Thursday, July 7th


Thursday, July 7th


20 minute AMRAP of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings


“Regionals Nate”

10 rounds for time:
4 strict muscle-ups
7 strict handstand push-ups
12 kettlebell snatches, 32/24
20 minute time cap.

Compare to 7/11/15. Post rounds to Comments.

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  1. Jason

    Anyone interested in a part-time fitness coordinator for NYP Cornell?

    From my sister-in-law:

    “The program I work for, Health for Life at NYP Cornell, is currently looking for a part time fitness coordinator. The person would report to me and be in charge of the physical activity/fitness portion of our clinic and group program. This is a very part time position, right now we only need the person to be available on Wednesday afternoons from about 12-6pm. I am sharing this info in case you know anyone who has experience in the fitness industry or a background as a gym teacher who might be looking for some part time work.”

    Let me know if you are interested and I can forward you the official description.

  2. BAston

    12 rounds rx’d (PR of 3 rounds from when I did this in May for the first time).

    Once I am able to string MU’s together instead of 1 at a time, 14+ is in reach. I’m coming for you, Boorstein…..

    The perfect combination of Top Gun, Rocky IV, and Back to the Future on the playlist this morning.

  3. Matt

    “Nancy” with Dan the Mancy

    12:27Rx, one minute PR

    10 Minute Rest 160705
    7 Minute AMRAP
    25 double-unders
    5 burpee bar muscle-ups to the high bar
    4+27 Rx

  4. Millie


    13:39 Rx, small PR and a touch of padding on the leader board.

    I did 1 burpee bar muscle-up then did burpee pull-ups, no score.

  5. Liz

    Some more back pain
    1 hr swim sesh

    Wod: 3 pull ups, 3 ring dips (strict first five minutes, then kipping, then negatives), 4 pike push ups, 16 air squats

  6. johanna

    Nate: 20 min AMRAP
    2 C2B + 2 ring dips
    4 HSPU
    8 KBS @24kg
    Score: 7+6 (2 C2B + 2 ring dips + 4 HSPU)

  7. JLee

    Chad needed company

    Nate practicing my scales:

    12 + 7 with pull ups/ring dips, parallette pike push-ups (tongue twister), 24 kg KB (dope rhyme)