“It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.”  🙂

Dynamic Strength WOD:
Push Press
10 x 3
On the Minute, Rest for the Remaining Time

Conditioning WOD:
AMRAP in 12 Minutes
7 Burpee Broad Jump
14 Toes to Bar
21 Double Unders

5 x 5 Push Press
Old Skool Annie Press, Push Press, Push Jerk WOD Demo
Annie & Nicole Talk About Common Issues with the Push Press
Aimee Everett Snatch Workout

Fall seven times, stand up eight.
– Japanese proverb

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  1. EJ


    I’ll be placing another order for jump ropes and wrist wraps if any of you are interested. email me ([email protected]) if you’d like more information. I’m placing the order TOMORROW so act fast 🙂 Wrist wraps (

    *DOUBLE UNDER help – Sunday, 7/22 @ 12pm

    On Sunday, 7/22 Coach Eroc and I will be having an informal skills clinic on DUs. Just come prepared with your jump rope (if you have one) and we’ll break down some progressions to practice and give you some pointers on how to improve your DU skills.

    Group size will be limited. E-mail me ([email protected]) if you want a spot.

    *Movie Night – NEXT MONDAY, JULY 23 – STRONG!

    A bunch of CFM members are going out to watch this documentary on Oly Lifter Cheryl Haworth. If interested, information below. Everyone is invited! Come get inspired! E-mail me ([email protected]) with questions

  2. Vikram

    Subbed dumb bell rows with gammy shoulder. Thanks to Coach Love for pointing out my rounded back. Story of my life…

    4 even on the metcon. Great 6 an vibe as always!

  3. phillipc

    Carlos – your Spanish-victory-inspired $20 is with Bboy for collection, since I never seem to actually see you at the box.

  4. DT

    Just a little moving around and staying limber for the ironman on sunday.. love the burpee broad jumps!


  5. Valbona

    Great 6am class. DT – kick butt at the Ironman

    68# PP

    4rds + 5 burpees. Loved seeing everyone able to do T2B. Nick work everyone!

  6. kabset

    Great to be back with the 6am crew.

    120lbs on the push press.
    Metcon 4 rounds flat.

    DT – all the best for the triathlon – I’m sure you’ll make us proud.

  7. Adam Van Auken

    Black Swamp Crossfit. DL – 325(3),345(3),365(3,PR). “Felt good. Will do more next time.” (Walkowitz, 2012). Then DL – 315(10, PR), 225(20, needed two sets due to weak grip). Then metcon: 4 rounds –
    25 dubs
    25 walking lunge with ball overhead (20#)
    25 wall balls
    15:47. Gassed.

  8. mikey.bialos

    push press at 125#
    metcon 5 rounds+change

    now gonna climb the stairs in my building with weight vest

  9. Sam B

    135 x 5 reps, then dropped to 125 x 5
    4 rounds + 7 T2b

    My DUs were unbroken as well — Amylynne you were flying! 🙂

  10. ashleigh


    2 +17 – but that was my first time doing all toes to bar in a WOD so I stuck with it even though they took me forever!

  11. phillipc

    85# pp…taking her real easy after jacking up my shoulder last time out
    3+31 on amrap…bit shitty really, dubs were

  12. kpo17


    thursday night bro session lifting to a remixes of katy perry. absolutely one of the most money crossfit workouts i’ve had.

    125 lbs (sets 1-3 felt light, sets 4-5 felt perfect, sets 6-10 felt like i was lifting a god damn skyscraper above my head)

    6 even. haven’t felt this great in a wod in a while. was able to just keep moving and moving and even ran between the t2b and DUs. I had to break up some of the T2B into single reps but it only took a few seconds to hop back up on the bar. I attribute this to a newfound rest strategy – do a 6am on day 1, get a great nights sleep, eat a higher GI meal for lunch lower GI meals for breakfast/dinner, show up prepared to dominate at 8:30pm on Day 2.

    Phillipe – enjoy bermuda and congrats on your anniversary!

    Thursday night bros – in the house! Jermaine, Justin, welcome to crossfit metropolis. Prepare to get stronger, quicker and better looking than you ever have before.

  13. rafael

    165lbs – just right

    6 rounds – Rx’d
    Double unders were unbroken on last 3 rounds. Calve is almost @ 100%