He Did It!!


He Did It!!

Congratulations on completing the Ironman, DT! 
What a huge accomplishment.  CFM is proud of your hard work and your heart!

Strength WOD:
Push Press
5 x 5

Click for the last time we did this workout
(And to see a picture of Dave rockin’ an awesome overhead position!)


Conditioning WOD:
AMRAP in 15 Minutes of:
12 Swings  (CF Annie Demo Video)
8  Thrusters, Each Side
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 
8 Reverse Lunges, Each Side
3 Turkish Get-Ups, Each Side

**  With the same KB for the whole workout – 16/25  **
** OH Reverse Lunges –  (Video Demo.. Not perfect, but you get the point)
** Turkish Get-Ups:  Do them properly and at a reasonable speed.  Slow down for this part. **

Jeff Martone Turkish Get- Up Part 1
Jeff Martone Turkish Get-Up Part 2
Jeff Martone Turkish Get-Up Part 3
Jeff Martone Turkish Get-Up Variations.. Including an Amylynne Sized Woman!

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
–  Aristotle

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  1. Vikram

    That’s a great photo. The T in DT is for the Truth…

    Struggling with trying to be mature (as usual). I’m awake, but think I’m going to cool my heels and lay off the shoulder. It’s feeling so much better, but don’t want to push things at this stage.

    Back to bed. Up in a bit to ice.

    I hope you guys kill this.

  2. Jared

    170# 5×5: I missed one rep in the 3rd and 4th sets. In the 3rd, I tried it again right after without a rerack and got it fine. Next time: 170# to be perfect.

    KB Hell: a little less than 2 rounds. Those turkish getups are confusing.

  3. alexsnape

    Push presses at 125#, but failed at #5 on the last two rounds.

    2 rounds + thrusters on the KB’s

  4. Adam Van Auken

    Very tired this morning so I slept in and hit the 7 AM.
    Push Press – 155 and then 165 for last 4 sets. Last one felt great so 170 next time. Note to self: switch to oly shoes on later reps for the Inigo Montoya “I am not left handed” mental edge.

    KettleHell – Went very light. 12 KG for get-ups and 1 pood for everything else. 2 rounds and 4 SDHPs. Pretty lazy/tired this morning.

  5. DT

    Thanks so much for the blog love!!

    Team DTF took care of business in Lake Placid. Believe me, that race was a team effort and I could not have done it without Brad & KPO pumping me allll the way up every time around.

    A huge huge thanks for your generosity to the Standing Tall fundraiser guys. Shows what a tight community of big hearted people we have. Thank you!!

    I gotta get back to the beach haha!! See you soon!

  6. Bigs Ups to DT. Ironman, very impressive.

    3 major casualties at the gym today.
    A) AC is fixed; we’ve entered the AC generation. A little piece of metropolis 1.0 died today! 3rd floor autobody shop in august; remember those days??
    B) blew the ass out of my favorite cargo shorts back squatting.
    C) cohen missed 2 wods in a row

    Mainsite – 15:21

  7. ledbelly

    195 5×5 – 225 last time (third WOD in a row, tired, no juice, no heart, but glad I broke a sweat today – more than most people at 6am)

    Metcon: Started then bailed, way too much thinking for my jock brain

    Mainsite WOD looks fun, we should do it!

  8. mcohen

    Thanks for the love – elove & Jared.

    I listened to my body and took those extra 2 hours of sleep this morning. I just needed a rest day.

    Sorry about your shorts. Maybe you will join us and but some reebok Crossfit clothes.

  9. sara

    60# push-press. Felt better with each set. Next time will go with 65#.

    Metcon: Got through 2 rounds plus 4 SDHPs. Used three different KB weights. Those getups are not fun.

  10. AllisonNYC

    Is That the look you’ve been going for? Gym Teacher? I like it!

    Maybe now you’ll get a pair of LuLuLemons… They’ll stretch to the point of showing your whole crack or g-string … but they’ll never ever rip on you!

  11. Stace

    Push press – 70# first 4 rounds; went up to 75# on last round. Will start at 72# next time.

    2 rounds + 1/2 turkish get-ups. Went very light on the KB. It was just me & Vicky at 10am. Seeing her rock those turkish get-ups really motivated me.

  12. Vikram

    Not feeling nearly as bad about skipping today since Big Mike bagged it. He sets the standard for dedication.

    I will – however – still do a mobility/strength thing at the globo.

    Under Armour has a nice set of pliable khaki choices.

    Back to work and Aimee vid breaks.

  13. ledbelly

    Elove, if I ever see you in a pair of lululemons, my face and heart will be full of disappointment – keep it real!

