking forward to the BBQ. There will be traditional CrossFit kool-aid, right?

  11. Ron

    You win Brendan.

    Legs are locked up. DL 205. Did an extra (or two) sprints with Brendan pulling the band.

    See you on Sunday.

  12. Amylynne


    deads at 148, which is close to my 5 RM
    Brendan/Melissa resistance running (definitely the hardest part!)
    C2B pullups

    (daisy is passed out)

  13. Paige

    10:58ish with Amy

    deads at 125 should have gone heavier
    jumping p/ups 15-12-9

    @Amy, thanks for the motivation-“pump your arms, it will make you go faster”…um notsomuch but thanks for trying 🙂

    @Skinny, Amy and Todd-I enjoy our urban carpool minus the running Skinny

  14. amy edelman

    @Paige. I completely made the arm pumping up. Just wanted to see you do it. Hahaha. I am not sure if that would even help. 😉

    135 on deadlifts. Should have gone heavier also
    Jumping pull ups 15-12-9

    Good work Paige!

  15. Benjammin

    I love 6am at CFM! I was really bummed I missed yesterdays death by 10 but today’s WOD was fun. Skinny V as my partner and I could do no wrong. I now have inspiration. Have you seen this man bust out pull ups?

    Thanks for motivation. Team finished in 13:18 (8:08 individual) Pull ups still are difficult for me. 2 days off to prepare for a incredibly long run on Saturday.

    See you guys on Sunday!

  16. Nico

    8’38” with DLs at 275 lbs and strict pull ups

    The resistance run was super tough and I think Allison enjoyed making it even harder but it was a great workout and look forward to doing it again.

    I need to pick up the pace though as I feel I always take more time than anybody else to complete these workouts.

    Thanks Allison and Adam for pushing me again.

  17. sassypants

    fun class
    @165#, Win resistance, kipping pullups

    fun class. can’t wait to see the photos of Daniel pulling two girls.

  18. BAston

    6:27 @ 175#, for started going in the shitter on DL’s. Started with c2b, but they fell off fast.

    Nice job Patrick, you killed it today!

  19. stephmil

    5:12 with 150# & kipping pull ups
    accidentally did 12 DLs on the first round

    comp style WODs are a blast…loved everyone cheering on Peter at the end!!

  20. Joe

    5:[email protected]#
    subbed ring rows for pullups…hate my shoulder.

    Dragged Jason around! Awesome job doing it Rx partner. I guess that’s not scary for a guy who stares down alligators in real life!

  21. alexsnape

    Got a great private session with EJ @ 7:30!!

    6:24 @ 225

    I don’t think I would gotten sub 8 if I hadn’t had EJ yelling “3-2-1” to get me back on the pull up bar. Really makes a big difference. Thanks EJ!

  22. sam

    5:13 @ 135 – need to stop curving my back on the DL’s.

    Awesome workout. Thanks for the push (and pull) Phillip.