Thursday, April 7th


Thursday, April 7th


Team Throwdown this Saturday!
Here are the team rosters. Red Panthers get a 25 point head start.


Front Squat

Go as heavy as possible for all 4 sets.


10 Minutes, Every Minute on the Minute:
Odd Minutes: Pushups (for Rx+ use parallettes)
Even Minutes: Double Unders

Post all loads and metcon score to Comments.
Your score for the metcon is your lowest number of pushups and dubs for any one round.

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  1. BAston

    FS 10’s:
    135/145/155/165(6) finished with a few more reps at 155
    Did same weights for 5’s on Sunday…. Looks like I was lazy last weekend.

    13 push ups on parallettes / 36 Dubs

  2. Matt

    Front Squats:
    165-165-170-175 (Average of 169, 15# up from last time’s 155 avg)

    Sick of feeling upper back pinch during this lift… time to start sots pressing
    5×5 w empty bar today, will do this once a week for 6 weeks

    17/72 rx+
    Held 21/80 for 2 rounds, then dropped

    1. Liz

      I’d be down for the stair run!
      Wod: 93-103-103-103(fail from dropping from the zombie at 8)
      Push ups 12-12-12-12-15
      Du: 40-40-40-40-70

  3. Bucky

    Front Squats:
    Averaged better than my last time of 85-95-105-125.

    10 Pushups on parallettes/30 Double Unders

  4. dtm

    165-175-185-190 (178.75 avg)

    11Rx+ / 51*

    I rowed for cals last two sets of dubs, fearful of a stress fracture in my foot. Can’t imagine how I did that.

    1. Melissa TruHero

      Thanks for setting the precedent :/. I did something to my foot in the massive 800m runs I did yesterday. Icing it now. Could have been new shoes but who knows…

    2. BAston

      Crazy Dan running miles upon miles all the time vs. Melissa running 2 800m runs. Totally comparable. 🙂

  5. ERIC S.

    Front squats 10 Rep
    155, 185, 205, 225, 245
    5 rounds
    7 thrusters @135
    30 dubs
    7 hang power cleans @135
    7:17 rx

  6. Melissa TruHero

    Front squat 10s
    135-140-145-150(9) Grrrr! Got the same number at 150 last time we did this. Last time my wrist gave out and this time I’m blaming tired legs. Avg. 138.75

    Push-ups on white parallettes – 10 rx’d
    Sit-ups instead of dubs – 24

  7. johanna

    muscle up practice

    FS (10s): 125-135-140-145, Avg: 136.25
    (i did 145 because melissa did. that was hard.)