Thursday, April 21st


Thursday, April 21st


Note: Thursday and Friday 10 am classes are cancelled. Come to 7am!


Back Squat


For time:
2 Minute Plank
50 Kettlebell Swings, 24/20
2 Minute Reverse Plank

Post all loads and time to Comments.

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  1. BAston

    Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5:


    30# off my best 5 rep, but the heaviest I’ve gone in 3 months, so I’ll take it.

  2. robseda

    @Ron you’re an animal!
    Morning brick workout- 3 CP loops on the bike and one reservoir loop on the feet.

  3. dtm

    NFT: 40 for realz HSPU
    I started to do death-by but that’s not in the deck for me just yet.

    Lots of hip mobility work plus ice bags strapped to both legs.

    Getting a chance to listen to Jasen and Ed bicker while working out during the 7am was a priceless experience.

  4. Back on the horse:

    a) Back squats 5×[email protected]
    Five rounds for time of:
    20 GHD situps
    10 Dumbell snatch, righty, 50lbs
    10 Dumbell snatch, lefty 50lbs
    5 Muscle ups
    – 18:48
    Back squats dedicated to the artist formerly known as skinny seda.

  5. Liz

    BS: 🙁 back started hurting
    Metcon: 5:48 rx. Unbroken because Johanna refused to break so I couldn’t either 😛

  6. johanna

    Bad barbell math so we will say that I started at my first warmup set:
    realized i was 10# heavier than i thought at 185, so stopped at 190.
    Metcon: 6:08 Rx. Unbroken because Liz refused to break, but I clearly rested between movements longer than she did. Didn’t know I could do 50 KBS unbroken. funfun.

  7. Melissa TruHero

    OHS test
    WU: 33(10)-55(5)-75(3)
    95(3)-115(2)-125-130-135 fx2
    – first time in a long time testing this…max is 133#
    – the squat isn’t the problem, but need to get better at jerks from behind the neck

    metcon: 6:40 Rx’d

    Back Squats for some more volume
    – stopped because I felt a pinch in my neck….womp womp

  8. dquat

    bs- wasnt feeling them today stopped @ 4th
    glute ham raises 3×5
    glutes were toasty by third set. did not look good.