Wednesday, August 24th


Wednesday, August 24th

Mark your calendars! Our next social is Friday, September 9th at new local pubĀ The Weir!


“Rolling Thunder”

5 Rounds
Max Reps Bench Press, 155/95
Max Calorie Row in 1 Minute

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post all reps and calories to Comments.

Oly Session

Hang Snatch + Full Snatch
5 x (1 + 1)


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  1. ledbelly


    “That was a lot harder than it looked on paper” – Every Crossfitter
    “The rest was the best part” – Every Crossfitter

  2. sallys

    Crappy post wine night globo gym workout:
    3×5 strict pull ups
    5×3 back squats at 125 with some serious knee cave
    4×4 strict dips (static)

  3. JLee

    Oly (was secretly hoping nobody would show so I could bench instead)

    Snatch up to 105# working on getting under as fast as possible and hoping for the best. Worked reasonably well
    Clean up to 145# reps were feeling ugly so didn’t add much weight

  4. Matt

    Weak wrist oly sub
    Low hang snatch pull 5’s 135-185-205-215-215
    Low hang clean pull 5’s 215-235-245-255-255

    1. dtm

      Drink beer almost every day which leads to extra glycogen storage in your love handles. It’s like rocket fuel.

  5. Melissa TruHero

    Bench: accidentally started at 105#
    7(105#)-10-10-10-10 rx
    Calories: 21-20-20-20-22
    Total: 47/103

    Cash out: Tabata and with Tabata Andy

  6. Andy

    51/120 @135. Amazing how fast my chest went nonfunctional.

    Cashed out with Tabata Melissa with some Tabata abs.

  7. PlayGurlPattyG

    Today I ParTay!!! Oh No I mean OLY!!!

    The ladies and I jammed. Learned a ton from each other watching.

    My full snatch needs loads of fine tuning. I am telling you this like learning a dance move.

    But I think we can agree I did find a few moments of grace in the hang snatch

    53 lbs

  8. Kim

    Just the Snatch Complex, per Executive Order from President Eroc
    Started at 63, worked up to 93. Spent A LOT of time at 88#

  9. Melanie

    Snatch complex: 68-73-78-83-88 stayed on the lighter side to practice getting snappy with my turnover
    Double cleans: 93-98-103-108-113 just feeling lazy from the past few days