Thursday, July 11th, 2013

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  1. Amylynne

    JT 11:59 RX’d (PR by almost 3 min i think)

    then went back up the ladder for shits and giggles


    everything strict for JT then kipped the HSPUs for last 15-21

  2. BAston

    17:19 rx’d
    All HSPU’s strict (I really need to learn how to kip)
    Some strict dips but mostly kipping

    Great seeing Frank at 7am today!

  3. Yuan

    21-3 HSPU on red box and then 30sec-20sec to stay at the right posture on tall box
    jumping ring dip
    push-up with knees on ground

  4. ledbelly

    15:49 rx’d

    HSPU Comp Style due to one certain overachiever at 6 a.m. I don’t think I need to name names, lets just say she shits and giggles


    Tom Ford!

  5. zompetti

    any girls interested in playing softball on sundays in Manhattan?

    I joined the UltiRec slow pitch league and I realized that I cannot make most games. The season has started, and I have paid the full season cost…so if you want to play-it is free for you!!

    let me know and email if interested [email protected]

  6. TC

    @Amylynne – you went back up the ladder for shits and giggles??? Who are you? 🙂

    Incredible and strong!

  7. johanna

    Amylynne, WHO ARE YOU?? You are amazing.

    HSPU: round of 21 did a mix of negatives to 1 ab mat and allison assisted. rounds of 15 and 9 did from knees on the red box.
    Ring dips: started doing full range of motion with toes on small box for about 16, then switched to jumping negatives (or tried to.. mostly just jumping)
    Pushups: my goal was to do these all strict. hahahahahahahaha. did about 5, then did the rest from knees.

  8. chad

    1/3 each set of HSPU Strict/Negatives then 2/3 off box
    had to kip up those ring dips more and more but they seemed easier than the push ups… go figure

  9. Nicole

    “JT” at work this morning, totally forgot to time myself, but I was trying to hustle.
    HSPU – 10 with 2 towels under head, the remaining reps and sets were negatives. It’s really annoying to have to kick back up after each negative. Need to work on these much more.
    No rings at work so did strict dips on Gravitron
    Push ups were tough, but kept on my feet.
    Shout out to Ben for walking by to cheer me on my last dips and pushups…I needed it!!

  10. Vikram


    HSPUs totally fell apart on the round of 15. Plenty of kipping and assistance from Coach EJ. Thanks!

    4:30 fun with Brett! Great class.

  11. steinwascher


    10 1mat hspu followed by 24″ box on knees
    21 ring dip (singles) followed by orange band

  12. Carmen

    HSPU – toes on grey box
    Blue band ring dips
    Knee push-ups except round of 9 which were all real.

    That was no joke.

  13. cat

    It was a party at 830- forward rolls and all


    Knees on gy box
    Red band ring dips
    First 21 push ups on toes- got wormy at the smart of 15 so I switched to my knees.

  14. wingsteroosky

    took me 5 billion years to finish, but i got to the end along with my jellyfish arms. thanks for laughing at me throughout the WOD, dave! i know, i looked like i was on a walker having a seizure on the rings.

    small box toes (21) then knees for rounds 2,3
    ring dips with red band
    push ups with bad elbow flare positioning.

  15. Alicia

    Grey box knees
    Red band dips
    21(10 regular/11 knees)-15(7 regular/8 knees)-9(1 regular/8 knees)

    Never did so many regular push-ups in a wod…yay