Thursday, August 22nd, 2013


Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Tough call between this one and E’s CFM selfie!  But the Trenta Passion Iced Teas made it a little easier!  😀

Rest 1 Min
Rest 2 Min
Rest 3 Min
Rest 2 Min

CONGRATULATIONS to EJ & KELLY on their Engagement!!!
Soooo Happy for you both.. That’s pretty much the best birthday present EVA!  Great work, Kelly!!!

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  1. lauren

    SO excited for EJ and Kelly!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Total: 25:41.5 (2:34 avg. pace)
    500 – 2:16.6
    1000 – 5:01.8
    2000 – 10:42
    1000 – 5:11.9
    500 – 2:28

    Thank you Allie and Mike for the push!

    EMOM dip ladder up through the 7’s, got stuck in the 8’s.

  2. mcohen

    Dip ladder through the round of 10. But, I did kip a few in the last round


    Total time 19:43

    When the 6 footers show up this afternoon I expect to see some sub 17 minute times.

    EJ & Kelly. So happy for you guys. I hear that Cookville Tennessee has replaced Hawaii as the number one honeymoon location. Just putting that out there.

  3. Jared

    Wow, that was rough. Mental toughness is all you need to get through this.

    You’ll see how I fell apart below (mental toughness/running out of gas)…

    500M: 1:40.1
    1K: 3:59.1
    2K: 8:32.4
    1K: 4:14.2
    500M: 1:56.8
    TOTAL: 20:21.8

  4. Vikram

    Congrats EJ & Kelly – a double whammy birthday! Love it.

    I didn’t get to come in this AM because I had baby duty while my wife did yoga.

    Get used to taking turns! It’s worth it!

  5. EJ

    Thanks for all the birthday greetings and congratulations 🙂 Great to have such awesome support and love from the community.

    And per usual business…


    **Labor Day Weekend Schedule**

    Enjoy the end of summer! We’ll be shut Saturday, August 31 through Monday, September 1. We will provide WODs that you can do outdoors or at home.


    In an effort to keep some consistency in our scheduling and avoid any confusion, we’re streamlining our schedule. More details to come in the next few weeks. Please continue to read the blog and Facebook for updates. The new schedule is to take effect on September 3rd


    Before the Whole Life Challenge, come join us for drinks to catch up. All are invited! We encourage all you newbies, veterans and our usual attendees to come out. Nothing like hitting a WOD and catching up afterwards.

    If you like good company and good conversation, you have nothing to lose by coming out. 2nd Avenue between 84th and 85th.


    Open to all. Curious how to change up your nutrition or clean it up? Come join us for an informal session. We ask that you RSVP if you will be attending:


    We’ve got 13 people signed up. This is a great way to keep you accountable and to challenge yourself to make some healthy lifestyle changes for 8 weeks.

    Here’s what to do:

    Go to
    Create an account
    Register for the Challenge that starts on September 7th
    (use our Unique Community Discount Code: WLCRYGwjqCyD)

  6. EulK


    Took a rest yesterday and made a big difference. I’ve also figured out that, rowing faster doesn’t translate to faster finish.


  7. GusFerg

    Ditto on Jenna’s post – It was my first Yoga session and was really great – if you looking for an active rest day, its perfect. I can liken the warm up to one we did a couple of Saturdays ago with Bboy – very intense!
    Also it was great to be outside, taking in whats left of summer.
    Happy Birthday DONNA!

  8. ledbelly


    The rower tells you how hard you are not pulling

    Excellent wod, I hate rowing and I would do it again

    Honestly my ass hurts more than anything, they should put some cushion on those seats. My ass has a lot of cushion.

  9. johanna

    beat chad in a max DU contest, then yoga.

    ISHTA yoga has a yelp deal $40 for $60 worth of services which you can apply toward the 1 month new student special ($60).

  10. ERIC S.

    Snatch Thursday’s
    T&G 5×3 @95#
    T&G 5×3 @115#
    Work on 1rep max on snatch
    145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185f

  11. kpo17

    Congrats EJ and Kelly!

    Back squat 5-3-1+ 135-150-170(10)
    Front Squat 3-3-3+ 100-115-130(7)

    Air Squats
    Shoulder Work with a dumbbell

  12. Matt

    Email me if you’re interested in Brooklyn Beast this weekend or in the future! So far no one is down for this weekend, so maybe one weekend coming up…

    Check it out:

    parkour, flips, American Ninja Warrior, etc.

    Email me if you’re interested and we’ll get a group together!

    [email protected]

  13. Lightbody

    Brutal WOD

    Total 18:40
    500 1:49
    1K 3:40
    2K 7:38
    1K 3:48
    500 1:45

    Awesome awesome 5:30 crew tonight, Steph, Ang, Dave, and Aaron rocked the house. Great energy.

  14. EJ

    do as I say, not as I do. I rowed with Newman at 4:30 so she didn’t have to row alone

    500M – 2:07
    1K – 4:14.6
    2K – 9:06.1
    1K – 4:26.6
    500M – 2:13.5

    Total time – 22:06

    Proud of my PM people – negative splits galore – props to 6:30PM. Impressed with J$ numbers!

  15. Carmen

    First time rowing more than 1000 m (not sure I’ve even ever done that – how is that possible?)

    500m = 2:17
    1000m = 4:43
    2000m = 9:23
    1000m = 4:36
    500m = 2:04
    Total = 23:03

    DLede setting up a race in the last round among the girls definitely shaved 10s off my last 500m #shirtsoff

  16. Jess

    Fun times with all the girls 🙂

    500m= 2:15
    1000m= 4:42
    2000m= 10:01
    1000m= 4:48
    500m= 2:10
    Total= 21:56

    And a fun surprise visit from Sadi the puppy and Steve!

  17. Jenna

    500 – 2:05
    1000 – 4:26
    2000 – 9:03
    1000 – 4:28
    500 – 2:07

    22:09 – improved my time by over a minute

  18. sallys

    1K – 4:30
    2K – 9:10
    1K – 4:38
    500 – 2:13

    I had a total breakthrough on rowing today (I get it now! Hooray!). Thanks dlede and elove for the great coaching.