Thursday, February 18th


Thursday, February 18th

Skill Work

10 Minute AMRAP:
Accumulate 1 minute in an L-Sit
Accumulate 1 minute in a chin-up hold


With a Partner:
10 Rounds for Time, alternating:
10 Squat Cleans, 95/63
Front Rack Hold
10 Burpees

Partner A must hold the barbell in the front rack position while partner B burpees.

Post rounds + seconds, time to Comments.

Announcement! The Open begins in one week:
1st WOD
 Announced – 2/25 @ 8:00pm
16.1 at Metropolis – 2/27, all classes
Drinks at 5 Mile Stone – 2/27 @ 8:00pm

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  1. BAston

    3 people at 6am, so I made up yesterdays back squats. Worked up to 255# which is way, way off my PR of 285# in November. Excuses include 6am, weight down 15 lbs since new years, Ollie having to take a dump at 3:30am, and sand.

    30 GHD’s w/ 10# plate / 30 baqck extensions

  2. Matt

    Skill Work: 1 + 101 seconds. Ouch.

    Partnered up with Jasen for the metcon:
    17:02 Rx, Jasen gave me lots of time to rest between sets, so I was able to do all squat cleans unbroken. That was pretty fun. Holding the bar in the front rack was the most fun.

  3. johanna

    did a little static holding…

    partner wod with Steph and Ada:
    15:42 Rx

    then did yesterday’s wod with jimmy:
    6 min AMRAP
    18 pullups
    24 box jump overs 20″
    2+5 Rx

  4. Melanie

    5X4min run intervals w/ 3 min rest in CP
    17:40ish w/ Deepak
    Didn’t realize how tired my legs would be during wod

  5. dquat

    lsits on floor accumulated about 62secs in 5mins
    3-5chinups per round. 5sec hanging hold 5sec chin above bar.
    12:28rxd w j$. zombie racked every rd.
    135lb next time?

  6. elizabeth

    1+31 with a band
    Partnered with Chi – 17:47
    Thanks Chi for not losing patience especially when I kept putting the weight down instead of holding in a front rack and cheering me on.