Thursday, July 28th


Thursday, July 28th


Heads Up! The Suns Out Guns Out Throwdown is this Saturday, July 30th, from 9-11am! Bring sunblock, we’re going to be throwing down at the basketball courts on 96th and Lex, with barbells and all. Bring your game face and represent!


3 Rounds for Time:

15 Deadlift, 245/165
30 Box Jump Over, 24/20

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  1. JLee

    Solo @ 7 AM

    13:00 with 195#

    First round clocked in around 2:40 so that tells how the other two went. Those last 30 box jumps were so liberating.

  2. Matt

    Rest day for me, resting up for NJ CrossFit comp this Sunday.
    Light turnout this AM, PM classes better bring it, this is a potent workout!

    1. BAston

      I fully planned on coming in at 6am, but my destroyed abs would not allow it. Holy shit those GHD’s took a toll on me.

  3. Ron

    Workout 1:
    DL 3-3-2-2-1
    EMOM for 7×7 ring dips

    Workout 2:
    bike/ bear creek power o/u workout (1hr, np 193)

    Real accomplishment: getting this done prior to 7:15am

  4. chad

    9:23 @205
    My body hates me and almost didn’t go this morning but after a very good warm up I felt a lot better

    10 reps down to 1 but increasing weight by 10lbs starting at 95lbs
    Bench – Strict deadhang pull ups

  5. ERIC S.

    Games Event #14 minus the rope pull
    200m ski
    50 dubs
    200m row
    50 dubs
    .4 mile Assault Bike
    50 dubs
    200m row
    50 dubs
    200m ski
    7:36 as Rx’d