  14. Amylynne

    Crossfit main site wod as I can’t get to class today

    21 BS (125)
    42 GHD
    15 BS
    30 GHD
    9 BS
    18 GHD


  15. Jared

    eric – go for the lululemon shorts. My shirt was from lululemon and I could tell how jealous you were of it. We can be crossfit clothes twins.

  16. ERIC S.

    Main site WOD for time with Coach EJ:
    225 pound Back squat, 21 reps
    42 GHD Sit-ups
    225 pound Back squat, 15 reps
    30 GHD Sit-ups
    225 pound Back squat, 9 reps
    18 GHD Sit-ups

    Rx’d 10:25
    Lulu lemon shorts Rx’d
    *EJ kicked my butt!
    Congrats DT you’re officially an IRON MAN!
    Elove I have a connection at Lulu and I can get u a pair of khaki shorts that won’t ever rip on you.

  17. Adam Van Auken

    I’ve seen Eric wearing a Lululemon shirt. What a sissy.

    It took me several ripped shorts/boxers, pain from sweat in eyes, bleeding shins, and drenched cotton shirts to become the epitome of CrossFit fashion that I am today.

  18. mcohen

    You really have to love our blog. And for today, Allison questioning Eric wearing a thong under his cargo shorts. The pull between crossfit clothes and yacht wear to the gym. Oh, and by the way, several people did a WOD today.

    All I am saying is that the proof is in the results. I started crossfit almost 2 years ago and could not break parallel in an air squat. Today, well today I can. The results have nothing to do with getting up at 4 in the morning and working my ass off. Its all about the clothes.

  19. vicnord

    PP – 70# for 4 rds 75# for rd 5 – Arrgh! I need to stop being such a chickenshit and put more weight on the bar from the get-go.

    Loved the Turkish Getup Wod! Stacey struggling hard alongside me kept me going!!

    2 complete rounds + 12 reverse lunges. 16k for swings & SDHP 8k for single arm moves.

  20. AllisonNYC

    That sounds like my outfit, Eric! And I’m gunning for his squat, too.

    Mike, I didn’t mean that Eric wears thongs! I just mean that since I started doing CrossFit that I’ve seen lots of butt cracks and panties in the bottom of deadlifts and squats! Girls (and Eric), make sure to do the bend over test in the mirror before the big debut of your new threads in the gym. 😀 heheheh The good thing is all of the booties have been very, very cute 🙂

  21. marilina

    I think Mikey is in the “shorts ripped while squatting low” club. Then we got him Lulus. No rip yet except into the credit card bill.

    Allison, I doubt my flat Asian ass will bust out of the shorts, but if you see crack, please let me know.

    Nancy Reagan, “just say no to crack.” She was onto something.

    Total rest day.

  22. Tommy

    135lb push press 5×5

    Metcon: 2 rds + 16 thrusters

    Swings and sumo’s done w/ 24 kg.

    16kg for everything else

  23. mikey.bialos

    KB swings and seated shoulder press, just to change things up
    run 2 miles medium pace in the rain.. nice!
    50 strict pullups, mixed grip

    not gonna lie.. i also did some curls when no one was looking

  24. Joe

    Push Press: 110# plus 5# from last time

    Metcon 2 rounds + Swings and 1 thruster.
    usede a 16kg for all except lefty step backs and turkish getups used a light one, not sure i think it was 15#.

    Run home through the apocolypse getting soaked to the bone…..Rx.

  25. ERIC S.

    Main site WOD
    Was actually 9:06 rx’d

    I posted cyborgs time of 10:26. So Amylynne you owe me a drink, just saying.

  26. PJ

    (1) ART w Dr Mike, busting scar tissue up
    (2). BBQ w bfarrel, John Browns LIC is the truth.
    (3). Superstorm / strong derecho as Rx.

  27. BrookeHCooper

    73 lbs push press. Could have gone slightly heavier.

    3 rounds less the TGUs in round 3
    16 kg KB for swings and SDHP
    8 kg KB for thrusters and reverse lunges
    Baby KB for TGUs

  28. cat

    48 lbs push press

    I might be one of the only ppl to say this today- but i really like Kettlehell!!

    2 rds plus sdhp
    12kg for swings and sdhp
    8kg for the rest

    slowly but surely adding the weight back on. shoulder feels good after tonight

  29. Melissa

    Crossfit Burlington VT

    300 Single unders

    4 rounds for time

    500m row
    17 KBS
    14 KB snatch
    11 burpees


  30. Ang

    75 # pp

    3 rounds flat

    16 KB, except for TGU 8 kb

    Oh, how excited was I to do a KB workout? So excited!!! Thanks for Kettle Hell.