Thursday, July 18th, 2012


Thursday, July 18th, 2012



4 Rounds For Least Negative Points:
Sprint – Down to 3rd, Up to Lex & Back In
Burpees OTM for 5 Minutes – 12-11-10-9 (Rounds decrease by 1)
Hypoxic KBS Ladder1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 
(1 Swing, i Breath, 2 Swings, 1 Breath…)

Once Everyone Completes the Ladder (or Fails) Everyone will Start the Next Round together.

—  Everyone Begins the WOD with Zero Flaws.  Your Goal is to maintain a perfect Score of Zero. 
—  Each Failure to complete either the designated number of Burpees for the Minute Or KBS Ladder Correctly results in One Negative Point, giving you Either a Final Score of Zero, a.k.a. FLAWLESS VICTORY…
OR Negative “__”.
If you fail during the KB Ladder, stop & rest until the next round begins.

Tips for Running in Humidity

The Eye Opening/ Disturbing Truth –  Side by Side Images of Models & Celebrities Before & After Photoshop.

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  1. Vikram

    Trying to read and understand this WOD after a night up with a screaming baby. It’s not registering. Read it like 4 times…

    However, in B-boy we trust (completely). I am going to make it in and hypoxic till I die – no matter what.

  2. Meredith

    Round 1: -1
    Round 2: -2
    Round 3: -3
    Round 4: -5

    Total: -11

    The real issue for me was running out of air on the kb swings on 4-5-4 part of the ladder..

    Tip: the faster you bang out your burpees the more time you have to breathe and prep for the swings…so get that work done!

  3. Yuan

    KBS @ 8 kg
    -7, -23, -27, -12 = -69 (-60 burpees, -9 KBS)

    Pretty sure I had done only less than 100 burpees in my whole life (50 of which was in our Intro Session) before today… Thanks to amazing 6AM crew for all the cheering– that (slightly) helped!

  4. patrick

    32 negatives. I don’t remember the breakdown, but it was mostly burpees.

    This workout is one of the worst I have been through since joining CrossFit…good luck afternoon people. I can’t imagine what this will be like when its 100 degrees outside.

    For Vikram:
    Round 1
    Run to 3rd then back up to Lex
    EMOM 12 Burpees for 5 min
    KBS ladder: 1 KBS + 1 Breath, 2 KBS + 1 Breath, 3KBS + 1 Breath, 4 KBS + 1 Breath, 5 KBS + 1 breath, 4 Kbs + 1 Breath…back down to 1.
    Rest 30 seconds

    the only difference between rounds is 1 less burpee on the minute.

  5. Darcy

    I read this at 5:15am and didn’t understand it either….was just happy there was no lifting involved in today’s WOD.

    Round 1: 3
    Round 2: 2
    Round 3: 4
    Round 4: 8
    Total: 17
    All KB’s, it was hard to hold my breath after 5 rounds of burpees!

  6. ledbelly

    So, I walked into the gym today and for the first time in almost three years I was the minority, no not that kind of minority, I was the only guy. I instantly thought to myself this is going to be awesome, but this wad before I knew the WOD. I have done a lot of WODs in my day, but I will always remember this one.

    210 burpees, hill sprints and attempting to hold my breath doing KB swings – I have earned every single beer, tequilla or whiskey I drink tonight!

    PS – Abbott totally showed up and ruined my Crossfit fantasy

    Sweaty balls and Swamp ass on 3

  7. EJ


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  8. Abby

    Due solely to my inability to hold my breath during that damn hypoxic KBS ladder. Definitely the worst part for me.

    So glad I went to the 6am or else I may have never done that WOD. To everyone who hasn’t completed this yet.. godspeed.

  9. Vikram

    You all are scaring me…

    Thanks, Patrick. I get it now.

    4:30 class or bust (provided the baby goes down for a nap). God help me…hypoxic here I come!

  10. DT

    I can’t wait to do all these burpees tonite….

    OMG*****SOCIAL EVENT*******

    CrossFit Games Day: WOD Brunch Drink WOD Again Drink More Party

    Xan had the tremendous idea to do brunch after the morning WOD on Sat the 27th, recreate some WODs at open gym, then go drink some more.

    I think 3rd ave ale house has ESPN 3. If they don’t we’ll find one that does.

    PS- Mike Cohen, this is how you invite people to a party. Haha JUST KIDDING

  11. Katie

    Completely lost count in the end of the 2nd round when the burpees caught up with me. I also definitely breathed through the entire kbs ladder, couldn’t even hold my breath in the practice before. Brendan arbitrarily gave me a 127 because I am apparently over my 🙂 quota for the year. He also pointed out that was probably being generous

  12. Kim

    This was a REALLY tough one.

    After round 1 The run became a slow recovery jog. The volume of Burpees killed me. I was great in the early rounds at hitting that number but I just couldn’t keep it up through all 5 sets. Rounds of 10 and 9 were perfect.

    Those KB’s were no joke. Had to put the KB down 2x per round. First time was after 3, second was after 5.

  13. EJ

    @Jared – the fall. There are a ton of competitions in August

    We average one social a month 🙂 so not too many

  14. Andy

    Brutal today but good.

    I’m not for sure if I scored it correctly. I was a little confused by the right way to score. I gave myself one negative point for every failed round, as opposed to subtracting the number of burpees or KBS by which I failed. That probably would have been more useful data for me, but scoring it the first way, I had a -17.

