Thursday, August 18th


Thursday, August 18th


Amrap 3 minutes of:
1 Press 115/75
3 Push Press 115/75
5 Push Jerks 115/75

Amrap 3 minutes of:
Ring Dips

Amrap 3 minutes of:

Rest 3 minutes between each. Post score for each amrap to Comments.

Courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin

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  1. Minna

    The harsh reality is that I suck at gymnastics. But this was a fun one!

    4 rounds @ 75 lb, first round unbroken (bad idea)

    21 Ring Dips (negatives), plan was to do more than 15.

    28 Push-ups, plan was to do 2-3 reps at a time and keep moving. regardless of quads cramping this was fun.

  2. ERIC S.

    Rotator prep then
    DB seated shoulder press 40/8, 45/8, 50/8, 55/6
    Cybex rear delt flyes 85/12reps X 4
    DB curls 20/12 reps x 4

    Cash out 55s
    10-1 strict t2b
    1-10 push-ups

  3. johanna

    yesterday’s deads: 165(3)-185(3)-205(3)-225(3)PR old 1RM is 220

    WOD: 4/14/28 Rx
    could not get one more strict press