    Either way, I failed. LOL. Good times 🙂

  15. Julesnextdoor

    Made it to 6am. This was navy-seal style wod ing. I saw someone had the book “Lone Suvivor” on the shelves, the first half of the book is about their insane training, I can’t say I was coherent enough to let that inspire me but there was a point where I just thought “I’m here doing this. That’s ok for today. Don’t stop. Navy seals have it worse.”

    I think I had about negative 30 got confused by counting but that is about right. Had to drop weight in kbs after first round. Can’t remember doing so many burpees but that was the worst part for me since I only did 8 kg kbs for last three rounds. Gotta love Brendan: “everyone should be able to get a zero on this one.”

  16. Vikram

    Ugh. -48ish…?

    Finished all my burps. But got hung up somewhere in the 1 breath, 5 KB swings every time (1 pood).

    100+ degrees outside. Wow. But some AWESOME PROGRAMMING…

  17. lee


    Could only get through the round of 4 on the kbs, so -15 each time. Got better at timing the breathing towards the end though.

  18. ashleigh

    Wow, that was horrible!

    102 missed reps

    Super inspiring watching EJ do the whole WOD with no missed reps!

  19. Amylynne

    could not get up in time for this wod. was not about to wod in the heat. kudos to all you crazies in the pm.

    tried to do a wod in my nice AC.
    Hero “Helton”
    3 RFT
    800 M run
    30 dumbell squat cleans (35#)
    30 burpees

    did only 2 rounds before i felt like i was going to pass out. 20:51 or 21:51. dumbell squat cleans are no joke!

    then finished with tabata hollow holds. have not been doing these in a while so the last 5 rounds were torture!

  20. Jeremy B

    66 missed reps — all KBS.

    Each round i went nonstop on the burpees, and was done with at least 25 secs to rest. I struggled with KBS, never made it through the set of 4. Great WOD!! This is why I live crossfit.

  21. jen

    62 missed reps. All kbs.

    All burpees unbroken. Kept up with everyone on the running. So this wod was a success for me.
    I value breathing.

    Ej- I told you!!!

  22. Joe

    89 total missed reps
    20 burpees missed – 1st and 4th rounds all complete though. Middle rounds were rough.
    69 KB swings missed. Did better in the KB’s as we went on.

    EJ is an absolute beast!!! 0 missed reps is amazing. I miss wodding with you EJ!!!!

  23. TC

    “The Chief”
    3 minutes of max rounds/reps of:
    3 power cleans 135 lbs
    6 push ups
    9 squats

    1 minute rest
    Cycle through this 5x

    Score: 20 rds + 2 cleans

  24. jasenS

    All burpees all rnds in under 30 seconds
    No such luck on kbs
    -79 could only make it to 3rd swing each time.

  25. Jess

    WOW!! I’m with Sass, did not puke I claim it a win!!

    No idea on my number. Thanks EJ and the 8:30 crew for getting me through it!

  26. JackW.NY

    Rd1 – 19
    Rd2 – 19
    Rd3 – 15
    Rd4 – 6

    Total: 59

    Took me a bit but I finally got the hang of the DeathBell Swings.

  27. seanm

    Round 1: -6
    Round 2: -10
    Round 3: 0
    Round 4: -3
    Total: -19

    All burpees, all rounds, no problem.

    Figured out the breathing (mostly) by round 3 on the KB. Rather than take a breath at the bottom and trying to bust out 4 or 5 Kbs (not successful), I found it worked to take one long, deep breath while completing multiple KBs (though still just one breath per series). Within the rules, and this way you can steady and deepen your breathing.

  28. Carmen

    I didn’t die, which was good. Then I did o.k. except I think my sprints were closer to power-walking than running. I wanted to make sure DT and Dipak had plenty of time to rest before starting burpees.

    Round 1 – 1 burpee short
    Round 2 – 3 burpees and 10 KBS
    All other rounds got all reps
    Total -14

  29. DT

    That was the closest i’ve come to puking in a while. I hope tmrw’s wod is ‘do yoga’ or ‘take a nap’ or ‘stay in bed and snuggle’

  30. wingsteroosky

    4 rounds of:

    250 row, damp 10
    15 abmat situps x 5 emom
    1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 KBS @12kg

    i think having serious asthma as a kid actually helped me with the lack of oxygen on the KBS. who’da thought…

  31. Alicia

    1: 5B + 15KB = 20
    2: 6B + 15KB = 21
    3: 5B + 15KB = 20
    4: 19KB = 19
    T: 80

    This is was my worst nightmare…good God awful.

    EJ – awesome job w/ 0 missed reps! Amazing!
    Carmen kicked the shit out of the KB ladder; fun to watch!

  32. PJ

    You people are nuts

    Stuck at work gym, practiced snatch w 75#, then shrugs, then tabata push ups (8) and tabata hollows.

  33. Melissa T.

    This was ALL over the place.
    Started with the run and did the full first round of burpees 12×5 EMOM, fell apart on KB for my only negatives: -15

    Then all hell broke loose with my shoulder and feet so after doing 2 more sets of burpees, I had to switch to ab mat sit-ups and did 12 each round.

    Managed to complete all KBS after but instead of runs I did 250m rows with Wing.


  34. robseda

    Work(out) from home day
    1/2 Murph: 21:35
    runs began with 5 flights down and ended with 5 flights up courtesy of pre-war buildings in Manhattan.